Freakonomics Author Steven D. Levitt
ISBN-10 9780141928739
Release 2006-10-05
Pages 336
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Cult bestseller, new buzz word... Freakonomics is at the heart of everything we see and do and the subjects that bedevil us daily: from parenting to crime, sport to politics, fat to cheating, fear to traffic jams. Asking provocative and profound questions about human motivation and contemporary living and reaching some astonishing conclusions, Freakonomics will make you see the familiar world through a completely original lens.


Freakonomics Author Steven D. Levitt
ISBN-10 9780061956270
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 336
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Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? How much do parents really matter? What kind of impact did Roe v. Wade have on violent crime? These may not sound like typical questions for an economist to ask. But Steven D. Levitt is not a typical economist. He is a much heralded scholar who studies the stuff and riddles of everyday life-; from cheating and crime to sports and child rearing-; and whose conclusions regularly turn the conventional wisdom on its head. He usually begins with a mountain of data and a simple, unasked question. Some of these questions concern life-and-death issues; others have an admittedly freakish quality. Thus the new field of study contained in this book: freakonomics. Through forceful storytelling and wry insight, Levitt and co-author Stephen J. Dubner show that economics is, at root, the study of incentives-; how people get what they want, or need, especially when other people want or need the same thing. In Freakonomics, they set out to explore the hidden side of ... well, everything. The inner workings of a crack gang. The truth about real-estate agents. The myths of campaign finance. The telltale marks of a cheating schoolteacher. The secrets of the Ku Klux Klan. What unites all these stories is a belief that the modern world, despite a surfeit of obfuscation, complication, and downright deceit, is not impenetrable, is not unknowable, and-; if the right questions are asked-; is even more intriguing than we think. All it takes is a new way of looking. Steven Levitt, through devilishly clever and clear-eyed thinking, shows how to seethrough all the clutter. Freakonomics establishes this unconventional premise: If morality represents how we would like the world to work, then economics represents how it actually does work. It is true that readers of this book will be armed with enough riddles and stories to last a thousand cocktail parties. But Freakonomics can provide more than that. It will literally redefine the way we view the modern world.

Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything Author steven d. levitt
Release 2004
Pages 242
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Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything book for free.

A Study Guide for Levitt Dubner s Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

A Study Guide for Levitt   Dubner s  Freakonomics  A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything Author Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN-10 9781410320926
Release 2015-03-13
Pages 15
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A Study Guide for Levitt & Dubner's "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Literary News For Students.This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Literary News For Students for all of your research needs.

               Author 都伯纳
ISBN-10 9787807281962
Release 2006
Pages 209
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英文原名:Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything

G r nmeyeni D s nmek

G  r  nmeyeni D  s  nmek Author Steven D. Levitt
ISBN-10 9757004731
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 228
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G r nmeyeni D s nmek has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from G r nmeyeni D s nmek also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full G r nmeyeni D s nmek book for free.

Iktisat D s n rleri

Iktisat D  s  n  rleri Author Robert L. Heilbroner
ISBN-10 9752980902
Release 2000-10-01
Pages 295
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Iktisat D s n rleri has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Iktisat D s n rleri also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Iktisat D s n rleri book for free.

The Econocracy

The Econocracy Author Joe Earle
ISBN-10 9781526115508
Release 2016-11-03
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One hundred years ago the idea of 'the economy' didn't exist. Now, improving the economy has come to be seen as perhaps the most important task facing modern societies. Politics and policymaking are conducted in the language of economics and economic logic shapes how political issues are thought about and addressed. The result is that the majority of citizens, who cannot speak this language, are locked out of politics while political decisions are increasingly devolved to experts. The econocracy explains how economics came to be seen this way - and the damaging consequences. It opens up the discipline and demonstrates its inner workings to the wider public so that the task of reclaiming democracy can begin.

