Identifying Wood

Identifying Wood Author R. Bruce Hoadley
ISBN-10 0942391047
Release 1990
Pages 223
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Describes the anatomy of trees and provides instructions for identifying the wood of nearly two hundred species

Understanding Wood

Understanding Wood Author R. Bruce Hoadley
ISBN-10 1561583588
Release 2000
Pages 280
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The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of this craftsman's classic instructs readers in the art of cutting, seasoning, machining, joining, and bending wood.

A Field Guide to Identifying Woods in Antiques and Collectibles

A Field Guide to Identifying Woods in Antiques and Collectibles Author R. Bruce Hoadley
ISBN-10 1631863711
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 288
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R. Bruce Hoadley is widely considered to be the authority on wood and wood technology. Author of two highly acclaimed books on understanding and identifying wood, Hoadley has had a lifelong passion for antiques, and he now turns his attention to explaining how to identify the woods used in antiques and collectibles. An introductory chapter outlines the woods covered, followed by a chapter about wood in general, which will focus on the anatomical features and physical properties used for identification. Chapter 3 discusses the simple tools needed--a light, a sharp knife or razor blade, and a hand lens--as well as techniques to start out with and ways to deal with the many special problem situations. The main part of the book is a discussion of 37 woods commonly found in American antiques. Hoadley chose these 37 woods based on the species he has encountered in museums, collections, shops, auctions, garage sales, etc. Each wood is first described in terms of its physical properties and pertinent visible anatomical features and characteristics. A macroscopic view (equivalent to 10x hand-lens resolution) of a cross-sectional surface is used to explain critical features used in identification. Related to each wood, two or more objects (both antiques and collectibles) will be shown by an overall photograph, then by close-up and/or hand-lens views to illustrate application of the features that confirm identification of the wood.


Wood Author Terry Porter
ISBN-10 1861088558
Release 2012
Pages 287
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More than 200 timber species from around the world are described in detail in this lavishly illustrated, compact edition of Terry Porter's best-selling book. In this indispensable guide to one of the world's most valuable natural resources there are handsome colour photographs of each species, and reliable data on working properties, seasoning requirements, typical uses and safety considerations. Inspirational examples of finished work are also shown. A further 200 species are listed in brief, and there is a comprehensive index. Aimed squarely at the individual or small-scale user, whether professional or amateur, the book includes woods used in cabinetmaking, joinery, carpentry, turning, carving and a host of more specialist applications. It covers most species in widespread use, and many less familiar ones which deserve to be better known. This new compact edition of a best-selling reference work, includes the 20 important species added to the revised and expanded edition and a section illustrating the variety of decorative figuring which can be found in many species. There is also valuable information on wood defects and potential health hazards. Specially commissioned drawings of living trees, including details of their leaves, fruit and flowers, add a new dimension to the book and serve to enhance our appreciation of the raw material of woodwork.

Interpreting Land Records

Interpreting Land Records Author Donald A. Wilson
ISBN-10 9781118746837
Release 2014-11-12
Pages 432
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Interpreting Land Records has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Interpreting Land Records also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Interpreting Land Records book for free.


Silviculture Author Ralph D. Nyland
ISBN-10 9781478633761
Release 2016-05-13
Pages 680
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Silviculture: Concepts and Applications reflects a belief that all the tools of silviculture have a useful role in modern forestry. Through careful analysis and creative planning, foresters can address a wide array of commodity and nonmarket interests and opportunities while maintaining dynamic and resilient forests. A landowner’s needs, circumstances, and site conditions guide a silviculturist’s judgment and decision making in finding the best ways to integrate the biologic-ecologic, economic-financial, and managerial-administrative requirements at hand. The Third Edition of this influential text provides a foundational basis for rigorous discussion of techniques. The inclusion of numerous real-world examples and balanced coverage of past and current practices broadens the concept of silviculture and the ways that managers can use it to address both traditional and emerging interests in forests. A thorough discussion of new and proven interpretations increasingly directs the attention of foresters toward the role silviculture plays in creating, maintaining, rehabilitating, and restoring forests that can sustain an expanding variety of ecosystem services.

Forest Products and Wood Science

Forest Products and Wood Science Author Rubin Shmulsky
ISBN-10 9780470959992
Release 2011-05-09
Pages 532
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The new edition of this book offers a fully revised and updated review of the forest products industry. This important text covers the full spectrum of the subject, basing itself in a thorough understanding of the anatomical and physical nature of wood and providing a special emphasis on its use as an industrial raw material. Forest and biomass researchers are provided with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of wood science and industry, ranging from tree growth and wood anatomy to a variety of economically important wood products.

