Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think

Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think Author Ken Buck
ISBN-10 1621576388
ISBN-13 9781621576389
Year 2017-04-11
Pages 256
Language English
Publisher Regnery Publishing
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Lavish parties Committee chairmanships for sale Pay to play corruption Backroom arm twisting Votes on major legislation going to the highest bidder Welcome to Washington D C the swamp that President Donald Trump was elected to drain Congressman Ken Buck is blowing the whistle on the real life House of Cards in our nation s capital Elected in 2014 as president of one of the largest Republican freshman classes ever to enter Congress Buck immediately realized why nothing gets done in Congress and it isn t because of political gridlockin fact Republicans and Democrats work together all too well to fleece taxpayers and plunge America deeper into debt It is an insular process directed by power hungry party elites who live like kings and govern like bullies Buck reports Buck has witnessed first hand how the unwritten rules of Congress continually prioritize short term political gain over lasting principled leadership When Buck tangled with Washington power brokers like former Speaker John Boehner he faced petty retaliation When he insisted Republicans keep their word to voters he was berated on the House floor by his own party leaders When other members of Congress dared to do what they believed to be right for America instead of what the party bosses commanded Buck saw them stripped of committee positions and even denied dining room privileges by the petty beltway bullies In Drain the Swamp Buck names names and tells incredible true stories about what really happened behind closed doors in Congress during legislative battles that have ensued over the last two years including budget continuing resolutions omnibus trade promotion authority Iran and more If the Trump administration is going to bring real change to Washington it first needs to get the whole storyfrom deep inside the swamp

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