Pocket Atlas of Body CT Anatomy

Pocket Atlas of Body CT Anatomy Author W. Richard Webb
ISBN-10 0781736633
Release 2002
Pages 126
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Featuring 229 sharp, new images obtained with state-of-the-art technology, the Second Edition of this popular pocket atlas is a quick, handy guide to interpreting computed tomography body images. It shows readers how to recognize normal anatomic structures on CT scans...and distinguish these structures from artifacts.Chapters cover the neck and larynx, thorax, portal venous phase abdomen, pelvis, arterial phase abdomen, and reconstructions. Each page presents a high-resolution image, with anatomic landmarks clearly labeled. Directly above the image are a key to the labels and a thumbnail illustration that orients the reader to the location and plane of view. This format--sharp images, orienting thumbnails, and clear keys--enables readers to identify features with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Human Sectional Anatomy

Human Sectional Anatomy Author Adrian Kendal Dixon
ISBN-10 9781498708708
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 270
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First published in 1991, Human Sectional Anatomy set new standards for the quality of cadaver sections and accompanying radiological images. Now in its fourth edition, this unsurpassed quality remains and is further enhanced by the addition of new material. The superb full-colour cadaver sections are compared with CT and MRI images, with accompanying, labelled, line diagrams. Many of the radiological images have been replaced with new examples for this latest edition, captured using the most up-to date imaging technologies to ensure excellent visualization of the anatomy. The photographic material is enhanced by useful notes with details of important anatomical and radiological features. Beautifully presented in a convenient and portable format, the fourth edition of this popular pocket atlas continues to be an essential textbook for medical and allied health students and those taking postgraduate qualifications in radiology, surgery and medicine, and an invaluable ready-reference for all practising anatomists, radiologists, radiographers, surgeons and medics.

Human Sectional Anatomy

Human Sectional Anatomy Author Bari M. Logan
ISBN-10 192186981X
Release 2009
Pages 288
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Full-colour sections of the human body are shown alongside radiological images taken from live subjects, with comparative labelling and notes to highlight important anatomical and radiological features.

Pocket Atlas of Normal CT Anatomy

Pocket Atlas of Normal CT Anatomy Author James B. Weinstein
ISBN-10 0881670707
Release 1985
Pages 87
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Pocket Atlas of Normal CT Anatomy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pocket Atlas of Normal CT Anatomy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pocket Atlas of Normal CT Anatomy book for free.

CT MRI Pathology A Pocket Atlas Second Edition

CT   MRI Pathology  A Pocket Atlas  Second Edition Author Michael Grey
ISBN-10 9780071714822
Release 2012-02-22
Pages 457
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***IF YOU WANT TO UPDATE THE INFORMATION ON YOUR TITLE SHEET, THEN YOU MUST UPDATE COPY IN THE "PRODUCT INFORMATION COPY" FIELD. COPY IN THE "TIPSHEET COPY" FIELD DOES NOT APPEAR ON TITLE SHEETS.*** Portable reference offers radiographic technologists, junior residents, medical students, primary care providers, and physical therapists quick access to high quality images and concise discussions of the 200 most common pathologies visualized on CT and MRI for use at the point of care. Market / Audience Primary Market: Radiologic Technologists (7,500+ new rad techs per year in the USA); book would be recommended in RadTech programs, and required when there is a CT/MRI Pathology course or specialty. This would also appeal to students prepping for the ARRT exam. Junior Residents and Medical Students (approx. 152,000 each year) Primary Care Providers (MDs, PAs, NPs) Physical Therapists About the Book CT & MRI Pathology: Second Edition is a portable reference of more than 200 common pathologies seen in CT and on MRI. It concisely reviews the pathology, etiology, signs and symptoms, imaging characteristics, treatment, and prognosis for each disease/disorder and includes crisp, high-quality images to accompany every discussion. New to the second edition are an additional 90 disease topics - bringing the total to 200, a new design, and 8 pages of color images. There have been a number of technological changes in this field in the past five years since the last edition published. We can now see images with thinner slices, multiple axis, and a transition away from nuclear medicine as CT and MRI technology has been enhanced. As an example, five years ago, 16-slice CT scans were the norm; now it's 64-slice - this is a higher resolution and allows for much better treatment and diagnosis. The new edition will include state of the art images for each pathology covered. Key Selling Features 200 common pathologies seen on CT & MRI CD-ROM will contain 400 high-quality images, many unique to the CD. Organized by body system for easy reference. Portable for quick lookups at the point of care 400+ state of the art CTs and MRIs with concise explanations of each pathology Written by a radiographic technologist and a radiologist About the Authors Michael L. Grey, MS, RT(R) (MR) (CT) is Assistant Professor of Radiologic Sciences at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL). He actively teaches review courses for rad techs certifying in MR and CT. Jagan M. Ailinani, MD is a radiologist and formerly Clinical Professor of Radiology and Community medicine at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL).

