Good Morning Brew

Good Morning Brew Author Karla Oceanak
ISBN-10 1934649597
Release 2015-11
Pages 32
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It's opening time at the coffee house. While the sun rises, the lion and kangaroo baristas welcome a menagerie of colorful customers. Join them in saying good morning to the beans, machines, and--yes, please!--caffeine! Smile along as they greet the espressos, lattes, mochas, frappes, drips, sips, and much more. Yay coffee! Whether you prefer brewed or pressed, black or cream, mochas or macchiatos, single origin or groovy blends, if you’ve gotta have your daily grind, this playful picture book for grown-ups and coffee-culture families is for you. Good Morning Brew is brought to you by the same author and illustrator team behind the bestselling Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People. Need a refresher on how coffee travels from field to cup? Perplexed by espresso options? Don’t miss the bonus coffee infographics at the end of the book!

Morning B R E W

Morning B R E W Author Kirk Byron Jones
ISBN-10 1451412568
Pages 127
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Unlike other morning devotions, in which readers digest the words of others, this book teaches readers how to create their own devotional experiences through silence and prayer visualization.

Desire and a Bottle of Merlot

Desire and a Bottle of Merlot Author Bria Marche
Release 2015-05-08
Pages 215
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It's not that Tina wanted to be a male basher, it was just part of her persona-she couldn't help herself. To her, men were an unnecessary distraction, full of themselves and nothing she had a desire to indulge in, that is, until Dan Mason strolled into town and literally smashed into her at Amelia's. Seeing someone as gorgeous as Dan sent Tina's desire meter into overdrive at an alarming rate. A summer of exciting life changes was on the horizon for the girls of Tarrytown, and if Tina ever hoped to have a chance with Dan Mason, she would have to make changes too...beginning with herself. Desire and a Bottle of Merlot is the fifth book in the Like Sisters series. Like Sisters is a laugh out loud series of best friends, hot guys and the right amount of steam to have you anxiously waiting for the next book. Note: There are no cliffhangers in this series, but since the characters carry over, the books are best read in sequence. Like Sisters Contemporary Romance Series: PAYBACK AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT (Free) INSECURITY AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT DESTINY AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT INTRIGUE AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT DESIRE AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT Like Sisters Categories: Romance Series Free Contemporary Romance Novel Free Romantic Comedy Book Contemporary Romance Series Romance novels Romantic novel Romance Book Series Romantic Comedy Series Women’s Fiction Romance Fiction Humorous Romance Free Romantic novel Second Chances Romantic Comedy Series

The Ghost of the Mistreated Canines Life after Margaret

The Ghost of the Mistreated Canines  Life after Margaret Author Tom Marovich
ISBN-10 9781683481942
Release 2016-06-07
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It seemed like every able body from within a hundred-mile radius showed up for Margaret’s funeral. Neither the funeral home nor the reception hall was large enough to hold the group all at one time. Even with the loss of her partner and best friend, Star managed to keep the clinic and turned away no animal in need. She knew that’s how Margaret would have wanted it. Although Kate’s decision to become a veterinarian was a struggle, she did attend college and did her best to follow in her mother’s footstep. Eventually, she became a full partner in the clinic. With the agreement with the staff, the name of the clinic was changed. The sleigh that Michael built was eventually brought out again, and for one special reason, Michael felt a warm and tender caring touch from Star. Michael survived a severe heart attack. While he was in the hospital, without realizing what she had agreed to and not knowing that Michael realized what he was saying, Star agreed to take a trip with Michael to the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. One evening while at the kitchen table, Harold and Kate sat in discussion and wondered if Michael and Star would return as a married couple.

