How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps

How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps Author
ISBN-10 9780991759729
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How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps book for free.

How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps

How to Write an Essay in Five Easy Steps Author Scribendi
ISBN-10 1492338540
Release 2013-03-15
Pages 56
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This book explains how to write an essay in five easy steps. This simple essay writing guide can be used by high school, college, or university students. How to Write an Essay covers the various kinds of essays, how to quickly research your essay, and how to organize your essay so your instructor can easily follow your thoughts. It delves into how to write your essay, how to write a thesis statement, how to use and format citations properly, and how to revise your essay to make sure you eliminate as many errors as possible before submission. And, this essay writing guide gives you bonus instructions on how to make your essay stand out. You'll also see an example of a college-level essay that received the best grade in the class-to serve as a model of how to structure and write your next paper. Your essay writing skills will improve. Sail through your next college essay with this easy guide . . . and if your essay is due in the morning, this guide will help you get it done on time!

From Struggling Students to Successful Writers in 7 Easy Steps

From Struggling Students to Successful Writers in 7 Easy Steps Author Joanna Posey
ISBN-10 9781449019945
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 32
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This is Volume 2. This companion volume is based on the instructional approach found in Volume 1. This second volume spotlights student examples, using these 7 easy steps, in writing narrative essays, essays explaining stories, and a persuasive essay. The students who wrote these essays experienced success in writing. Struggling students? They were! Looking forward in their continued success? They are! Celebrate each step of the way? We did! This instructional approach enables them, and many others, to feel positive as they make progress in developing their writing skills. Along with gaining confidence, students find renewed excitement in learning. With these 7 easy steps the words, "I can't write" turns into "Yes, I can!" This simplified way of writing can help all students in all educational settings.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Creative Writing 2nd edition

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Creative Writing  2nd edition Author Laurie Rozakis
ISBN-10 9781615644643
Release 2004-06-01
Pages 384
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A creative writing class in a book -REVISED. Major revisions take this popular Complete Idiot's Guide to a new level, offering readers a better way to unlock their creativity from the first page. Exercises help them explore their talents and experiment with different genres and forms of writing, including short stories, narrative fiction, memoirs, magazine articles, poetry, drama, blogging, and freewriting.

How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay Author Phil Rashid BA Dip.Eur.Hum
ISBN-10 1468585851
Release 2012-06-27
Pages 96
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Learning English as a second language can be daunting for beginners. I want to allay the fears that confront students. This book will show students that by applying the recommended methods, from the initial first written title to the final concluding paragraph, they will find a clear way of essay construction. The first chapters take the readers through the very basics of writing paragraphs. Many students lose exam marks by not adhering to the basic principles of writing, namely, where and when to write capitals. Understanding the difference between titles and topics is also essential. The chapters then help you construct essays that will help students pass exams more easily with confidence. I hope they will enjoy future essay writing after mastering the techniques learnt from these instructions. Philip Rashid, comes from London, England and has been teaching students English as their second language, in Malaysia, since 2004. His main participants have hailed from the Middle East; Africa and the Far East. His main forte, before coming to Malaysia, has been in sales. Working in street markets and running retail shops that have involved him with a wide range of ethnic communities. However, teaching students English as their second language, has given him the necessary patience needed. His ability to see many things with a Lateral Vision, enables him to work out certain problems his students present to him. By, putting himself in their shoes, he is able to comprehend many of their learning difficulties. Married, to a Malaysian, with a, six-year old daughter who both speak fluent Malay, also present him with the same non-understanding, he knows his students feel, when confronted with the need for that extra vocabulary.

Final Draft Level 2 Student s Book

Final Draft Level 2 Student s Book Author Jill Bauer
ISBN-10 9781107495395
Release 2015-10-31
Pages 272
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Final Draft combines academic writing skills, vocabulary, models, grammar, and a dedicated section on plagiarism.

Writing Spaces Readings on Writings Vol 2

Writing Spaces  Readings on Writings  Vol  2 Author Charles Lowe
Pages 355
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Volumes in Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing offer multiple perspec- tives on a wide-range of topics about writing. In each chapter, authors present their unique views, insights, and strategies for writing by ad- dressing the undergraduate reader directly. Drawing on their own ex- periences, these teachers-as-writers invite students to join in the larger conversation about the craft of writing. Consequently, each essay func- tions as a standalone text that can easily complement other selected readings in writing or writing-intensive courses across the disciplines at any level.

The Lazy Way to Overcome Procrastination

The Lazy Way to Overcome Procrastination Author Dr Christian Heim
ISBN-10 9781925442090
Release 2015-12-18
Pages 96
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The lazy way to overcome procrastination: in five easy steps (but some are hard). Do you want to stop procrastinating? Don’t want to put in the effort? This book’s for you. I’m a psychiatrist who’s worked with thousands of people. Many of those people procrastinate. So do well people. I’ll share with you tips which have helped. Let’s face it, overcoming procrastination isn’t easy; but a lazy way will make it more fun. If it’s fun it can’t be too much work, right? It’ll be worth it.


Orientalismus Author Edward W. Said
ISBN-10 3100710088
Release 2009
Pages 459
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Orientalismus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Orientalismus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Orientalismus book for free.

