Conservative Management of Sports Injuries

Conservative Management of Sports Injuries Author Thomas E. Hyde
ISBN-10 0763732524
Release 2007
Pages 1173
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This book embraces the philosophy of active conservative care and encourages a multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. In addition to site specific sports injuries, including ankle, spine, knee, and shoulder injuries, chapters address the sports medicine aspects of medicolegal issues, diagnostic imaging, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and anabolic steroid use in sports. Includes specific recommendations for women, young athletes, and seniors.

Muskelverletzungen im Sport

Muskelverletzungen im Sport Author Hans-W. Müller-Wohlfahrt
ISBN-10 9783131773722
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 488
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Der Bestseller in neuer, vollständig aktualisierter und erweiterter Auflage für alle Sportärzte, Physiotherapeuten und Orthopäden: Die einzige umfassende Monografie zum Thema "Muskelverletzungen im Sport" - verfasst von einem kompetenten Autorenteam, angeführt vom Vertrauensarzt vieler Spitzenathleten. - praxisnah und wissenschaftlich fundiert werden Grundlagen sowie die wichtigsten Untersuchungsmethoden und Therapiemöglichkeiten vermittelt - mithilfe der einzigartigen und umfassenden Klassifizierung von Muskelverletzungen können Sie schnell und sicher den weiteren Behandlungspfad ableiten - profitieren Sie vom Erfahrungsschatz der Autoren mit vielen Tipps aus der Praxis und lernen Sie Fehler- und Gefahrensituationen anhand von Fallbeispielen kennen Neues zusätzliches Kapitel: "Bedeutung des Aufbautrainings nach (Muskel-)Verletzungen"

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Author Ralph M. Buschbacher
ISBN-10 0781777453
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 285
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Geared to physiatrists and sports medicine physicians, this book is a practical guide to the rehabilitation of sport injuries. It focuses on specific sports and describes a variety of popular sports in sufficient depth so that physicians can confidently diagnose and treat patients injured during each sport. The authors focus on conservative management of injuries, so that physicians can maximize nonsurgical options before resorting to surgery. The book explains the mechanism of each injury and offers strategies for evaluating patients and preparing them to return to play. Numerous illustrations complement the text.

Sports Injuries to the Shoulder and Elbow

Sports Injuries to the Shoulder and Elbow Author Jin-Young PARK
ISBN-10 9783642417955
Release 2015-04-22
Pages 488
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This book documents current knowledge on the mechanisms involved in sports injuries to the shoulder and elbow, reviews essential physical examinations, and explains the role of diagnostic imaging. Above all, it describes in detail the treatment modalities that are appropriate to the injuries encountered in throwing and overhead athletes, including chronic repetitive and acute traumatic injuries. Both conservative and surgical treatments are covered; the author’s own preferred operative techniques are identified and explained, and helpful treatment algorithms offer guidance in selecting an approach fitting to the circumstances. In addition, the inclusion of instructive case reviews will assist readers in achieving a full understanding of the implementation of treatment protocols. Methods of rehabilitation are also described with the aid of demonstration videos, and advice is provided on appropriate timing. The book will be invaluable for all professionals who deal with sports injuries of the shoulder and elbow, including surgeons, physiotherapists, other medical practitioners, and trainers.​

Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard

Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard Author Kelly Starrett
ISBN-10 3868833900
Release 2014-05-09
Pages 399
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Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard book for free.

Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Author Fabrizio Margheritini
ISBN-10 8847017025
Release 2011-12-21
Pages 527
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Aim of this book is to give an update on the main issues in sports traumatology and orthopedics, involving different body sections. Exploring the most important aspects of sports medicine - from anatomy to normal movements description, from diagnosis to sports injuries treatment, from conservative to surgical treatments - it gives a global overview of the field, describing also diagnostic tools recently introduced in this field, such as hip arthroscopy, and taking into consideration related areas like nutrition, prevention, training and rehabilitation. The single chapters deal with relevant problems such as emergencies on the field, pathologies of the upper and lower extremity, spine problems in athletes. Each injury is approached on the basis of both the specific body area and of the different sports/activities. Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts, this volume will be a fundamental book for orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, general practitioners, personal and athletic trainers, offering them a useful tool for the management of most frequent injuries in sports medicine.

