Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams Breadth and Depth

Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams  Breadth and Depth Author Indranil Goswami
ISBN-10 9780071777124
Release 2012-02-03
Pages 352
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Don't Let the Real Test Be Your First Test! Presented in the Breadth and Depth format of the actual exam, this comprehensive guide is filled with hundreds of realistic practice questions based on the Principles and Practice of Civil Engineering (PE-CIVIL) exam, given by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). Detailed solutions, including equations and diagrams, are provided for every question. Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams offers intensive test preparation and is the perfect companion to Civil Engineering PE All-in-One Exam Guide. COVERS ALL EXAM TOPICS, INCLUDING: Structural: materials, member design, design criteria Geotechnical: soil mechanics, foundations, excavation, seismic issues Water resources and environmental: hydraulics, hydrology, water supply and quality, wastewater treatment Transportation: capacity analysis, planning, freeways, multilane highways Construction: scheduling, estimating, quality control, safety

Civil Engineering All In One PE Exam Guide Breadth and Depth Third Edition

Civil Engineering All In One PE Exam Guide  Breadth and Depth  Third Edition Author Indranil Goswami
ISBN-10 9780071825511
Release 2015-07-06
Pages 1264
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Fully updated for the latest standards and exam content, this complete guide is the only resource engineers need to pass the Civil Engineering PE Exam the first time. Civil Engineering All-in-One PE Exam Guide, Third Edition is the only resource an engineer needs to pass the PE-CIVIL exam administered by the National Council of Examiners in Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). This exam is required by all 50 states for PE certification. The book is formatted to mirror the five subdisciplines of the exam--Structural, Geotechnical, Water Resources, Transportation, and Construction—and follows accepted PE syllabus content. End-of-chapter problems and solutions help you prepare for the exam questions. The third edition has been revised to include changes in design standards for reinforced concrete, structural steel, highway design, and traffic engineering. Chapters on structural engineering are expanded to help you prepare for the new Structural PE exam and a brand-new chapter on Building Analysis and Design is included. New chapter on Building Analysis and Design Updated for changes in codes, design standards, and PE syllabus End-of-chapter practice problems and solutions Covers all material on the NCEES PE Civil Exam Formatted as both a study tool and an on-the-job reference Updated structural chapters will aid those preparing for the 16-hour Structural PE Exam

The Ultimate Civil Pe Breadth Exam Volume 1 and 2

The Ultimate Civil Pe Breadth Exam Volume 1 and 2 Author Isaac Oakeson
ISBN-10 1518751814
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 164
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The Ultimate Civil PE Breadth Exam Volume 1 and Volume 2 includes two 40-question practice exams with detailed solutions - built for acing the breadth portion of the PE exam! These have been formatted to meet the new 2015 specifications. Each problem is labeled and sub-labeled so you know what you need to study should you get them wrong. These have the same look, feel, difficulty, and amount of problems in each category as the real exam. The key to passing the PE is through practice, practice, and more practice, which will lead to absolutely crushing the morning portion of your exam (and your depth). This is what this was built to do. Our goal is to help you on your journey to pass the PE so let's get to it!

Practice Exam for the Civil Pe Exam

Practice Exam for the Civil Pe Exam Author Dr Indranil Goswami P E
ISBN-10 1517333563
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 74
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This full-length practice exam contains 40 breadth (AM) questions + 40 depth (PM) questions in the area of GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING. These practice exams were developed after the syllabus went through reorganization in January 2015 and are therefore consistent with those changes. This is the second printing where errors and typos have been fixed.

