Hatching Brooding Your Own Chicks

Hatching   Brooding Your Own Chicks Author Gail Damerow
ISBN-10 9781603428781
Release 2013-04-12
Pages 240
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Gail Damerow shows you how to incubate, hatch, and brood baby chickens, ducklings, goslings, turkey poults, and guinea keets. With advice on everything from selecting a breed and choosing the best incubator to feeding and caring for newborn chicks in a brooder, this comprehensive guide also covers issues like embryo development, panting chicks, and a variety of common birth defects. Whether you want to hatch three eggs or one hundred, you’ll find all the information you need to make your poultry-raising operation a success.

Storey s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds

Storey s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds Author Carol Ekarius
ISBN-10 9781612128436
Release 2016-07-18
Pages 288
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More than 128 birds strut their stuff across the pages of this definitive primer for intrepid poultry farmers and feather fanciers alike. From the Manx Rumpy to the Redcap and the Ancona duck to his Aylesbury cousin, each breed is profiled with a brief history, detailed descriptions of identifying characteristics, and colorful photography. Comprehensive and fun, Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds celebrates the personalities and charming good looks of North America’s quirkiest barnyard birds and waterfowl.

Sexing all fowl baby chicks game birds cage birds

Sexing all fowl  baby chicks  game birds  cage birds Author Loyl Stromberg
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924090271465
Release 1977
Pages 96
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Sexing all fowl baby chicks game birds cage birds has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sexing all fowl baby chicks game birds cage birds also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sexing all fowl baby chicks game birds cage birds book for free.

Genetics of the Fowl

Genetics of the Fowl Author F. B. Hutt
ISBN-10 9780972177030
Release 2003-05-01
Pages 604
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This has been the indispensable companion of chicken breeders since its introduction in 1949. Chapters include the genetics of plumage, egg production, body size, disease resistance, and much more. (Animals/Pets)

The Backyard Chicken Book

The Backyard Chicken Book Author H. Lee Schwanz
ISBN-10 9781629142746
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 208
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A small flock of poultry can supply all of the eggs your family needs during the year. And, after your hens have completed their egg-laying days, there will be meat for barbecuing or roasting. Luckily, a small flock takes a relatively small amount of space and is easy to manage. If yours is one of the growing number of families interested in raising chickens for eggs or meat, The Backyard Chicken Book contains all the essential information for the hatching, brooding, rearing, and managing family-sized poultry flocks. The first step in deciding on a family flock is to determine what breed may work best for your needs. For example, you can go with a laying breed such as the White Leghorn that produces top-quality eggs but provides little meat. Or, you could select a dual-purpose Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire that provides fewer eggs but much better meat. In addition to helping you select your type, this handy guide will also tell you what you need to know about: Providing housing for home poultry flocks Rearing the laying flock pullets Managing laying problems Fighting pests and disease Raising other poultry such as ducks, turkeys, geese, bantams, and guinea fowl Enhanced with full-color photos and dozens of illustrations, The Backyard Chicken Book is the perfect guide for the first-time poultry raiser.

The Chicken Encyclopedia

The Chicken Encyclopedia Author Gail Damerow
ISBN-10 9781603427760
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 320
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From addled to wind egg and crossed beak to zygote, the terminology of everything chicken is demystified in The Chicken Encyclopedia. Complete with breed descriptions, common medical concerns, and plenty of chicken trivia, this illustrated A-to-Z reference guide is both informative and entertaining. Covering tail types, breeding, molting, communication, and much more, Gail Damerow provides answers to all of your chicken questions and quandaries. Even seasoned chicken farmers are sure to discover new information about the multifaceted world of these fascinating birds.

Poultry Health and Management

Poultry Health and Management Author David Sainsbury
ISBN-10 0632033258
Release 1992
Pages 214
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Poultry Health and Management has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Poultry Health and Management also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Poultry Health and Management book for free.

Storey s Guide to Raising Poultry 4th Edition

Storey s Guide to Raising Poultry  4th Edition Author Glenn Drowns
ISBN-10 9781603427685
Release 2012-05-22
Pages 464
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Whether you’re running a farm or interested in keeping a few backyard birds, Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry covers everything you need to know to successfully raise your own chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, and more. Stressing humane practices throughout, Glenn Davis provides expert advice on breed selection, housing, feeding, behavior, breeding, health care, and processing your own meat and eggs. With tips on raising specialty species like doves, ostriches, and peafowl, you’ll be inspired to experiment with new breeds and add diversity to your poultry operation.