Perfect Body Styling

Perfect Body Styling Author Achim Schmauderer
ISBN-10 3405167566
Release 2004
Pages 190
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Perfect Body Styling has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Perfect Body Styling also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Perfect Body Styling book for free.

Sports Injuries The Knee 2nd Edition

Sports Injuries  The Knee   2nd Edition Author Primal Pictures
ISBN-10 1904369510
Release 2006-06-20
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An essential reference for anyone involved in the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries, "Sports Injuries: The Knee, Second Edition, " provides a complete and accurate anatomical reference in stunning 3-D and a comprehensive guide to acute and chronic overuse injuries of the knee. The anatomy section includes a high-resolution three-dimensional computer graphic model of the complete anatomy of the knee. You can choose from a variety of views of the model, rotate at any point, and peel away layers of anatomy from skin to bone. Clicking on any features or structures within the model brings up extensive anatomy, clinical, and pathology text supported by hundreds of color diagrams, videos, and slides. The second edition features -better 3D graphics with new 3D views that include bursae, fascia, lymph system, and synovial membranes; -larger rendered images so the images can be viewed in a larger format when running the software; -new 3D animations including skeleton with muscles running, throwing, and kicking a ball; -animations of overuse injuries; and -new 3D illustrations of injuries to accompany clinical text.The injuries section has relevant pathology, ligament tests, surgical treatment, conservative management, and rehabilitation of many common and less common injuries of the knee. More than 180 physiotherapy and biomechanics slides and videos in this section provide unprecedented coverage of knee injuries. The acute injuries section covers meniscal tears, articular cartilage injury, fractures around the knee, patella tendon rupture, bursitis, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (postinjury). The overuse injuries section has information on anterior knee pain (e.g., patellofemoral joint syndrome), lateral knee pain (e.g., iliotibial band friction syndrome), medial knee pain (e.g., synovial plica), and posterior knee pain (e.g., knee joint effusion). All of these examples have related slides and video clips. "Sports Injuries: The Knee, Second Edition, " also includes a quiz and test facility, the ability to import any image into your own private educational presentations, royalty free, and will work on both Windows and Macintosh. Course instructors: Adopt Primal software for use in your class!Teaching the intricacies of anatomy to your students has never been easier. Primal Pictures software programs allow you to illustrate anatomy to your students in remarkable new ways, and can be used in laboratory settings or in the classroom. Take advantage of special pricing on network versions for individual products or for the entire line of Primal software through an outright one-time purchase or a renewable license agreement. Several billing options are available based on the number of students in your course. These programs can be delivered via the Internet or through network configurations that can be constructed with your specific needs in mind. If you are interested in adopting this software for your class, please contact a sales representative at the phone numbers below for details! HK USA - Wes Osmon(800) 747-4457 ext. 2430HK Canada(800) 465-7301HK Europe+44 (0) 113 255 5665HK Australia(08) 8372-0999HK New Zealand(09) 448-1207For a complete selection of Primal Pictures software, visit System RequirementsWindows -Windows 98/2000/ME/XP -Pentium processor or equivalent -32 MB RAM -16-bit color display -CD-ROM driveMac -G4 processor or greater -32 MB RAM -16-bit color display -Mac OS 9 or greater -CD-ROM drive

