Catch A Fire The Life Of Bob Marley

Catch A Fire  The Life Of Bob Marley Author Timothy White
ISBN-10 9780857121363
Release 2010-01-07
Pages 556
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Bob Marley was the undisputed sovereign of reggae music and a revolutionary soul-prophet whose music continues to have a major impact on people of throughout the world. Catch A Fire chronicles Bob Marley's life and career, as well as the zeitgeist that shaped his spiritual and political beliefs. Presented here is not simply the journey Bob Marley undertook himself, but also the societal frameworks he railed against, the philosophy he espoused and fascinating insider-information on the intrigues of the reggae music business. Written by Timothy White, fully revised and expanded, this 2006 edition of Cath A Fire paints a rich tapestry of the triumph and tragedy surrounding one of the most important and influential figures of the 20th century.

Catch a Fire

Catch a Fire Author Timothy White
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064164927
Release 2006-05-02
Pages 556
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Traces the life of Marley, looks at his music and its impact on people throughout the world, and discusses the reggae music business, the social history of modern Jamaica, and the origins of the Rastafarian religion. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.

Catch a Fire

Catch a Fire Author Timothy White
ISBN-10 0711983909
Release 2000
Pages 560
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A chronicle of the life and musical career, as well as the social and political situation, of the reggae musician and singer, Bob Marley. This edition examines the legal battles over Marley's legacy and the status of reggae at the beginning of the 21st century.

No Woman No Cry

No Woman No Cry Author Rita Marley
ISBN-10 9780330541749
Release 2011-08-19
Pages 288
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Bob Marley is the unchallenged king of reggae and one of music's great iconic figures. Rita Marley was not just his wife and the mother of four of his children but his backing singer and friend, life-long companion and soul mate. They met in Trenchtown when he was 19 and she was 18, and she was very much part of his musical career, selling his early recordings from their house in the days before Island Records signed up the Wailers. She shared the hard times and the dangers - when Bob was wounded in a gunfight before the Peace Concert, Rita was shot in the head and left for dead. Their marriage was not always easy, but Rita was the woman Bob returned to no matter where music and other women might take him, the woman who held him when he died at the age of 35. Today she sees herself as the guardian of his legacy. Full of new insights, No Woman No Cry is a unique biography of Marley by someone who understands what it meant to grow up in poverty in Jamaica, to battle racism and prejudice. It is also a moving and inspiring story of a marriage that survived both poverty and then the strains of global celebrity. 'It will surely become the definitive biographical account of the reggae guitarist-singer-songwriter who changed pop music and in the process became a leader to millions' The Times 'Rita Marley is reggae royalty . . . In her own words, this is a revealing insight into Marley's life and legacy' Daily Mirror

Bob Marley The Untold Story

Bob Marley  The Untold Story Author Chris Salewicz
ISBN-10 9780007440061
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 432
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What was it about Bob Marley that made him so popular in a world dominated by rock’n’roll? How is that he has not only remained the single most successful reggae artist ever, but has also become a shining beacon of radicalism and peace to generation after generation of fans across the globe?

Marley Legend

Marley Legend Author James Henke
ISBN-10 9780811850360
Release 2006-03-30
Pages 64
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A slipcased volume chronicles the Jamaican reggae musician's life, and includes removable reproductions of handwritten lyrics and concert schedules, as well as a compact disc featuring music clips and an interview with the songwriter.

The Words and Music of Bob Marley

The Words and Music of Bob Marley Author David Vlado Moskowitz
ISBN-10 0275989356
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 176
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An analysis of the music and lyrics of one of the most transcendent figures in popular music, Bob Marley.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley Author Garry Steckles
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106019712337
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 267
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One of the twentieth century's most revered cultural figures, Bob Marley was responsible for carrying reggae music far beyond the Caribbean and establishing it as an international force. He set attendance records that still stand in Europe and his 1977 Exodus album was hailed by Time magazine as the greatest of the 20th Century, but Marley was no mere pop star: His combination of politically and socially conscious lyrics, unforgettable melodies, uncompromising Rastafarian beliefs and fierce hostility to the injustices of "Babylon" made his music the voice of the poor and dispossessed all over the globe. In this new biography, Garry Steckles tells Marley's story from his birth in rural Jamaica to his tragically early death in 1981, by which time he'd overcome poverty and prejudice to become the Third World's first superstar. Steckles, who has been intimately involved with reggae for more than three decades as a writer, concert promoter, broadcaster and fan, transports you into the sm

Long Ago and Far Away

Long Ago and Far Away Author Timothy White
ISBN-10 071198803X
Release 2001
Pages 389
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In this major biography, the late Timothy White explores both the career and the troubled personal journey of the legendary singer-songwriter.Rich with insights from Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Sting, Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar, the entire Taylor family and many other key figures around James Taylor and his music.Dispelling myth and rumour, Long Ago and Far Away examines the roots of Taylor's mental anguish and his recurring bouts with heroin and alcohol. This is an epic family history, an exploration of the real stories behind Fire and Rain and the rest of the songs, as well as a frank account of Taylor's days on the Apple record label, the financial disaster of his Greatest Hits album deal and the deaths and divorces that have haunted his life.

