No More Mindless Homework

No More Mindless Homework Author Kathy Collins
ISBN-10 0325092818
Release 2017-04-13
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No More Mindless Homework has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from No More Mindless Homework also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full No More Mindless Homework book for free.

The Homework Myth

The Homework Myth Author Alfie Kohn
ISBN-10 9780738211343
Release 2007-04-03
Pages 256
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So why do we continue to administer this modern cod liver oil-or even demand a larger dose? Kohn's incisive analysis reveals how a set of misconceptions about learning and a misguided focus on competitiveness has left our kids with less free time, and our families with more conflict. Pointing to stories of parents who have fought back-and schools that have proved educational excellence is possible without homework-Kohn demonstrates how we can rethink what happens during and after school in order to rescue our families and our children's love of learning.

Variability in Human Performance

Variability in Human Performance Author Thomas J. Smith
ISBN-10 9781466579729
Release 2014-08-26
Pages 389
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Understanding the conditions under which variability in performance may arise, and the processes related to its emergence, gives us insight into the development of techniques for improving the quality of performance. Variability in Human Performance details the scientific and the practical implications of human performance variability by providing a broad perspective on how and why such variability occurs across a number of disciplinary domains. The text takes an approach that rests upon the idea of context, or design, specificity in performance, namely that variability in performance is closely referenced to design factors in the environment in which performance is occurring. An exploration of the link between variability and related processes, the book introduces a comprehensive framework for understanding human performance variability, presented in terms of how human control of behavior is closely tied to design factors in the performance environment. The authors introduce empirical evidence, as well as practical examples and application areas, in support of this framework. The book begins with coverage of neurobiological and biomechanical basis of movement variability, then examines rich and extensive empirical evidence available for context specificity in cognitive performance and learning, as a basis for cognitive performance variability. The book then reviews the evidence for context specificity in: Student learning Displaced feedback conditions Human error behavior Affective performance Social and team performance The authors also explore work performance as influenced by complex sociotechnical systems and as a basis for performance variability, applying control systems concepts to an interpretation of the nature and basis of performance variability in all of these domains. They conclude by taking an evolutionary perspective on the origins and behavioral significance of human performance variability. The book then provides strategies on how individuals, groups, and organizations can significantly reduce variability in human performance that often leads to systems failures.

Family Pledge

Family Pledge Author
ISBN-10 9780692924570
Release 2017-10-19
Pages 139
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Dr. James L. Casale, both a state and national award winning educator, has authored his second parenting guide. Family Pledge is unique in that it consists of 40 individual essays that can be read in any order. Choose a topic that interests you and read that first. Select How to Say No and Mean It, or A Holocaust Survivor’s Lesson to His Grandchild, or Empty Lots and Building Forts: Why Electronic Devices Suck, or Is it the Gorilla’s Fault the Kid Fell into the Zoo Enclosure? or Why is School Reform Mission Impossible? These and many more essays and are designed to inform, encourage and inspire parents to accept their solemn responsibility to act as their child’s first teachers and role models. Raising life-long learners and good citizens requires a loyal and devoted commitment to establish a culture of learning at home. The key components are acquiring accurate information, creating a family mission statement, and devising a plan of action that all family members adhere to. As with his first book, Wise Up and Be the Solution, readers will enjoy a jargon free, no nonsense, parent friendly journey filled with practical suggestions and important information.

Horace s School

Horace s School Author Theodore R. Sizer
ISBN-10 0395755344
Release 1997-09-01
Pages 238
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Since the late 1970s, Theodore Sizer has studied and worked among hundreds of American high schools. His research was first published in 1984 in Horace's Compromise, and since then, the scope ofally. Sizer now proposes a process of redesign which respects the best of the rich traditions of secondary schooling while doing far more to educate our youth.

