Beekeeping Mentor in a Book

Beekeeping Mentor in a Book Author Donald Studinski
ISBN-10 1614761035
Release 2014-09-21
Pages 228
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This book takes you through a year of beekeeping without chemicals, with the assumption you are a complete beginner. Every other chapter is focused on a month of the year while the chapters between pick an applicable topic to explore further. This is not an idealistic view of someone who had only had a few hives for a few years, but rather it's the real experiences and wisdom of someone who has been at this a while and it shows in his writing. If you want a mentor to guide you through your first year of beekeeping with no chemicals, here is a book written for you.

Die Gehilfin des Bienenz chters

   Die    Gehilfin des Bienenz  chters Author Laurie R. King
ISBN-10 3499138859
Release 1997
Pages 415
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Die Gehilfin des Bienenz chters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Gehilfin des Bienenz chters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Gehilfin des Bienenz chters book for free.

Beekeeping For Dummies

Beekeeping For Dummies Author Howland Blackiston
ISBN-10 9781119311034
Release 2016-12-22
Pages 480
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Everything you need to 'bee' a successful backyard beekeeper If you've ever thought about becoming a backyard beekeeper—or have already tried a hand at it and want to be better one—then this is the book for you! In Beekeeping for Dummies, 4th Edition you'll find everything you need to know in order to start your own colony, including how to assemble and maintain beehives, handle every phase of honey production, purchase and use all the latest tools, and what to do beyond your first season. This hands-on guide provides all the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques needed to become a real backyard beekeeper. You'll learn to identify the queen from her workers and drones, properly open and close the hive, distinguish one type of honey from another, and preserve your colony if disaster should strike. Keep bees on a small urban rooftop or in a large country yard Assemble your own hive and sustain it for years to come Safely inspect and manage your colony Harvest and sell your own honey Becoming a backyard beekeeper isn't as hard as people think—and with this hands-on guide, you'll be able to create one honey of a colony that will have the neighbors buzzing.


ISBN-10 1478761601
Release 2016-09-23
Pages 228
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The Boy Scout, the Beekeeper and the Bees The Boy Scout, the Beekeeper and the Bees is an exciting blend of advocacy for honey bees, personal career exploration, and the importance of creating competent beekeepers. For novice or lifelong beekeepers as well as anyone interested in the complex roles bees play in our ecosystem, this book will keep everyone turning the pages. Author Terry R. Combs translated a childhood love of spiders and insects into a Boy Scouts of America beekeeping merit badge. From there, he sought a beekeeping mentor and has spent a lifetime learning from these marvelous creatures, who are so crucial to our world. Drawing on the knowledge of bee researchers and scientists, Combs starts his book with the history, current state, and possible future of beekeeping and then begins to unravel the process of becoming a beekeeper, the yearly chores and considerations, and the problems encountered, with advice on how to deal with them. The Boy Scout, the Beekeeper and the Bees ends on a positive note about the current bee crisis and our planet as a whole.

The Bee Book

The Bee Book Author DK
ISBN-10 9780241270523
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 224
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Bees are a marvel of nature and vital to human existence. The Bee Book is a great introduction to bees and beekeeping and celebrates the wonder of bees in nature, in our gardens and in the hive. A honey bee visits up to 1,000 flowers a day yet produces only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. The Bee Book offers startling insights into the lives of bees and shows how we can best support and benefit from their presence in our gardens and hives. Marvel at the industry and intelligence of bees, the turbulent life of a queen and the remarkable properties of honey. This book includes recipes for simple home remedies and beauty treatments using honey, wax and propolis, such as a honey and clay facial mask, or a sunburn lotion. Follow our step-by-step guides to create bee-friendly spaces such as bee 'hotels', read about beekeeping, harness the power of honey for your wellbeing and guard the future of the bee.

The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects

The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects Author Spike Carlsen
ISBN-10 9781603428460
Release 2014-03-14
Pages 296
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Gardeners, small farmers, and outdoor living enthusiasts will love this compilation of 76 rustic DIY projects. From plant supports and clotheslines to a chicken coop, a greenhouse, and a root cellar with storage bins, most of the projects are suitable for complete novices, and all use just basic tools and easy-to-find materials. You’ll find techniques to build whatever your outdoor world is missing, with additional tips to live sustainably, happily, and independently.