Writing for Love

Writing for Love Author Chrissie Manby
ISBN-10 9781444757217
Release 2012-05-17
Pages 70
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Practical, inspiring, and filled with her trademark wit and charm, Chrissie Manby describes the writing process - from where she gets her ideas to a practical guide to planning the structure of a novel. A must-read for chick-lit fans and aspiring authors. EXCLUSIVE: contains chapters 1-4 of Chrissie's new novel WHAT I DID ON MY HOLIDAYS.

Peer Power Book Two

Peer Power  Book Two Author Judith A. Tindall
ISBN-10 9781135897000
Release 2008-11-13
Pages 416
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The Peer Power Program is a peer training program designed for middle, high school, and higher education students, focusing on 8 core skills: Attending, Empathizing, Summarizing, Questioning, Genuineness, Assertiveness, Confrontation, and Problem Solving. Through a series of exercises, games, and self-awareness techniques, youth and adults involved in the program can gain the basic communication and mediation skills necessary to effectively help their peers. Picking up where Book One left off, the Peer Power, Book Two: Workbook brings the participating students through a series of Modules, focusing on how to apply the core skills learned in the first half of the program in real life situations. This volume covers topics such as drugs and alcohol abuse, taking care of you through stress management, leadership training, tutoring, group work, enhancing sexual health, disordered eating, suicide prevention, coping with loss, highway traffic safety, bullying reduction, mentoring, crisis management, character education, problem gambling prevention, and tobacco prevention.

The Wise Writer

The Wise Writer Author Clifforn Bibb
ISBN-10 0787270652
Release 2001-09-01
Pages 456
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The Wise Writer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Wise Writer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Wise Writer book for free.

Naked Roommate s First Year Survival Workbook

Naked Roommate   s First Year Survival Workbook Author Harlan Cohen
ISBN-10 9781402257094
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 374
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From the bestselling author on the transition to college comes a new companion workbook to The Naked Roommate. Focused on first year survival, this workbook tackles head-on the problem that 1 in 4 students don't return for sophomore year. The Naked Roommate's Freshman Year Survival Workbook gives students the ultimate tools for a successful and productive first year. Cohen gives students ways to evaluate their expectations, interests, and concerns about college life, and then track them against the real thing as they make their way through the exciting and scary first year. Filled with charts, exercises, and checklists, everything a student needs is covered.

Become a Vegetarian in Five Easy Steps

Become a Vegetarian in Five Easy Steps Author Christine H. Beard
ISBN-10 0935526250
Release 1996
Pages 160
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This book's five-step system will demonstrate how to design a healthy vegetarian diet that includes many usual foods, the rewards of which include not only better health and resistance to disease, but a reduction of institutionalized cruelty to animals and damage to the planet.

How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay

How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay Author David Dye
ISBN-10 0976614685
Release 2005-05
Pages 59
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How To Teach the Five-Paragraph Essays offers teachers step-by-step directions for teaching the five-paragraph essay. Once the students have mastered the easy to learn format for essay writing, they will be able to write essays in all genres. The goal for this program is for the students to master the essay so well, they can write a five-paragraph essay on any topic in about an hour. Students will also learn to write Interesting Introductions, Classy Conclusions, and Terrific Transitions. All the lesson plans and worksheets required are included. A bonus feature shows the teacher how to run a "writing workshop" program for the students who master the essay quickly. This will allow the teacher to work with small groups to help every student master the essay.

ACT Verbal Prep Course

ACT Verbal Prep Course Author Jeff Kolby
ISBN-10 9781889057927
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 246
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Comprehensive Prep for ACT Verbal Every year, students pay $1,000 and more to test prep companies to prepare for the verbal sections of the ACT. Now you can get the same preparation in a book. The verbal sections are not easy. There is no quick fix that will allow you to "beat" the ACT, but it is very learnable. If you study hard and master the techniques in this book, your score will improve--significantly. The ACT cannot be "beaten." But it can be mastered--through hard work, analytical thought, and by training yourself to think like a test writer. Many of the exercises in this book are designed to prompt you to think like an ACT test writer. With this book by your side, you will soon master punctuation, grammar, and rhetoric, which will help you on all sections of the ACT. You will soon be able to understand how test writers choose and compose test questions. And you will soon be able to write top-scoring essays without breaking a sweat. Features: * Reading: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a passage. (pivotal words, counter-premises, etc.) * Writing: Comprehensive analysis of the essay, including writing techniques, punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style. * Vocabulary: Learn the essential 4000 ACT words and the 400 high-frequency words. Also, learn how to conjure the meaning of words that you barely recognize. * Performance: If your target is a 30+ score, then this is the book for you!

Teaching the iGeneration

Teaching the iGeneration Author William M. Ferriter
ISBN-10 9781935542636
Release 2010-07-09
Pages 256
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Find the natural overlap between the work you already believe in and the digital tools that define tomorrow’s learning. Each chapter introduces an enduring skill: information fluency, persuasion, communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Then, the authors present a digital solution that can be used to enhance traditional skill-based instructional practices. A collection of handouts and supporting materials tailored to each skill and tool type ends each chapter.