Homework 2

Homework 2 Author Queena N. Lee-Chua
ISBN-10 9789712733185
Release 2017-11-15
Pages 149
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It is not easy being a parent today. How can children handle the stresses of school? How can they learn to think critically? How can they be encouraged to read? What if children lie about their grades? What if they are bullied, or worse, they bully others? Or if they watch too much violence on media? Or if they are exposed to too much sex much too early? It is not easy being a child today. How can children manage parental expectations? Should they junk print books? Should they have pets? What happens when tweens fall in love? How do children deal with death and loss? These are but some of the twenty-five parenting and school issues that are tackled in this book. Mother, teacher, and psychologist Queena N. Lee-Chua and her son Scott Lee Chua have chosen their favorite topics from their popular columns “Home Work” and “LOL” in Working Mom magazine. After all, parents want the best for their children, and with proper guidance, children can fulfill their potential and become an asset to our world.

Wer bin ich wenn ich online bin

Wer bin ich  wenn ich online bin   Author Nicholas Carr
ISBN-10 9783641080686
Release 2011-12-22
Pages 384
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Wie beeinflusst sie Körper und Geist? Heute schon gegoogelt? Im Durchschnitt sind die Deutschen etwa zweieinhalb Stunden täglich online. Neuesten Studien zufolge, so zeigt Bestsellerautor und IT-Experte Nicholas Carr, bewirkt bereits eine Onlinestunde am Tag erstaunliche neurologische Prägungen in unserem Gehirn. Wer das Internet nach Informationen, sozialen Kontakten oder Unterhaltung durchforstet, verwendet, anders als beim Buch- oder Zeitunglesen, einen Großteil seiner geistigen Energie auf die Beherrschung des Mediums selbst. Und macht sich um die Inhalte, buchstäblich, keinen Kopf. Die Folge: Im Internetzeitalter lesen wir oberflächlicher, lernen wir schlechter, erinnern wir uns schwächer denn je. Von den Anpassungsleistungen unseres Gehirns profitieren nicht wir, sondern die Konzerne, die mit Klickzahlen Kasse machen. In seinem neuen Buch verbindet Carr, zwanzig Jahre nach Entstehung des World Wide Web, seine medienkritische Bilanz mit einer erhellenden Zeitreise durch Philosophie-, Technologie- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte – von Sokrates’ Skepsis gegenüber der Schrift, dem Menschen als Uhrwerk und Nietzsches Schreibmaschine bis zum User als Gegenstand aktueller Debatten und Studien. Und er vermittelt – jenseits von vagem Kulturpessimismus – anhand greifbarer Untersuchungen und Experimente, wie das Internet unser Denken verändert.

No More Excuses

No More Excuses Author Michael A. Stevens
ISBN-10 9781599793917
Release 2008
Pages 114
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In this thought-provoking book, Michael A. Stevens examines the cause of absence for African-American males in the houses of worship and the solutions to this growing epidemic. After reading this message, you will understand why most men avoid church, learn what can be done to engage and retain a healthy balanced gender congregation, and recognize the spiritual impact when men are connected to their local church. As a leading expert in African-American church growth, Stevens dispels the misconceptions and offers a blueprint for the future of one of the church's most endangered species.

Homework Done Right

Homework Done Right Author Janet Alleman
ISBN-10 9781412976534
Release 2010-04-14
Pages 202
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This step-by-step guide shows teachers how homework assignments can connect with the curriculum and with students' lives, including strategies and sample assignments for all grade levels.

The Beholden State

The Beholden State Author Brian C. Anderson
ISBN-10 9781442223448
Release 2013-06-06
Pages 328
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While there is plenty of literature on California’s history, topography, and attractions, The Beholden State: California's Lost Promise and How to Recapture It is the first book examining in rigorous detail how a place seen just a generation ago as the dynamic engine of the American future could, through bad policy ideas, find itself with among the highest unemployment rates and poorest educational outcomes in the country


Survival Author Jonathan Lipow
ISBN-10 9781498512992
Release 2016-07-29
Pages 192
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How should national security concerns alter our perception of what constitutes good economic policy? Survival: The Economic Underpinnings of American National Security introduces principles of national security thinking relevant to public policy, then illustrates application of these principles in a number of policy areas including fiscal policy, healthcare, education, immigration, welfare and poverty abatement, energy, and the environment.