Valuepack Microeconomics

Valuepack  Microeconomics Author Robert S. Pindyck
ISBN-10 1405883286
Release 2007-10-02
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This Value Pack consists of Microeconomics: International Edition, 6/e by Pindyck/Rubinfeld (ISBN: 9780131860261); Freakonomics, 1/e (ISBN: 9780131912076)

Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization Author Don Waldman
ISBN-10 9781315510514
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 768
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Written solely for the undergraduate audience, Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice, which features early coverage of Antitrust, punctuates its modern introduction to industrial organization with relevant empirical data and case studies to show students how to apply theoretical tools.

Standard Deviations Flawed Assumptions Tortured Data and Other Ways to Lie with Statistics

Standard Deviations  Flawed Assumptions  Tortured Data  and Other Ways to Lie with Statistics Author Gary Smith
ISBN-10 9781468310689
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 304
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Did you know that baseball players whose names begin with the letter “D” are more likely to die young? Or that Asian Americans are most susceptible to heart attacks on the fourth day of the month? Or that drinking a full pot of coffee every morning will add years to your life, but one cup a day increases the risk of pancreatic cancer? All of these “facts” have been argued with a straight face by credentialed researchers and backed up with reams of data and convincing statistics. As Nobel Prize–winning economist Ronald Coase once cynically observed, “If you torture data long enough, it will confess.” Lying with statistics is a time-honored con. In Standard Deviations, economics professor Gary Smith walks us through the various tricks and traps that people use to back up their own crackpot theories. Sometimes, the unscrupulous deliberately try to mislead us. Other times, the well-intentioned are blissfully unaware of the mischief they are committing. Today, data is so plentiful that researchers spend precious little time distinguishing between good, meaningful indicators and total rubbish. Not only do others use data to fool us, we fool ourselves. With the breakout success of Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise, the once humdrum subject of statistics has never been hotter. Drawing on breakthrough research in behavioral economics by luminaries like Daniel Kahneman and Dan Ariely and taking to task some of the conclusions of Freakonomics author Steven D. Levitt, Standard Deviations demystifies the science behind statistics and makes it easy to spot the fraud all around.

Economics Made Fun

Economics Made Fun Author N. Emrah Aydinonat
ISBN-10 9781317449478
Release 2017-10-02
Pages 164
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Best-selling books such as Freakonomics and The Undercover Economist have paved the way for the flourishing economics-made-fun genre. While books like these present economics as a strong and explanatory science, the ongoing economic crisis has exposed the shortcomings of economics to the general public. In the face of this crisis, many people, including well-known economists such as Paul Krugman, have started to express their doubts about whether economics is a success as a science. As well as academic papers, newspaper columns with a large audience have discussed the failure of economic to predict and explain ongoing trends. The emerging picture is somewhat confusing: economics-made-fun books present economics as a method of thinking that can successfully explain everyday and "freaky" phenomena. On the other hand, however, economics seems to fail in addressing and explaining the most pressing matters related to the field of economics itself. This book explores the confusion created by this contradictory picture of economics. Could a science that cannot answer its own core questions really be used to explain the logic of everyday life? This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Economic Methodology.

Criminology Theory Research and Policy

Criminology  Theory  Research  and Policy Author Gennaro F. Vito
ISBN-10 9780763766658
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 502
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Ideal for allied health and pre-nursing students, Alcamos Fundamentals of Microbiology, Body Systems Edition, retains the engaging, student-friendly style and active learning approach for which award-winning author and educator Jeffrey Pommerville is known. It presents diseases, complete with new content on recent discoveries, in a manner that is directly applicable to students and organized by body system. A captivating art program, learning design format, and numerous case studies draw students into the text and make them eager to learn more about the fascinating world of microbiology.