The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds

The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds Author Janet Vorwald Dohner
ISBN-10 9780300138139
Release 2001
Pages 514
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The hardy, multipurpose Dominique chickens that came to the New World with the Pilgrims and later travelled in pioneer saddlebags to help settle the West were once too numerous to count, by 1990 a mere 500 hens survived. This is but a single example of the diminishing diversity of farm animals: half of once-common livestock breeds are endangered, others are already extinct. The need to preserve farm animal diversity is increasingly urgent, says the author of this definitive book on endangered breeds of livestock and poultry. Farmyard animals may hold critical keys for our survival, Jan Dohner warns, and with each extinction, genetic traits of potentially vital importance to our agricultural future or to medical progress are forever lost. This comprehensive book features: * complete information on the history, characteristics, qualities, and traits of 138 endangered livestock breeds (goats, sheep, swine, cattle, horses, other equines) and 53 poultry breeds (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese) * where these breeds may be seen today * the degree of rarity of each breed in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada * information on feral livestock populations * 160 colour photographs and over 80 black and white photos and historical illustrations

The Complete Guide to Poultry Breeds

The Complete Guide to Poultry Breeds Author Melissa Nelson
ISBN-10 9781601383778
Release 2010-11-30
Pages 287
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Overview: There are more poultry breeds than most individuals realize and for anyone considering or preparing to get involved in the raising and breeding of poultry, it is vital to understand as much as possible about as many of them as possible. With more than 500 breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association, there are different feed necessities, housing requirements, incubation times, egg information, and costs of raising just about any of these various breeds. This book provides the details that every potential poultry breed needs to start creating detailed plans for purchasing, raising, and breeding their new small farm animals. You will learn about each of the more than 500 different breeds of poultry, from chickens to turkeys and ducks. Each breed will be laid out with complete details about everything you need to know to raise them effectively. From how to breed that particular breed to how to raise the chicks, you will be able to breed and gather eggs from chickens and breed for meat the ducks and turkeys you select. You will learn exactly which breeds are best for egg production by volume and quality and which ones are best for meat by taste and quality. You will learn the dietary needs of each breed and what they require from you to stay alive in all four seasons as well. Poultry and small farming experts were interviewed for this book to provide detailed insight into how poultry is selected and raised and throughout the book you will find small bits of information about how each breed is different from the rest, what suggestions are offered for raising that particular breed and which breeds to completely steer clear of. You will learn which poultry breeds have been used for hundreds of years on small farms everywhere and which ones are rarely used and for what reasons. Whether you are starting a farm and need a half dozen good poultry breeds for your coups or are just adding a small area on your property to raise some chickens, this guide will provide everything you need to understand and select the proper breed for your needs.

Guinea Fowl Backyard Poultry

Guinea Fowl  Backyard Poultry Author June Rose
ISBN-10 0992999847
Release 2015-04-29
Pages 132
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Guinea Fowl, Backyard Poultry a book cover the care of keeping Guinea fowl from feeding, rearing, hatching eggs. housing and diseases. This book is a guide for anyone wishing to keep Guinea fowl. The facts and information contain within the book is in an easy to read style.

Chick Days

Chick Days Author Jenna Woginrich
ISBN-10 9781603427432
Release 2011-01-19
Pages 128
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Jenna Woginrich chronicles the life journey of three chickens (Amelia, Honey, and Tilda) from fluffy, newly hatched bundles to grown hens laying eggs of their own. As you watch these chickens grow, you’ll learn everything you need to know about chicken behavior, feeding, housing, and health care. This playfully informative guide will inspire you to confidently raise your own feathered flock.

21st Century Poultry Breeding

21st Century Poultry Breeding Author Grant Brereton
ISBN-10 0947870571
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 148
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21st Century Poultry Breeding has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 21st Century Poultry Breeding also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 21st Century Poultry Breeding book for free.

Storey s Guide to Raising Ducks 2nd Edition

Storey s Guide to Raising Ducks  2nd Edition Author Dave Holderread
ISBN-10 9781603427456
Release 2011-01-19
Pages 336
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With in-depth information on feeding, housing, behavior, and health care, this comprehensive guide also provides proven strategies for creating a profitable business plan and marketing your products. Whether you’re about to acquire your first ducks or are interested in experimenting with rare breeds, Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks will help you achieve your duck-raising goals.