Natural Beekeeping

Natural Beekeeping Author Ross Conrad
ISBN-10 9781603583626
Release 2013
Pages 285
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Offers an alternative to conventional chemical beekeeping practices with a natural hive management program, and includes information on bee anatomy, urban beekeeping, working with queens, mite control, and hive diseases.

The Australian Beekeeping Manual

The Australian Beekeeping Manual Author Robert Owen
ISBN-10 9781775592471
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 352
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The book is aimed at both the novice and experienced beekeeper in Australia and explains in detail the steps required to manage colonies of bees. Supported by over 350 photographs and drawings, each action to be performed is explained in detail with photographs showing the steps as well as the final result. Many potential beekeepers are unclear about the equipment they need to buy and how to obtain their first colony of bees. The first chapters in the book explain in detail the equipment needed as well as equipment that may be useful later on as their confidence and experience grows. The chapter ‘Your First Bees’ explains how to obtain bees, where to locate them in the garden, and the basics of colony management. In addition to chapters on keeping bees, there are detailed chapters on the life cycle of the honey bee, extracting honey, the bee-friendly garden, entering honey in competitions, native bees and rearing queens. The result is a comprehensive manual that includes material not available in other Australian, North American or European books and is the ultimate Australian reference source.

Intuitive Treatment Free Tropical Beekeeping

Intuitive Treatment Free Tropical Beekeeping Author Jen Rasmussen
ISBN-10 1507645481
Release 2015-01-25
Pages 78
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Author Jen Rasmussen wrote the ' Intuitive Treatment-Free Tropical Beekeeping' manual for bee guardians in all walks of life to help create an understanding of bee biology and how it relates to pest management and disease prevention. The information contained in this book is based on six years of research and experimentation. As a mother and farmer, Jen Rasmussen became interested in beekeeping as a way to provide a sustainable food source for her family. Since her early years of honeybee exploration she has provided many new beekeepers with honeybee packages, educational workshops, apprenticeships & mentoring, pure hive products, and much more. Whether you are a beekeeper or a bee supporter may the information in this book provide you with the awareness needed to care for bees without the use of treatments and medications. May these words offer encouragement and inspire new ideas and creativity. May all who read these writings be blessed. For more information about Paradise Nectar Apiaries please visit You may also check out Paradise Nectar Apiaries and Jen Bee on Facebook.

The Beekeeper s Ball A Bella Vista novel Book 2

The Beekeeper s Ball  A Bella Vista novel  Book 2 Author Susan Wiggs
ISBN-10 9781472096647
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 368
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs returns to sun-drenched Bella Vista, where the land's bounty yields a rich harvest...and family secrets that have long been buried.

Die Bienenh terin

Die Bienenh  terin Author Sue Monk Kidd
ISBN-10 9783641024734
Release 2009-03-11
Pages 352
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Lilys Mutter ist vor zehn Jahren umgekommen. Ihr Vater herrscht wie ein grausamer Rachegott über die inzwischen 14-jährige. Eines Tages flieht Lily aus der bedrückenden Atmosphäre ihres Elternhauses, wandert über die staubigen Straßen der Südstaaten, um ein neues Zuhause zu finden. Sie begegnet wunderbaren Menschen, rettet mit Mut und Klugheit ein Leben und findet bei drei Frauen Unterschlupf, die, wie im Märchen, in großer Eintracht zusammenwohnen. Die drei Schwestern geben dem Mädchen alles, was es braucht: Liebe, Halt, und Geborgenheit. Sie nehmen Lily in ihre Familie auf und weihen sie in die Geheimnisse weiblichen Wissens ein. Lily lernt alles über die Bienenzucht. Sie erfährt, wer ihre Mutter, die sie so schmerzlich vermisst, wirklich war, und sie verliebt sich. Doch eines Tages steht ihr Vater am Gartentor ...


Beekeeping Author Richard E. Bonney
ISBN-10 9781603421737
Release 2012-09-24
Pages 192
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Keep your own bees and enjoy delicious golden honey from your own backyard. With his respect and admiration for bees evident on every page, Richard E. Bonney describes how to acquire bees, manage a hive, prevent and treat diseases, and extract a crop of honey. Enthusiastic beekeepers of every stripe and experience level will benefit from Bonney’s astonishing knowledge of the craft — from beekeeping history and honeybee biology to the complex social structure of the hive.