Taschenatlas der R ntgenanatomie

Taschenatlas der R  ntgenanatomie Author Torsten B. Möller
ISBN-10 3137627036
Release 2006-01
Pages 391
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Taschenatlas der R ntgenanatomie has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Taschenatlas der R ntgenanatomie also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Taschenatlas der R ntgenanatomie book for free.

Gray s Anatomy

Gray s Anatomy Author Susan Standring
ISBN-10 9780702068515
Release 2015-08-07
Pages 1592
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In 1858, Drs. Henry Gray and Henry Vandyke Carter created a book for their surgical colleagues that established an enduring standard among anatomical texts. After more than 150 years of continuous publication, Gray’s Anatomy remains the definitive, comprehensive reference on the subject, offering ready access to the information you need to ensure safe, effective practice. This 41st edition has been meticulously revised and updated throughout, reflecting the very latest understanding of clinical anatomy from field leaders around the world. The book’s traditional lavish art programme and clear text have been further honed and enhanced, while major advances in imaging techniques and the new insights they bring are fully captured in new state-of-the-art X-ray, CT, MR, and ultrasonic images. Presents the most detailed and dependable coverage of anatomy available anywhere. Regional organization collects all relevant material on each body area together in one place, making access to core information easier for clinical readers. Anatomical information is matched with key clinical information where relevant. Numerous clinical discussions emphasize considerations that may affect medical care. Each chapter has been edited by experts in their field, ensuring access to the very latest evidence-based information on that topic. More than 1,000 completely new photographs, including an extensive electronic collection of the latest X-ray, CT, MR, and histological images. Carefully selected electronic enhancements include additional text, tables, illustrations, labelled imaging and videos – as well as 24 specially invited ‘Commentaries’ on new and emerging topics related to anatomy.

Taschenatlas der Schnittbildanatomie

Taschenatlas der Schnittbildanatomie Author Torsten B. Möller
ISBN-10 3131108029
Release 2000
Pages 231
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Taschenatlas der Schnittbildanatomie has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Taschenatlas der Schnittbildanatomie also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Taschenatlas der Schnittbildanatomie book for free.

Handbook of Anatomical Models for Radiation Dosimetry

Handbook of Anatomical Models for Radiation Dosimetry Author Xie George Xu
ISBN-10 1420059807
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 757
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Over the past few decades, the radiological science community has developed and applied numerous models of the human body for radiation protection, diagnostic imaging, and nuclear medicine therapy. The Handbook of Anatomical Models for Radiation Dosimetry provides a comprehensive review of the development and application of these computational models, known as "phantoms." An ambitious and unparalleled project, this pioneering work is the result of several years of planning and preparation involving 64 authors from across the world. It brings together recommendations and information sanctioned by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and documents 40 years of history and the progress of those involved with cutting-edge work with Monte Carlo Codes and radiation protection dosimetry. This volume was in part spurred on by the ICRP’s key decision to adopt voxelized computational phantoms as standards for radiation protection purposes. It is an invaluable reference for those working in that area as well as those employing or developing anatomical models for a a number of clinical applications. Assembling the work of nearly all major phantom developers around the world, this volume examines: The history of the research and development in computational phantoms Detailed accounts for each of the well-known phantoms, including the MIRD-5, GSF Voxel Family Phantoms, NCAT, UF Hybrid Pediatric Phantoms, VIP-Man, and the latest ICRP Reference Phantoms Physical phantoms for experimental radiation dosimetry The smallest voxel size (0.2 mm), phantoms developed from the Chinese Visible Human Project Applications for radiation protection dosimetry involving environmental, nuclear power plant, and internal contamination exposures Medical applications, including nuclear medicine therapy, CT examinations, x-ray radiological image optimization, nuclear medicine imaging, external photon and proton treatments, and management of respiration in modern image-guided radiation treatment Patient-specific phantoms used for radiation treatment planning involving two Monte Carlo code systems: GEANT4 and EGS Future needs for research and development Related data sets are available for download on the authors’ website. The breadth and depth of this work enables readers to obtain a unique sense of the complete scientific process in computational phantom development, from the conception of an idea, to the identification of original anatomical data, to solutions of various computing problems, and finally, to the ownership and sharing of results in this groundbreaking field that holds so much promise.

Radiographic Procedures A Pocket Index

Radiographic Procedures  A Pocket Index Author Alanah Kirby
ISBN-10 9781455725212
Release 2008-01-18
Pages 264
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This book gives a quick reference to plain radiological examinations and commonly performed contrast studies. It aids decision-making by providing information on the advantages and relevance of each technique, and by indicating any additional modalities currently being used. Pocket-sized to enable it to be carried in the pocket of a uniform. Alphabetical presentation allows for a speedy search facility with cross-referencing to related techniques. Diagrams provide visual assistance with patient position, surface anatomy and three dimensional planes of the body. Medical prefixes and suffixes will help trace the derivation of unknown words. Abbreviations listed to provide familiarity and help with the interpretation of related procedures.