I and I Bob Marley

I and I Bob Marley Author Tony Medina
ISBN-10 1620140306
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 48
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A unique biography in verse of a reggae legend and his road to fame. Brimming with imagination and insight, I and I Bob Marley is a unique and imaginative tribute befitting this international musical legend. Soulful paintings, by award-winning artist Jesse Joshua Watson, transport readers to Marley's Jamaican homeland, while perceptive poems bring to life his fascinating journey from boy to star.

The Book of Exodus

The Book of Exodus Author Vivien Goldman
ISBN-10 9780307421869
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 336
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Follow the Sacred Journey to Create One of the Lasting Musical Masterpieces of Our Time Bob Marley is one of our most important and influential artists. Recorded in London after an assassination attempt on his life sent Marley into exile from Jamaica, Exodus is the most lasting testament to his social conscience. Named by Time magazine as “Album of the Century,” Exodus is reggae superstar Bob Marley’s masterpiece of spiritual exploration. Vivien Goldman was the first journalist to introduce mass white audiences to the Rasta sounds of Bob Marley. Throughout the late 1970s, Goldman was a fly on the wall as she watched reggae grow and evolve, and charted the careers of many of its superstars, especially Bob Marley. So close was Vivien to Bob and the Wailers that she was a guest at his Kingston home just days before gunmen came in a rush to kill “The Skip.” Now, in The Book of Exodus, Goldman chronicles the making of this album, from its conception in Jamaica to the raucous but intense all-night studio sessions in London. But The Book of Exodus is so much more than a making-of-a-record story. This remarkable book takes us through the history of Jamaican music, Marley’s own personal journey from the Trench Town ghetto to his status as global superstar, as well as Marley’s deep spiritual practice of Rastafari and the roots of this religion. Goldman also traces the biblical themes of the Exodus story, and its practical relevance to us today, through various other art forms, leading up to and culminating with Exodus. Never before has there been such an intimate, first-hand portrait of Marley’s spirituality, his political involvement, and his life in exile in London, leading up to histriumphant return to the stage in Jamaica at the Peace Concert of 1978. Here is an unforgettable portrait of Bob Marley and an acutely perceptive appreciation of his musical and spiritual legacy. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley Author Adrian Boot
ISBN-10 074751853X
Release 1995
Pages 288
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The legend of Bob Marley continues to grow. Since his death in 1981 he has gained an icon-like stature, especially in the Third World where his status is that of a redeemer-come-rebel hero. A deeply personal, private man, Bob Marley was born in 1945 with a poet's understanding of life, an asset in a land like Jamaica where a kind of magic realism holds sway. Even before he was five years old, Marley's abilities as a reader of palms was revealed. By the time he died at the age of 36, the apocalyptic predictions contained in his song lyrics were beginning to come true.;This book has been written with the cooperation of Marley's family and friends. Placing the musician's life in its context of the extraordinary island of Jamaica, it considers exactly who Bob Marley was, this man who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century. Equally at home with the ghetto gunmen or the rulers of nations, he was aware that his ability and confidence came from only one source: God Almighty, Jah Rastafari.;This book is illustrated throughout with over 500 pictures, many of which have never been seen before. They range from unique, intimate portrai

Before the Legend

Before the Legend Author Christopher Farley
ISBN-10 9780061828812
Release 2009-02-24
Pages 224
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Bob Marley was a reggae superstar, a musical prophet who brought the sound of the Third World to the entire globe. Before the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley goes beyond the myth of Marley to bring you the private side of a man few people ever really knew. Drawing from original interviews with the people closest to Marleyincluding his widow, Rita, his mother, Cedella, his bandmate and childhood friend, Bunny Wailer, his producer Chris Blackwell, and many others—Legend paints an entirely fresh picture of one of the most enduring musical artists of our times. This is a portrait of an artist as a young man, from his birth in the tiny town of Nine Miles in the hills of Jamaica, to the making of his debut international record, "Catch a Fire." We see Marley on the tough streets of Trench Town before he found stardom, struggling to find his way in music, in love and in life, and we take the wild ride with him to worldwide acceptance and adoration. From the acclaimed journalist, Christopher John Farely, the author of the bestselling AALIYAH and the reporter who broke the story on Dave Chappelle's retreat to South Africa, Legend is bursting with fresh insights into Marley and Jamaica, and is the definitive story of Marley's early days.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley Author Joe Jurgensen
ISBN-10 0578039400
Release 2009
Pages 164
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A complete annotated bibliography that gives details and cover photos to over 400 editions of books about Bob Marley and that feature Bob Marley on the cover. This is a tremendous resource that any Bob Marley collector or casual Marley or reggae fan can enjoy.

Bob Marley My Son

Bob Marley  My Son Author Cedella Marley Booker
ISBN-10 UOM:49015002931872
Release 2003
Pages 250
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The mother of the reggae pioneer tells the story of her son in a poignant memoir of life with this icon of world music, detailing her son's involvement with Rastafarianism, the women in Marley's life, his rise to success, and his battle with cancer.

The Nearest Faraway Place

The Nearest Faraway Place Author Timothy White
ISBN-10 0330349732
Release 1997-07-11
Pages 406
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The Nearest Faraway Place has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nearest Faraway Place also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nearest Faraway Place book for free.

Witchcraft and Demonology

Witchcraft and Demonology Author Francis X. King
ISBN-10 0517059215
Release 1991
Pages 157
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The curious world of witches, satanists, and magicians is described in this account of the black arts and those who believed in them from the ancients to the present