Construction Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam

Construction Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam Author Beth Lin Hartmann
ISBN-10 1591264847
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 104
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"Construction Depth Practice Exams includes two exams designed to match the format and specifications of the construction depth section of the civil PE exam. Like the actual exam, the exams in this book contain 40 multiple choice problems, and each problem takes an average of six minutes to solve. Most of the problems are quantitative, requiring calculations to arrive at the correct option. A few are a nonquantitative." -- Introduction

Construction Depth Practice Exam and Assessment Guide

Construction Depth Practice Exam and Assessment Guide Author Mark F DeSantis P E
ISBN-10 1511937726
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 108
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The Construction Depth Practice Exam and Assessment Guide includes the top 40 questions that will be on the Construction depth portion of the PE Exam. This practice exam also includes an assessment section for you to quickly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the different topics and subtopics. All the questions and solutions are clearly labeled as to what topics they are concentrated on. This allows you to clearly understand what subject matter you are having trouble with or already fully comprehend. This allows you to studying smarter by focusing your full effort on the areas that you really need to. To find out more about the book or buy as an go to http: // Topic Covered Earthwork Construction and Layout (6 Questions) A. Excavation and embankment B. Borrow pit volumes C. Site layout and control D. Earthwork mass diagrams E. Site and Subsurface investigations Material Quality Control and Production (6 Questions) A. Material properties and testing B. Weld and bolt installation C. Quality control process (QA/QC) D. Concrete proportioning and placement E. Concrete maturity and early strength evaluation Estimating Quantities and Costs (6 Questions) A. Quantity take-off methods B. Cost estimating C. Cost analysis for resource selection D. Work measurement and productivity Temporary Structures (6 Questions) A. Construction loads, codes, standards B. Formwork C. False work and scaffolding D. Shoring and reshoring E. Bracing and anchorage stability F. Temporary support of excavation Construction Operations and Methods (7 Questions) A. Lifting and rigging B. Crane stability C. Dewatering and pumping D. Equipment operations E. Deep foundation installation Health and Safety (3 Questions) A. OSHA regulations B. Safety management and statistics C. Work Zone and public safety Scheduling (5 Questions) A. Construction sequencing B. Activity time analysis C. CPM network analysis D. Resource scheduling and levelling E. Time-cost trade-off

Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam

Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam Author Michael R. Lindeburg
ISBN-10 9781591263418
Release 2011
Pages 1552
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The Civil Engineering Reference Manual is the most accurate and comprehensive reference for the Civil PE exam. This trusted text covers all the topics, codes, and standards on the NCEES Civil PE exam specifications. Clear and focused explanations of civil engineering concepts are reinforced with over 500 step-by-step example problems. Essential tables, figures, graphs, and appendices make it possible to solve many exam problems using the Reference Manual alone. The extensive index helps you locate important information quickly and easily. Renowned author, Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, has extensively revised the Reference Manual. Updates include expanded topic coverage, reformulated example problems, and hundreds of new index entries. Substantial revisions to the structural, transportation, and construction topics reflect the exam's reliance on NCEES-adopted codes and standards. The use of consistent nomenclature makes it easy to cross-reference concepts among chapters. In total, 84 of the 89 chapters have been revised and updated. Once you pass your exam, the Civil Engineering Reference Manual will continue to serve as an invaluable reference throughout your civil engineering career. Exam Topics Covered Construction: Earthwork Construction & Layout • Estimating Quantities & Costs • Scheduling • Material Quality Control & Production • Temporary Structures Geotechnical: Subsurface Exploration & Sampling • Engineering Properties of Soils & Materials • Soil Mechanics Analysis • Earth Structures • Shallow Foundations • Earth Retaining Structures Structural: Loadings • Analysis • Mechanics of Materials • Materials • Member Design Transportation: Traffic Analysis • Geometric Design • Transportation Planning • Traffic Safety Water Resources & Environmental: Hydraulics—Closed Conduit • Hydraulics—Open Channel • Hydrology • Wastewater Treatment • Water Treatment _____________________________ Since 1975 more than 2 million people preparing for their engineering, surveying, architecture, LEED®, interior design, and landscape architecture exams have entrusted their exam preparation to PPI. For more information, visit us at

101 Solved Civil Engineering Problems

101 Solved Civil Engineering Problems Author Michael R. Lindeburg
ISBN-10 1888577622
Release 2001-01
Pages 205
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Practice problems in essay format cover a wide range of exam topics Includes full solutions.