Forest Mensuration

Forest Mensuration Author John A. Kershaw, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781118902011
Release 2016-11-04
Pages 632
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Forest mensuration – the science of measurement applied to forest vegetation and forest products – holds value for basic ecology as well as sustainable forest management. As demands on the world’s forests have grown, scientists and professionals are increasingly called on to quantify forest composition, structure, and the goods and services forests provide. Grounded in geometry, sampling theory, and ecology as well as practical field experience, forest mensuration offers opportunities for creative problem solving and critical thinking. This fifth edition of the classic volume, Forest Mensuration, includes coverage of traditional and emerging topics, with attention to SI and Imperial units throughout. The book has been reorganised from the fourth edition to better integrate non-timber and ecological aspects of forest mensuration at the tree, stand, forest, and landscape scales throughout. The new edition includes new chapters that specifically address the integration of remotely sensed data in the forest inventory process, and inventory methods for dead and downed wood. One unifying theme, not only for traditional forestry but for the non-timber inventory and for remote sensing, is the use of covariates to make sampling more efficient and spatially explicit. This is introduced in the introductory chapter on statistics and the chapter on sampling designs has been restructured to highlight this approach and lay the foundation for further learning. New examples will be developed throughout the textbook with an emphasis on current issues and international practice. Students in applied forestry programs will find ample coverage of forest products and timber inventory, while expanded material on biodiversity, biomass and carbon inventory, downed dead wood, and the growing role of remote sensing in forest assessment will be valuable to a broader audience in applied ecology. About the Authors John A. Kershaw, Jr. Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Canada Mark J. Ducey, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of New Hampshire, USA Thomas W. Beers, Emeritus Professor of Forestry, Purdue University, USA Bertram Husch, former Forestry Consultant at INFORA Estudios Ltda. in Santiago, Chile, and former Forest Mensurationist, FAO

Conservation of Furniture

Conservation of Furniture Author Shayne Rivers
ISBN-10 9781136415364
Release 2007-06-07
Pages 840
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This book is a comprehensive resource covering the principles and practice of the conservation and restoration of furniture, and other decorative art objects made wholly or partly of wood. It integrates theory with practice to show the principles which govern interaction between wooden objects, the environmental and conservation treatments and the factors which need to be taken into account to arrive at acceptable solutions to conservation problems. The practical knowledge and experience of a team of conservators active in the field are bought together with theoretical and reference material from diverse sources and unified within a systematic framework. Specialist conservators from related disciplines cover diverse materials often incorporated into furniture.

A Newer World

A Newer World Author William F. Hewitt
ISBN-10 9781611683516
Release 2012
Pages 321
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Here is a story that has not previously been adequately told: the story of the developments, trends, and visionary people that are, in many ways, mitigating the climate crisis and turning sustainable development into reality, not just a grand concept. In A Newer World, the environmentalist Bill Hewitt explores the advances in business and finance, politics, design, science, and engineering that are transforming the world around us right now, even as the dire climatic consequences of the industrialization of our economies have become ever more starkly apparent. The received wisdom is that we are on an irrevocable path toward climate catastrophe. The political process, we are told, is broken. Coal-fired power plants in China and India are going to inundate the climate system with CO2 before we can convert to less dangerous ways to generate power. Market mechanisms to control emissions have not, as yet, realized their potential. There is some truth in all of this, but it is not, by any means, the whole story. A Newer World surveys the quantum leaps that are being made in clean technology and tells how governments, industry, and financial institutions are moving faster and more vigorously every day toward embracing these technologies. The challenges are real. A Newer World tells the untold story of the major progress already being made in addressing the looming climate crisis.

Textbook of wood technology

Textbook of wood technology Author Alexis John Panshin
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004610054
Release 1980
Pages 722
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Textbook of wood technology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Textbook of wood technology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Textbook of wood technology book for free.

Common fossil plants of western North America

Common fossil plants of western North America Author William D. Tidwell
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822025729112
Release 1998
Pages 299
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First published in 1975, the second edition of this informative, hands-on guide includes more than 350 new or modified illustrations, an outline key, an amplified glossary, and discussion of 79 additional genera of compressional and petrified material.

What Wood is That

What Wood is That Author Herbert L. Edlin
ISBN-10 0854420088
Release 1969
Pages 160
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A unique book containing a fold-out wallet with 40 actual veneer samples. Each wood is described in terms of 14 key characteristics to teach the method of identifying these and other woods. Illustrated.

The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise

The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise Author Jim L. Bowyer
ISBN-10 0997672609
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 292
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In ''The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise, '' Dr. Jim L. Bowyer clearly documents an ethically bankrupt position that underlies much of our environmental policy. High consumption in wealthy countries usually goes hand-in-hand with resistance to domestic raw materials extraction and half-hearted interest in recycling. Because of this, the world's wealthiest countries increasingly rely on imported raw materials from poorer nations to fuel consumption. This, in turn, allows citizens of wealthy countries to smugly enjoy high levels of consumption with minimal exposure to the environmental impacts of that consumption. Bowyer concludes, ''Contrary to common practice today, high consuming nations need to be asking, 'Why not in my back yard?'''

Understanding Wood

Understanding Wood Author R. Bruce Hoadley
ISBN-10 1561583588
Release 2000
Pages 280
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The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of this craftsman's classic instructs readers in the art of cutting, seasoning, machining, joining, and bending wood.

The Real Wood Bible

The Real Wood Bible Author Nick Gibbs
ISBN-10 1770850139
Release 2012-01
Pages 256
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An A-Z guide to 100 of the world's most popular woods illustrated with scale color photographs. Ideal for woodworkers and interior designers, it includes practical tips for choosing and storing wood and assesses the availability of sustainable supplies.

With the Grain

With the Grain Author Christian Becksvoort
ISBN-10 0985077743
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 136
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A practical guide for woodworkers on the different species of trees, their characteristics and how to work with them in the shop.