A Joosr Guide To OCLCbr 85 Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt Stephen J Dubner

A Joosr Guide To OCLCbr 85  Freakonomics by Steven D  Levitt   Stephen J  Dubner Author
ISBN-10 1785670581
Release 2015
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In today's fast-paced world, it's tough to find the time to read. But with Joosr guides, you can get the key insights from bestselling non-fiction titles in less than 20 minutes. On your morning commute, over lunch, or as a try before you buy, Joosr's brief and accessible eBook summaries fit into your life. Find out more at If you think economics is just about money, you're in for a shock. Look at society through an economist's lens, and you'll begin to understand why conventional wisdom may not be so wise after all. Why do seemingly trustworthy people lie? Why do drug dealers behave like they do? How much effect does a child's upbringing have on their adult life? We think we know the answers to questions like these, confident that the common assumptions explain everything. Unfortunately we couldn't be more wrong, and economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner are here to show you why. In Freakonomics, you'll find your commonly held beliefs challenged in a blur of evidence, culture and wit, showing the economic side of the world you live in. You will learn: ℗ʺ How the right incentives can turn the most honest, upright person into a cheater ℗ʺ Whether or not a child's name affects their future successes ℗ʺ How having more information leads to having more control.

Principles of Economics PDF

Principles of Economics PDF Author Joshua Gans
ISBN-10 9780170270922
Release 2014-08-29
Pages 988
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Principles of Economics 6th edition combines microeconomics and macroeconomics into one volume for students who take a full years course. The latest edition of this text continues to focus on important concepts and analyses necessary for students in an introductory economics course. In keeping with the authors philosophy of showing students the power of economic tools and the importance of economic ideas, this edition pays careful attention to regional and global policies and economic issues  such as climate change and resource taxation, the impacts of the ongoing global financial crisis, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, monetary and fiscal policy. Accompanied by CourseMate, comprising flashcards, graphing workshops, games, quizzes, videos. Access to Search me! referring students to the online Search me! database. Aplia is available with this text.

The Oxford Handbook of Post Keynesian Economics Volume 1

The Oxford Handbook of Post Keynesian Economics  Volume 1 Author G. C. Harcourt
ISBN-10 9780199359301
Release 2013-08-16
Pages 528
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This two volume Handbook contains chapters on the main areas to which Post-Keynesians have made sustained and important contributions. These include theories of accumulation, distribution, pricing, money and finance, international trade and capital flows, the environment, methodological issues, criticism of mainstream economics and Post-Keynesian policies. The Introduction outlines what is in the two volumes, in the process placing Post-Keynesian procedures and contributions in appropriate contexts.

American Literature s Aesthetic Dimensions

American Literature s Aesthetic Dimensions Author Cindy Weinstein
ISBN-10 9780231520775
Release 2012-07-24
Pages 432
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In these diverse essays, leading critics recast the place of aesthetics in the production and consumption of literature. Rethinking the category of aesthetics in light of recent developments in literary theory and social criticism, contributors showcase the interpretive possibilities available to those who bring politics, culture, ideology, and conceptions of identity into their critiques. Deploying a distinctive range of methodologies, essays combine close readings of individual works and authors with more theoretical discussions of aesthetic theory and its relation to American literature. An introduction surveys the rise of a literary criticism based in aesthetics from the eighteenth century to its twentieth-century remaking in the wake of deconstruction, identity politics, and new historicism. The editors ultimately argue that aesthetics never really left American literary critique, even in the heyday of new historicism. Instead, they cast the current “return to aesthetics” as the natural consequence of shortcomings in deconstruction and new historicism, which led to a reconfiguration of aesthetics. Subsequent essays demonstrate the value and versatility of aesthetic considerations in literature, from eighteenth-century poetry to twentieth-century popular music. Organized into four groups—politics, form, gender, and theory—they revisit the canonical works of Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Stephen Crane, introduce the overlooked texts of Constance Fenimore Woolson and Earl Lind, and unpack the surprising complexities of the music of The Carpenters. Deeply rooted in an American context, these essays explore literature’s aesthetic dimensions in connection to American liberty and the formation of political selfhood, and they conclude with the ethical implications of reading and representation.