Civil Engineering License Review 14th Edition

Civil Engineering License Review  14th Edition Author Donald G. Newnan
ISBN-10 0793185467
Release 1998-10-01
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A review specifically for the latest version of the Civil Engineering/Professional Engineer Exam. Covers exam topics in 12 sections: Buildings; Bridges; Foundations and Retaining Structures; Seismic Design; Hydraulics; Engineering Hydrology; Water Treatment/Distribution; Wastewater Treatment; Geotechnical/Soils Engineering; and Ideal for the new breadth/depth exam A detailed discussion of the exam and how to prepare for it 335 essay and multiple-choice exam problems with a total of 650 individual questions A complete 24-problem sample exam Updated for 1997 UBC and all of the latest codes Appendix on Engineering Economy Since some states do not allow books containing solutions to be taken into the CE/PE Exam, the end-of-chapter problems do not have the solutions in this book.

Civil PE Professional Engineer Exam Construction Module Fifth Edition

Civil PE Professional Engineer Exam Construction Module Fifth Edition Author Ruwan Rajapakse
ISBN-10 1939493048
Release 2014-01-08
Pages 439
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Civil PE Professional Engineer Exam

FE Civil Review

FE Civil Review Author Michael R. Lindeburg, PE
ISBN-10 9781591265290
Release 2017-06-15
Pages 736
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Michael R. Lindeburg PE’s FE Civil Review offers complete review of all knowledge areas for the FE Civil exam. This book is part of a comprehensive learning system designed to help you pass the FE exam the first time. FE Civil Review features include: • equations, figures, and tables for version 9.4 of the NCEES FE Reference Handbook to familiarize you with the reference you’ll have on exam day16 • diagnostic exams to assess your grasp of knowledge areas covered in each chapter • concise explanations supported by exam-like example problems, with step-by-step solutions to reinforce the theory and application of fundamental concepts • 7-day free web access to FE Civil Practice for additional review (only guaranteed on purchases from the publisher) • access to a fully customizable study schedule to keep your studies on track • a robust index with thousands of terms to facilitate referencing • a guarantee that if you follow the guidelines described in the “How to Use This Book” section, you’ll pass the exam or we will refund your purchase This book is a companion to the FE Civil Practice in chapter sequence, nomenclature, terminology, and methodology, so you can easily practice where you need more support.

Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam

Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam Author Michael R. Lindeburg
ISBN-10 1591265118
Release 2015-12-21
Pages 152
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Quick Reference for the Civil Engineering PE Exam consolidates the most valuable and commonly used equations, figures, and tables from the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. Maximize your problem-solving efficiency and save time during the exam by having the most useful equations and data at your fingertips. This book's extensive index quickly directs you to desired equations, figures, and tables. Find what you need without wading through paragraphs of descriptive text or solved problems. The Quick Reference is organized according to the companion Reference Manual--the two share chapter and section numbers--so you can easily access related supplemental material.

Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam

Transportation Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam Author Norman R. Voigt, PE, PLS
ISBN-10 9781591264682
Release 2017-07-24
Pages 350
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Comprehensive Coverage for the Civil PE Exam’s Transportation Depth Section To succeed on the Civil PE exam’s transportation depth section, you’ll need to know the exam subject matter and how to efficiently solve related problems. The Transportation Depth Reference Manual provides a concise but thorough review of the exam topics and associated equations. Its 48 example problems show how to apply concepts and equations to solve exam-like problems. More than 25 end-of-chapter problems provide opportunities for independent problem-solving practice, and step-by-step solutions allow you to check your solution approach. Just as important as exam topic knowledge and an efficient solving method is quick access to the information you’ll need during the exam. This book’s thorough index will direct you to what you’re looking for. You can locate related support material by following the references to the 297 equations, 119 tables, 113 figures, and 36 appendices, and to the exam-adopted codes and standards listed below.AASHTO Green Book, 6th edition (2011)AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures (1993, and 1998 supplement)AASHTO Roadside Design Guide, 4th edition (2011)AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide: A Manual of Practice, interim edition (2008)AASHTO Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities, 1st edition (2004)AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, 1st edition (2010)AI The Asphalt Handbook, 7th edition (2007)FHWA Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts, 3rd edition (2012)HCM (2010, with changes through 2014)MUTCD (2009, including revisions in 2012)PCA, 16th edition (2016) Exam Topics CoveredAlternatives AnalysisConstruction Operations and MethodsGeometric DesignPavement DesignPedestrian and Mass Transit AnalysisTraffic Control DesignTraffic-SafetyTransportation Engineering