The Second Machine Age

The Second Machine Age Author Andrew Mcafee
ISBN-10 9783864702228
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 368
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Computer sind mittlerweile so intelligent geworden, dass die nächste industrielle Revolution unmittelbar bevorsteht. Wer profitiert, wer verliert? Antworten auf diese Fragen bietet das neue Buch der Technologie-Profis Erik Brynjolfsson und Andrew McAfee. Seit Jahren arbeiten wir mit Computern - und Computer für uns. Mittlerweile sind die Maschinen so intelligent geworden, dass sie zu Leistungen fähig sind, die vor Kurzem noch undenkbar waren: Sie fahren Auto, sie schreiben eigene Texte - und sie besiegen Großmeister im Schach. Dieser Entwicklungssprung ist nur der Anfang. In ihrem neuen Buch zeigen zwei renommierte Professoren, welch atemberaubende Entwicklungen uns noch bevorstehen: Die zweite industrielle Revolution kommt! Welche Auswirkungen wird das haben? Welche Chancen winken, welche Risiken drohen? Was geschieht dabei mit den Menschen, was mit der Umwelt? Und was werden Gesellschaft und Politik tun, um die Auswirkungen dieser "neuen digitalen Intelligenz" für alle bestmöglich zu gestalten? Dieses Buch nimmt Sie mit auf eine Reise in eine Zukunft, die schon längst begonnen hat.

Rethinking Homework

Rethinking Homework Author Cathy Vatterott
ISBN-10 9781416608257
Release 2009
Pages 180
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Is homework an essential component of rigorous schooling or a harmful practice that alienates and discourages a significant number of students? The debate over homework has gone on for decades, but schools and families have changed in many ways, and, as author Cathy Vatterott notes, "There's a growing suspicion that something is wrong with homework." Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs examines the role homework has played in the culture of schooling over the years; how such factors as family life, the media, and the "balance movement" have affected the homework controversy; and what research--and educators' common sense--tells us about the effects of homework on student learning. The best way to address the pro- and anti-homework controversy is not to eliminate homework. Instead, the author urges educators to replace the "old paradigm" (characterized by longstanding cultural beliefs, moralistic views, the puritan work ethic, and behaviorist philosophy) with a "new paradigm" based on the following elements: * Designing quality homework tasks; * Differentiating homework tasks; * Deemphasizing grading of homework; * Improving homework completion; and * Implementing homework strategies and support programs. Numerous examples from teachers and schools that have revised their practices and policies for homework illustrate the new paradigm in action. The end product is homework that works--for all students, at all levels.

Auf den Feldern der Ehre

Auf den Feldern der Ehre Author Jon Krakauer
ISBN-10 3492264026
Release 2011
Pages 445
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Auf den Feldern der Ehre has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Auf den Feldern der Ehre also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Auf den Feldern der Ehre book for free.

Shake Up Call

Shake Up Call Author Ron Nash
ISBN-10 9781475801446
Release 2012-10-05
Pages 136
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Traditional, teacher-centered classrooms are not serving the needs of our students. Their futures will increasingly demand skill sets in the areas of communication, collaboration, and critical thinking; worksheets, videos, and lectures will not prepare them for the challenges they will face in an increasingly-global economy. Shake-Up Call: The Need to Transform K-12 Classroom Methodology calls on educators at every level to challenge the status quo and take risks on behalf of kids. Ron Nash calls on teachers to move off the stage and become facilitators in a process where students are heavily engaged in their own learning. Teachers need to get kids up, moving, pairing, sharing, and asking questions as they seek to understand content-related information. This book reminds teachers of the importance of feedback in the continuous-improvement process, along with the role of consistency. In order to get students up, moving, and sharing, classrooms must be set up to allow for this movement; Nash includes an appendix full of pictures showing classroom configurations that facilitate movement and academic conversations. The final chapter calls for an end to isolation as teachers move to collaboration and the power of We.