Like Sisters Series Books 4 5 A Romantic Comedy Box Set

Like Sisters Series Books 4 5  A Romantic Comedy Box Set Author Bria Marche
Release 2016-02-08
Pages 368
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Box Set: Like Sisters: Books 4-5 Book Four: Intrigue and a Bottle of Merlot If Karen was good at anything, it was writing men off. She was happily unattached until Mia introduced her to Mario one summer at lunch. Mario was six years younger than Karen and far from her type. Yet the long-haired, sexy stranger left her intrigued. Having a man again could be a good thing, now that her single girlfriends were dropping off faster than flies bombed with insect repellent. Karen was eventually hired to help run Mario's business, and that was when the flirting began. The intrigue remained, but that invisible line had never been crossed. Maybe it was time to step up her game. A business trip with Mario turned Karen's fantasy into nail-biting chaos, showing her that their age difference wouldn't be the only obstacle on her road to relationship bliss. Book Five: Desire and a Bottle of Merlot It wasn’t that Tina wanted to be a male basher—it was just part of her persona. She couldn't help herself. To her, men were all full of themselves. They were an unnecessary distraction that she had no a desire to indulge in—that is, not until Dan Mason strolled into town and literally smashed into her at Amelia's. Seeing someone as gorgeous as Dan sent Tina's desire meter into overdrive at an alarming rate. A summer of exciting life changes was on the horizon for the girls of Tarrytown, and if Tina ever hoped to have a chance with Dan Mason, she would have to make changes too… beginning with herself. Like Sisters is a laugh out loud series of best friends, hot guys and the right amount of steam to have you anxiously waiting for the next book. Note: There are no cliffhangers in these books, but since the characters carry over, the series is best read in sequence. Like Sisters Romantic Comedy Series: Payback and a Bottle of Merlot Insecurity and a Bottle of Merlot Destiny and a Bottle of Merlot Intrigue and a Bottle of Merlot Desire and a Bottle of Merlot What readers are saying- Hilarious- Heartwarming and such a reminder of how girlfriends are always there for each other no matter what- unputdownable book:) every woman who has lived thru extra marital affair would enjoy reading this book and the lightheartedness the author brings to light alongside the tears. Another Page Turner- Loved this book! It makes you realize how being insecure can mess up your life. The author has a way of bringing you into the book so that you feel you are the main character and the "sisters" are your best friends. I Love Love Love These Books! - I love love love these books. They pull you in and you have no choice but to read the next book.

The Book of Told

The Book of Told Author K A Gunn
ISBN-10 9781490838120
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 416
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"In The Book of Told, K.A. Gunn blends lived experience with metahistory, tragedy with punning, technology and theology. Her story has too much life in it to be simple allegory, and reads as an extended mediation on the phrase, 'in the beginning was the Word.' Literary fiction is turned inside out and it is possible that your life might be also"-Back cover.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Double Fudge Brownie Murder Author Joanne Fluke
ISBN-10 9781472221421
Release 2015-03-12
Pages 384
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Joanne Fluke's eighteenth Hannah Swensen mystery is packed full of intrigue and delicious recipes. Perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Leslie Meier. Life in Lake Eden, Minnesota, is usually pleasantly uneventful. Lately, though, it seems everyone has more than their fair share of drama to manage. With so much on her plate, Hannah Swensen can barely find the time to think about her bakery - let alone the town's most recent murder... Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident. She's eager to clear her name once and for all, but her troubles only double when she finds the judge bludgeoned to death with his own gavel. Now Hannah is the number-one suspect. As she sets out in search of the culprit she discovers that the judge made more than a few enemies during his career. With time running out, Hannah will have to whip up her most clever recipe yet to find a killer more elusive than the perfect brownie...

Impossible Vacation

Impossible Vacation Author Spalding Gray
ISBN-10 9780307800688
Release 2011-11-02
Pages 240
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Having detailed the agonies of writing a book in his monologue Monster in a Box, Spalding Gray now gives us the monster itself: a convulsively funny, unexpectedly moving novel about a man eternally searching for a moment of protected pleasure even as he is permanently incapable of finding it. Brewster North witnesses his mother's madness but misses her suicide; searches frantically for enlightenment in the Poconos and zipless sex in India; suffers family ennui in Rhode Island and a nervous breakdown in Amsterdam. In the process he emerges as a hilariously complex everyman. And as Gray narrates his hero's free fall, he confirms his own stature as one of our funniest, most eccentric, and most engaging storytellers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Frag Box

Frag Box Author Richard A Thompson
ISBN-10 9781615952175
Release 2011-05-27
Pages 234
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Herman Jackson never thought his past would catch up with him, least of all via a murdered Vietnam veteran named Charlie Victor. Jackson used to run a bookie operation in Detroit, but his bail bond business in St. Paul is much safer. And if Charlie Victor wasn’t his best client, he was at least a steady one, paying his bonding fee out of a secret stash he called his frag box. Then Charlie is beaten to death on a public street in broad daylight. Strangely, he leaves behind a will naming Jackson as his sole heir. Jackson wants justice for Charlie, who had become something of a friend. But with plenty of money problems of his own, he also wants the box of cash. Unfortunately, Charlie’s killers want it, too, and the race is on. Jackson will traverse the dark alleys of St. Paul’s Railroad Island, the snowbound Minnesota Iron Range, and finally an abandoned tunnel under St. Paul. But every step reveals another layer of protection and another set of lies Jackson has told, including the ones he told himself....

Jubilee Day

Jubilee Day Author Michael Sky
ISBN-10 9781257124428
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 360
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Jubilee Day is a page-turning thriller ripped from today's headlines. Set in November 2011, a mysterious group calling itself Jubilee is assassinating prominent conservatives-the chief justice of the Supreme Court; a former, but still powerful, vice president; several of the bankers who profited from the crash of '07-with a simple warning: Six will die, every day, until you start sharing your wealth and power. As the Jubilees make good on their threat and law enforcement proves unable to stop them, America's leaders are forced to choose: risk personal death by defying Jubilee or acquiesce to their demands, which include a progressive tax on millionaires, caps on executive compensation, cutting military spending in half, and, the key to it all, a national Jubilee-the forgiveness of all debts.