Construction AM and PM Problems and Solutions for Civil PE License

Construction AM and PM Problems and Solutions for Civil PE License Author Shahin Mansour
ISBN-10 0982372663
Release 2013-08-03
Pages 173
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Well Organized, Based on the Latest NCEES Test Specifications, Detailed Table of Contents, Computer Generated Index (8 Pages), Simplified Concepts, 65 Practice Problems with Detailed Solutions for Am and 147 Practice Problems with Detailed Solutions for PM

Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Transportation Problems

Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Transportation Problems Author Norman R. Voigt
ISBN-10 1591263751
Release 2011-11-09
Pages 59
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With an average of only six minutes to solve each problem on the Civil PE exam, speed and accuracy are vital to your success--and nothing gets you up to speed like solving problems. Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Transportation Problems prepares you to answer even the most difficult morning and afternoon transportation problems in just minutes. Learning important strategies to solve these problems quickly and efficiently is the key to passing the Civil PE exam. Solving transportation problems on the Civil PE exam also requires a thorough familiarity with relevant design standards, and Six-Minute Solutions reflects those specified for the exam. Beat the Clock on the Civil PE Exam 89 challenging multiple-choice problems, similar in format and difficulty to the actual exam 2 levels of difficulty: 15 morning and 62 afternoon transportation problems 9 supplementary geotechnical, water resources and environmental, and engineering economics afternoon problems Coverage of the latest exam standards 1999 edition of ITE 2000 edition of HCM 2002 edition of PCA 2009 edition of MUTCD 2004 edition of AASHTO "Green Book" 2006 edition of AASHTO Roadside Design Guide A hint for each problem Step-by-step solutions Explanations of how to avoid common errorsTopics Covered Construction Geometric Design Traffic Analysis Traffic Safety Transportation Planning

Geotechnical Engineer s Portable Handbook

Geotechnical Engineer s Portable Handbook Author Robert Day
ISBN-10 9780071777445
Release 1999-12-02
Pages 560
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One-volume library of instant geotechnical and foundation data Now for the first time ever, geotechnical, foundation, and civil engineers...geologists...architects, planners, and construction managers can quickly find information they must refer to every working day, in one compact source. Edited by Robert W. Day, the time -and effort-saving Geotechnical Engineer's Portable Handbook gives you field exploration guidelines and lab procedures. You'll find soil and rock classification, basic phase relationships, and all the tables and charts you need for stress distribution, pavement, and pipeline design. You also get abundant information on all types of geotechnical analyses, including settlement, bearing capacity, expansive soil, slope stability - plus coverage of retaining walls and building foundations. Other construction-related topics covered include grading, instrumentation, excavation, underpinning, groundwater control and more.

Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Geotechnical Depth Problems

Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Geotechnical Depth Problems Author Bruce A. Wolle
ISBN-10 1591264812
Release 2015-03-13
Pages 114
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Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Geotechnical Depth Problems contains 102 multiple-choice problems that are grouped into ten chapters. Each chapter corresponds to a topic on the Civil PE exam geotechnical depth section. Problems are representative of the exam's format, scope of topics, and level of difficulty. Like the PE exam, an average of six minutes is required to solve each problem in this book. Each problem also includes a hint that provides optional problem-solving guidance. Comprehensive step-by-step solutions for all problems demonstrate accurate and efficient solving approaches.