The Best of TMWG

The Best of TMWG Author Rob Alexander
ISBN-10 9781479775286
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 815
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i’ve got peter gabriel’s “I Don’t Remember” going thru my head this morning . . . and most of yesturday, and the day before. it seems important to some part of my soul which sits with signs and applause everytime it goes thru my head. they like the drive of the artist’s expression of frustration and anxiety which comes thru in a manic crazyness. the song is an example of something that flashes us spiritually . . . maybe unlike a man in a trenchcoat . . . wearing shorts with a tee-shirt . . . flashing us briefly (ow!) as we walk by. the words “believe in god” embelished on his shirt echo on the canvas of the imagination. it doesn’t matter if we turn around, run after him and chide him in his actions. it doesn’t matter if by doing this it puts him in the same alagory as a pervert . . . and by action, god as well. ultimately tho, the tired, worn out god, quietly sitting in a courner, desperatly trying to believe in himself . . . probably wondering how valid this whole soap opera is, and whether or not spiritual flashers help or hurt his cause. now i got one of the songs from “the last temptation of christ” going thru my head . . . soundtrack ala peter gabriel as well. another spiritual flasher . . . who, jesus or peter gabriel? both an arrow pointing at a path to be walked . . . or a voice to listen to . . . or a feeling to behold. the hardest part is opening your heart up to the option. the option to be open. ( . . . maybe it’s god that’s trying to get into a working relationship with us and it’s us that flinch and put it back up on a pedistal.) . . . why pursue it then? the path. you might accidently get superpowers or something . . . start levitating, healing the sick, curing the blind. become an issue . . . to be delt with by turkeys that can’t fly. walk around, wonder when thanksgiving is. wonder if you look like a turkey. if you are a turkey walking around with turkeys talking turkey talk about how great it is to be a turkey . . . waiting for other turkeys to come over and watch turkey friends on turkey tv. and each turkey has the same turkey right to talk turkey to any turkey it wants in a frantic pace with a frantic face . . . then it’s a good turkey day to be a turkey. gobble it up the daily rut. question your life avoid the knife. be not a turkey entwined behind the line of commonality to turkey HQ. after awhile, you fall into the style. you are accepted, people talk to you. and you find flaws in the turkey tune.

Fewer Bigger Bolder

Fewer  Bigger  Bolder Author Sanjay Khosla
ISBN-10 9780241971383
Release 2014-08-07
Pages 272
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Fewer, Bigger, Bolder will teach you how to make billions by scaling back, expanding less and betting bigger. It's a game-changing book that couldn't be more timely. Or more needed. In company after company that Sanjay Khosla and Mohanbir Sawhney worked for or researched, they saw businesses taking on more products, more markets, more people, more acquisitions. Every quarter became a mad dash to find yet another short-term revenue boost, but failed to deliver what was really needed: sustainable and profitable growth. There had to be a better way - an alternative to the scramble for mindless expansion. The answer lies in Fewer, Bigger, Bolder, a market-proven, step-by-step program to achieve sustained growth with rising profits and lower costs. No matter how big the company or how difficult the economic environment, managers who use this seven-step program (Focus7) will learn how to make fewer but bigger bets and to create a virtuous cycle of growth. Given the right incentives, they will be able to produce astonishing results in amazingly short time frames. Fewer, Bigger Bolder crosses the usual boundaries of strategy, execution, people, and organization. Its framework shows how you can drive growth by targeting resources against priorities, simplifying your operations, and unleashing the potential of your people. That's exactly what Khosla accomplished for Kraft's developing markets, which enjoyed profitability increases of 50 percent. Sawhney discovered a similar formula for stellar results when advising a portfolio of businesses from Fortune 500 giants to technology start-ups. Together they challenge the conventional wisdom about growth, and prove that going Fewer, Bigger, Bolder can transform businesses of any size. As president of Kraft Foods' developing markets, Sanjay Khosla oversaw revenue growth from $5 billion to $16 billion in six years across over sixty countries. Since 2013, he has been serving as a management consultant, a senior fellow at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and a senior adviser at BCG. Professor Mohanbir Sawhney is a globally recognized scholar, teacher, speaker, and consultant in business innovation, technology marketing, and digital marketing. He directs the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management. Richard Babcock is a writer and teacher in Chicago. He was the longtime editor of Chicago magazine.