Introduction to Sectional Anatomy

Introduction to Sectional Anatomy Author Michael E. Madden
ISBN-10 0781763428
Release 2008
Pages 640
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Featuring all the latest imaging modalities—including ultrasound, MR, and PET/CT—this Second Edition text provides a solid understanding of sectional anatomy and its applications in clinical imaging. Chapters on each body region include patient CT and MR images shown in sequence through multiple planes, followed by clinical cases centered on CT, MR, ultrasound, and PET/CT images. By comparing images from different patients, readers learn to distinguish normal anatomic variations from variations that indicate disease or injury. This edition includes new clinical cases and has a new layout that makes it easier to compare images from several patients. Each chapter ends with clinical application questions.

Clinically Oriented Anatomy

Clinically Oriented Anatomy Author Keith L. Moore
ISBN-10 9781451119459
Release 2013-02-13
Pages 1168
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"Clinically Oriented Anatomy provides first-year medical students with the clinically oriented anatomical information as it relates to the practice of medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy. The 7th edition features a fully revised art program to ensure consistency and cohesiveness of imaging style"--Provided by publisher.

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging Author Lynn N McKinnis
ISBN-10 9780803641075
Release 2013-12-26
Pages 714
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Here’s everything Physical Therapists need to know about medical imaging. This comprehensive guide helps you develop the skills and knowledge you need to accurately interpret imaging studies and understand written reports. Lynn McKinnis, 2009 winner of APTA’s Helen J. Hislop Award for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Literature, guides you every step of the way. Begin with a basic introduction to radiology; then progress to evaluating radiographs and advanced imaging from head to toe. Imaging for commonly seen traumas and pathologies, as well as case studies prepare you to meet the most common to complex challenges in clinical and practice.

Der Echo Guide

Der Echo Guide Author Thomas Böhmeke
ISBN-10 9783132015821
Release 2015-03-25
Pages 240
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Das 1x1 der Echokardiografie -Alle Untersuchungsfenster kennen und die Schnittebenen sicher einstellen -Alle Leitstrukturen und anatomischen Details problemlos auffinden, erkennen und benennen -Alle wichtigen Krankheitsbilder im B-Bild, M-Mode, Doppler und Farbdoppler Rasch und ohne Vorkenntnisse orientieren -Über 450 detailliert beschriftete Abbildungen -3-D-Zeichnungen zum Verständnis der Schallfenster und exakte Angaben zur Schnittebene bei jedem Echokardiogramm -Über 300 Faustformeln und echokardiografische Merksätze

Taschenatlas Pharmakologie

Taschenatlas Pharmakologie Author Lutz Hein
ISBN-10 9783131685575
Release 2014-12-17
Pages 416
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Wirkt sofort Dieser Taschenatlas hilft. Beschwerden der Verwirrung und Überforderung werden sofort gemildert und weichen dem Gefühl des Verstehens und Begreifens. Die Wirkstoffe Visualisierung und Kompaktheit sind in großen Mengen aktiv. - Über 170 brillante Infografiken illustrieren die Pharmakologie und erleichtern Dir den Zugang zu pharmakologischen Sachverhalten - Die kompakten Lerneinheiten eignen sich als Ergänzung zu einem Lehrbuch, zum Vertiefen und Wiederholen. - Alle relevanten Informationen zu Wirkstoffgruppen kannst Du rasch und gut verständlich nachlesen. - Das sinnvolle arzneimitteltherapeutische Vorgehen bei wichtigen Erkrankungen kompakt und auf dem aktuellen Stand. - Arzneimittelkonvertierungslisten helfen Dir auf der Suche nach dem Wirkstoff- oder Handelsnamen. - Dank Daumenregister und Farbleitsystem kannst Du Dich schnell orientieren. - Du verstehst Zusammenhänge und schaust über den ein oder anderen Tellerrand

3rd Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2006

3rd Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2006 Author F. Ibrahim
ISBN-10 3540680179
Release 2007-04-28
Pages 718
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The Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (BioMed 2006) was held in December 2006 at the Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The papers presented at BioMed 2006, and published here, cover such topics as Artificial Intelligence, Biological effects of non-ionising electromagnetic fields, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Biomedical Sensors, Biomedical Signal Analysis, Biotechnology, Clinical Engineering, Human performance engineering, Imaging, Medical Informatics, Medical Instruments and Devices, and many more.

Klinische Neuroanatomie und kranielle Bilddiagnostik

Klinische Neuroanatomie und kranielle Bilddiagnostik Author Hans-Joachim Kretschmann
ISBN-10 3131192135
Release 2007
Pages 451
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Klinische Neuroanatomie und kranielle Bilddiagnostik has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Klinische Neuroanatomie und kranielle Bilddiagnostik also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Klinische Neuroanatomie und kranielle Bilddiagnostik book for free.