Guinea Fowl Guinea Fowl as Pets Guinea Fowl Keeping Pros and Cons Care Housing Diet and Health

Guinea Fowl  Guinea Fowl as Pets  Guinea Fowl Keeping  Pros and Cons  Care  Housing  Diet and Health Author Roger Rodendale
ISBN-10 1911142496
Release 2016-05-06
Pages 122
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Guinea Fowl are known as the "farmer's watchdogs." These birds are very useful on agricultural areas as they keep pests at bay. They also eat up all the weed that can destroy cops. Most often, in case of a pest infestation, guinea Fowl are brought in as organic measures to control the problem. In addition to all this, these birds are also extremely entertaining and make great companions. They are not prolific egg layers but the seasonal eggs that they lay are very nutritious and are considered a delicacy in most places. There are several varieties of guinea Fowl that are available in different colors. That makes them perfect ornamental birds that can also be entered in several poultry shows. All in all, a guinea Fowl is a great choice for a pet. If you plan to bring guinea Fowl home, you need to provide them with the care that any pet would require. These birds need good nutrition and shelter to keep them protected. Whilst most people think that it is enough to raise free ranging guineas on the farm, the truth is that their requirements in terms of nutrition and care will change as the birds grow and progress. From incubating the eggs to taking care of the hatchlings, to enabling the breeders to lay healthy eggs, it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of all the needs of the guinea Fowl. This book gives you all the information that you will need as a beginner in the world of guineas including: -Finding the right source to obtain your birds from -Getting healthy birds home -Progressive care for guinea pigs -Nutritional requirements of guinea Fowl -Proper healthcare for guinea Fowl -Housing requirements of guinea Fowl -Predator management -Pecking order and behavior -Breeding and Incubation This information will equip you to raise a healthy flock. All the information given in this book is based on personal experiences of Guinea Fowl owners. Therefore, they are the most practical tips available to you. These birds make wonderful pets and are hardier than any other type of poultry. All you need is the right information to help your flock. This book is the guide you need when you step into the wonderful world of Guinea Fowl.

Controlling Salmonella in Poultry Production and Processing

Controlling Salmonella in Poultry Production and Processing Author Scott M. Russell, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781439821107
Release 2012-02-16
Pages 309
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Salmonella is a major pathogen that can result in deadly foodborne illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are 1.4 million cases of Salmonella poisoning each year in the United States from a variety of causes, with undercooked poultry and eggs being the prime culprits. Therefore, intervention strategies are vital to reducing its occurrence. Controlling Salmonella in Poultry Production and Processing provides a complete analysis of the challenges faced in controlling Salmonella in this industry and keeping the public safe from this threat. Author Scott M. Russell, Ph.D., works closely with the poultry industry throughout the United States and Canada and with companies in Central and South America, Europe, and China. In this volume, he explores: The origin of Salmonella in poultry Intervention strategies for controlling Salmonella during breeding, hatching, grow-out, transportation, and processing How to design a processing plant to eliminate Salmonella How to verify intervention strategies to ensure they are working Increasing yield during processing while controlling Salmonella New regulations being proposed by USDA-FSIS and their impact on poultry companies regarding competition and international exportation of products The differences between the EU and the U.S. with regard to Salmonella control Providing readers with numerous examples of real-world experiences, Dr. Russell offers knowledge gleaned from traveling to poultry plants throughout the world over an 18-year period, assisting processors with identifying the sources of Salmonella in their operations, and developing successful intervention strategies.

The Small scale Poultry Flock

The Small scale Poultry Flock Author Harvey Ussery
ISBN-10 9781603582902
Release 2011
Pages 394
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The most comprehensive guide to date on raising all-natural poultry for the small-scale farmer, homesteader, and professional grower. The Small-Scale Poultry Flock offers a practical and integrative model for working with chickens and other domestic fowl, based entirely on natural systems. Readers will find information on growing (and sourcing) feed on a small scale, brooding (and breeding) at home, and using poultry as insect and weed managers in the garden and orchard. Ussery's model presents an entirely sustainable system that can be adapted and utilized in a variety of scales, and will prove invaluable for beginner homesteaders, growers looking to incorporate poultry into their farm, or poultry farmers seeking to close their loop. Ussery offers extensive information on: The definition of an integrated poultry flock (imitation of natural systems, integrating patterns, and closing the circle) Everything you need to know about your basic chicken (including distinctive points about anatomy and behavior that are critical to management) Extended information on poultry health and holistic health care, with a focus on prevention Planning your flock (flock size, choosing breeds, fowl useful for egg vs. meat production, sourcing stock) How to breed and brood the flock (including breeding for genetic conservation), including the most complete guide to working with broody hens available anywhere Making and mixing your own feed (with tips on equipment, storage, basic ingredients, technique, grinding and mixing) Providing more of the flock's feed from sources grown or self-foraged on the homestead or farm, including production of live protein feeds using earthworms and soldier grubs Using poultry to increase soil fertility, control crop damaging insects, and to make compost-including systems for pasturing and for tillage of cover crops and weeds Recipes for great egg and poultry dishes (including Ussery's famous chicken stock!) And one of the best step-by-step poultry butchering guides available, complete with extensive illustrative photos. No other book on raising poultry takes an entirely whole-systems approach, or discusses producing homegrown feed and breeding in such detail. This is a truly invaluable guide that will lead farmers and homesteaders into a new world of self-reliance and enjoyment.