Wisdom for Beekeepers

Wisdom for Beekeepers Author Jim Tew
ISBN-10 9781472915276
Release 2014-08-21
Pages 288
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A comprehensive collection of 500 beekeeping tips written by life-long beekeeper Jim Tew covers all aspects of beekeeping including: Becoming a Beekeeper, Beekeeping Equipment, The Beekeeping Year, Getting Live Bees, Colony Management, Honey, Bee By-Products, Pollination, Ailments, and Bee Biology. The tips are grouped logically so that novices can build their knowledge gradually, while old hands may prefer to dip in and out at random or use the index to refer to specific topics. Illustrated throughout with specially commissioned linocut prints by award-winning printmaker Melvyn Evans, Wisdom for Beekeepers is an ideal introductory read for newcomers to beekeeping, and a perfect gift for more experienced beekeepers.


Blacklist Author Sara Paretsky
ISBN-10 9783641040215
Release 2010-06-14
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Eines Tages erhält die Privatdetektivin Vic Warshawski einen ungewöhnlichen Auftrag: Sie soll ein altes, verlassenes Herrenhaus observieren, in dem nachts ungebetene Gäste ihr Unwesen treiben. Tatsächlich stößt Vic auf einen mysteriösen Eindringling – und wenig später auf die Leiche eines Mannes, die im Gartenteich versenkt wurde. Vic ahnt, dass sie in ein Wespennest gestochen hat – und es scheint, als stehe das nächste Opfer bereits auf der schwarzen Liste des Täters. „Blacklist“ wurde als bester Kriminalroman des Jahres mit dem renommierten „Gold Dagger Award“ ausgezeichnet.

Die Geschichte der Bienen

Die Geschichte der Bienen Author Maja Lunde
ISBN-10 9783641184964
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 512
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England im Jahr 1852: Der Biologe und Samenhändler William kann seit Wochen das Bett nicht verlassen. Als Forscher sieht er sich gescheitert, sein Mentor Rahm hat sich abgewendet, und das Geschäft liegt brach. Doch dann kommt er auf eine Idee, die alles verändern könnte – die Idee für einen völlig neuartigen Bienenstock. Ohio, USA im Jahr 2007: Der Imker George arbeitet hart für seinen Traum. Der Hof soll größer werden, sein Sohn Tom eines Tages übernehmen. Tom aber träumt vom Journalismus. Bis eines Tages das Unglaubliche geschieht: Die Bienen verschwinden. China, im Jahr 2098: Die Arbeiterin Tao bestäubt von Hand Bäume, denn Bienen gibt es längst nicht mehr. Mehr als alles andere wünscht sie sich ein besseres Leben für ihren Sohn Wei-Wen. Als der jedoch einen mysteriösen Unfall hat, steht plötzlich alles auf dem Spiel: das Leben ihres Kindes und die Zukunft der Menschheit. Wie alles mit allem zusammenhängt: Mitreißend und ergreifend erzählt Maja Lunde von Verlust und Hoffnung, vom Miteinander der Generationen und dem unsichtbaren Band zwischen der Geschichte der Menschen und der Geschichte der Bienen. Sie stellt einige der drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit: Wie gehen wir um mit der Natur und ihren Geschöpfen? Welche Zukunft hinterlassen wir unseren Kindern? Wofür sind wir bereit zu kämpfen?

Homegrown Honey Bees

Homegrown Honey Bees Author Alethea Morrison
ISBN-10 9781603428811
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 160
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Discover the joys of harvesting honey from your own backyard. Alethea Morrison outlines what you’ll need to know to make it through the first year, while stunning macrophotography by Mars Vilaubi brings the inner workings of the hive to life. With in-depth discussions of allergies, colony hierarchy, bee behavior, and more, this approachably informative guide bursts with enthusiastic encouragement. Keep your own bees, and enjoy the sweet buzz.

The Barefoot Beekeeper

The Barefoot Beekeeper Author Philip Chandler
ISBN-10 9781326192259
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The Barefoot Beekeeper has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Barefoot Beekeeper also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Barefoot Beekeeper book for free.