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Author Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO
ISBN-10 9781617050541
Release 2011-11-18
Pages 184
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Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards is a comprehensive review text surveying the breadth of nonsurgical sports medicine. Covering topics pertinent to (and found on) the Sports Medicine board examination, the book is intended as a primary study tool for candidates preparing for certification. All of the subject areas tested on the boards are represented, including basic science and general procedures; health promotion and preventive aspects; emergency assessment and care; and diagnosis, management, and treatment of the full range of sports-related injuries and conditions. The editors have used the exam content outline as a blueprint for organizing the book so the space allotted to each chapter reflects the corresponding emphasis of the topic on the exam. Sports Medicine also provides the concise, high-yield facts that residents, fellows, trainees, and clinicians in any discipline need to supplement their training in non-operative sports medicine. Features of Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards Include Written in outline format for ease of use Comprehensive review of all topics covered on the Sports Medicine board examination Mirrors organization of the offi cial exam content outline; material is weighted according to space allotted on the actual test Editors and authors are noted experts and teachers in the field of sports medicine and come from multiple specialties Includes numerous figures and tables to illustrate key points and enhance learning Recommended reading for further study Can be used for board preparation or as a concise clinical text

The Healthy Body Handbook

The Healthy Body Handbook Author Stuart C. Apfel, MD
ISBN-10 1934559458
Release 2004-12-01
Pages 848
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A healthy, strong body is essential to the enjoyment of life. The Healthy Body Handbook was written for all those who place great emphasis on living life fully. It will help you understand the basic structure and function of the musculoskeletal system of the human body, and is written in language easily understood by the layperson, with numerous illustrations. This knowledge will enable you to be proactive about your health, make positive lifestyle choices, prevent injuries, and participate fully in the healing of injuries - especially those that are sports-related. The authors include detailed advice regarding various exercises and the appropriate regimen for stretching and strengthening, both of which are essential to warding off age-related problems. The body sends out warning signals of impending overuse and the resultant potential for injury. In this book you will learn to listen to these signals, evaluate them, and make healthy decisions. The book also incudes information about the remedies and procedures physicians are likely to recommend after injury or illness. A healthy body also supports a healthy intellectual and emotional life. As the great American naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, "Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

Fight Medicine

Fight Medicine Author Dr. Michael Kelly
ISBN-10 9781610047357
Release 2008-01-01
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Fight Medicine is the first book that explains in detail what medical professionals, fighters, trainers and managers need to know about diagnosing and treating combat sports injuries. Injured boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial artists who ignore injuries or fail to seek optimal health care often pay for it with pain, frustration and lost training time. Fighters require specialized medical care from appropriately trained medical professionals. Although there are many well-qualified physicians who take care of athletes, some may not have the specialized training needed to recognize a serious fight injury that can impact a fighter's career. Many health care providers are unfamiliar with the unique issues of fight medicine, such as hand injury, ocular injury, concussion and chronic traumatic brain injury. Dr. Kelly has packed Fight Medicine with chapter after chapter of solid information on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of injuries and ailments suffered by fighters, including bone, joint and soft tissue injuries; neurological and cardiac conditions; pulmonary conditions; and infectious diseases. Whether you're a doctor who wants to learn more about fight medicine or a fighter or trainer, Fight Medicine will give you the information you need to make the right call.

Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics

Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics Author Victor Valderrabano
ISBN-10 9783319157351
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 577
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This book provides a comprehensive review of the diagnosis, management and treatment of sports injuries to the foot and ankle. The editors have assembled a list of contributors at the top of their field to define the medical management, treatment and surgery for the most common and highly debilitating sports injuries. Currently, foot and ankle injuries are the most common musculoskeletal injuries, thus this book fills the clear need for a state-of-the art resource that focuses upon this growing area of orthopaedic practice. Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics is highly relevant to orthopaedic surgeons, sports orthopaedic surgeons and medical professionals dealing with sports injuries around the F&A. With clear and didactic information and superb illustrations, this book will prove to be an indispensable learning tool for readers seeking expert guidance to further their surgical skills in this area.