The Man Who Fought Alone

The Man Who Fought Alone Author Stephen Donaldson
ISBN-10 9781409134169
Release 2010-11-25
Pages 560
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Fourth in the brilliant crime series by the Numer One bestselling fantasy author all around the world. When Mick 'Brew' Axbrewder catches a bullet while in the process of taking out the top hitman of 'El Senor' - Puerto del Sol's only real crime-lord - his partner and sometime lover, Ginny Fistoulari decides to get the both of them out of town. But running doesn't seem to solve half their problems. Mick, without a PI licence and fast alienating Ginny, must rebuild his life, but the only way is to trust the one man he is coming to hate most, Marshal Viviter: an old college friend of Ginny's, and a phenomenally successfully private investigator. Viviter appears to have everything, and be everything, that Mick could ever hope for, but there are strings attached to his help - strings which could get Mick killed ...

Lovin a Good Ol Boy

Lovin  a Good Ol  Boy Author Mary Kay McComas
ISBN-10 9781626810860
Release 2013-04-26
Pages 217
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Big city girl Anne Hunnicut is in Webster, Kentucky for one reason: to shut down the textile mill. When her rental car breaks down in the backwoods, the last person she expected to come to her rescue was rugged country boy Buck LaSalle–the ringleader of the union workers determined to keep the mill open and the town alive and prosperous. Sparks fly between Anne and Buck, but is the issue of the mill closing going to stand between them? Anne’s desire for a home spurs an understanding and empathy for Buck and the people of Webster, but questions whether it’s enough to give up her big city career ambitions. Can an urban girl find love, security, and new aspirations for her life with a small town guy? From New York Times bestselling author Mary Kay McComas, LOVIN’ A GOOD OL’ BOY was originally published as part of Bantam Dell's Loveswept line.

Owning Oliver Moon Pack 15

Owning Oliver  Moon Pack  15 Author Amber Kell
ISBN-10 9781370933914
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Owning Oliver Moon Pack 15 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Owning Oliver Moon Pack 15 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Owning Oliver Moon Pack 15 book for free.


THE ROCK CITY RAPTOR Author Paul Michael Sturman
ISBN-10 9781479790548
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 217
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I am a 68 years old man Father of 4 Grandfather of 6. In early 1960’s I saw John F Kennedy speak at my High School in Pocatello, Idaho. I have had a fascination with the surrounding of his murder and read everything I could fi nd on the subject. I asked myself the question what if the offi cial version was wrong. Thirty some odd years ago I began to write my own fi ctional interpretation of the events. With the encouragement of family members especially my wife I was persuaded to fi nish it and continue writing stories. I hope you will enjoy my second book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

In Another Time

In Another Time Author Michael E. Tessier
ISBN-10 9780595448371
Release 2007-05
Pages 164
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There are no paradoxes in time, only looped back versions of history we call alternate realities. Under the sands of Egypt and near the Sphinx, two amateur archeologists make a most unexpected find. Instead of a Pharaohs tomb, they uncover an ancient, dust-choked room filled with books, computers and modern equipment. The tomb is least five thousand years old. Slowly, the young spelunkers unravel the mystery of the apparent paradox. They also discover a working Time Machine. Time itself has taken an alternate course. The powerful European Trade Confederation bullies a depressed, non-nuclear United States. The British Empire controls their colonial possessions with an iron fist. Time for the young discoverers is running out. Global events are slowly colliding where retaining the secret of their discovery is almost impossible. A race develops to get the secrets of time travel out of the country.

The Plexus

The Plexus Author Fred Brechlin
ISBN-10 9781462852277
Release 2011-04-08
Pages 200
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Th e Plexus is a network that connects everything. It is the great web of the universe. Th ere is a race which traverses this Plexus. Sylvia is a member of that race. She normally thrives on chaos and disharmony. But she has been held in stasis by her own kind to keep her powers in check. A NASA mission has accidently released Sylvia from imprisonment. She fl ed to earth and intends to cause havoc and destruction. Chicago is in danger. Sylvia’s former captors need to recapture her and prevent catastrophe. By enlisting human help, they hope she can be stopped

Gnome Home Papers

Gnome Home Papers Author S. Louis King
ISBN-10 9781463433161
Release 2012-04
Pages 674
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Listen my friends, to your heart. What is it telling you? Go ahead and dream a little dream, see where it takes you. YouÊll be surprised at the turn of events with every page, each new friend or what happens to that nasty evil guy. Take that chance and let your heart take the lead, I dare you. Say those things that burn in your heart, that have on occasion been blurted out. Be that hero and go to places where you fear to tread. Need someone to go with you, thereÊs your buddy right beside you, sometime through thick and thin.