Foot and Ankle Athletic Injuries An Issue of Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

Foot and Ankle Athletic Injuries  An Issue of Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Author Bob Baravarian
ISBN-10 9781455709496
Release 2011-03-10
Pages 248
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This issue of Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery will feature topics on: Etiology, Pathophysiology and most common injuries of the lower extremity in the athlete;Forefoot Stress Fractures and Plantar plate injuries in the athlete;Midfoot sprains and fractures in the athlete;Intraarticular acute ankle fractures and talar dome osteochondral injuries;The triple injury of ankle synovitis, ankle instability and peroneal tendon tear in the athlete;New technology in the treatment of athletic injuries; and Current thinking in the treatment of plantar and posterior heel pain syndrome

Sports Hernia and Athletic Pubalgia

Sports Hernia and Athletic Pubalgia Author David Diduch
ISBN-10 9781489974211
Release 2014-02-19
Pages 206
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Sports hernias are an increasingly recognized problem in athletics, presenting a challenge for team physicians and other health care providers regarding their diagnosis and management. Confusion is magnified by the various treatment methods that exist, both surgical and non-surgical. Sports Hernia and Athletic Pubalgia is the first text devoted solely to the topic of sports hernia and will examine its etiology and diagnosis, as well as how to differentiate it from other problems involving the athlete’s hip area and other injuries it often correlates and interacts with, such as femoroacetabular impingement. It covers all current approaches to treatment, from open approaches to minimally invasive approaches, and discusses rehabilitation and return to play. Comprised of contributions from an international array of expert clinicians and thought leaders, this is the immediate authoritative book on the subject of sports hernias.

Management of Abdominal Hernias

Management of Abdominal Hernias Author Andrew Kingsnorth
ISBN-10 9781848828773
Release 2013-01-30
Pages 414
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Hernia repair is one of the commonest operations in general surgery. Open or laparoscopic repair of a primary inguinal hernia is a relatively straightforward operation, but more complex abdominal wall hernias demand greater surgical skill and knowledge. The editors have assembled the world's top herniologists to describe and illustrate numerous surgical techniques in detail. The field of herniology has developed rapidly over the last few years. Since the previous edition of this book, published in 2003, new surgical techniques have been developed and many new prosthetic and biologic materials have been introduced. Management of Abdominal Hernias 4e presents an authoritative, comprehensive and fully updated account of the surgical techniques and the available prosthetic materials for performing repair of abdominal wall hernias. Both open and laparoscopic methods are included. It is aimed at general and specialist surgeons in the practice of clinical surgery, as well as trainee surgeons.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete Author Bruce Reider
ISBN-10 9781455737437
Release 2014-12-15
Pages 1680
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Prevent athletic injuries and promote optimal recovery with the evidence-based guidelines and protocols inside Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete! Practical, expert guidance; a templated, user-friendly format make this rehab reference ideal for any practitioner working with athletes! Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Apply targeted, evidence-based strategies for all internationally popular athletic activities, including those enjoyed by older adults. Ensure optimal care from injury prevention through follow up 2 years post injury. Make safe recommendations for non-chemical performance enhancement.

Sports Injuries of the Ankle and Foot

Sports Injuries of the Ankle and Foot Author Richard A. Marder
ISBN-10 9781461218906
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 193
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As more internists and family physicians increase their scope to include sports medicine, this book reaches beyond the orthopaedic surgery market to provide a one-source reference for the treatment of both simple and complex sports-related injuries. For ease of use, the book is divided into the various anatomical sections: the forefoot, the midfoot, the hindfoot, the ankle, tendon disorders, and orthotics and braces - each enhanced by rehabilitation procedures and algorithms. It enables the physician to formulate a treatment plan and compare the various surgical and non-surgical options for a variety of injuries including: stress and other fractures, ankle instability, ruptures, sprain, ligament injuries, tendonitis, lesions, and neuropathies. The text is supported by copious illustrations, including 100 line drawings, 99 operative photos and a full-colour 4-page insert.