Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit Breeds Author Lynn M. Stone
ISBN-10 9781612126036
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 256
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Rabbits are the third-most popular pet in the United States and have also earned significant farming and commercial followings: fiber enthusiasts love angora for its light-weight warmth, and chefs are serving up increasing amounts of their high-protein, low-fat meat. In Rabbit Breeds, photographer Lynn M. Stone spotlights all 49 breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association with adorable original photos, engaging descriptions, and fun facts. This handsome and educational guide is sure to inform and bring a smile to the face of rabbit fanciers and general animal lovers alike.

Veterinary Guide to Animal Breeds

Veterinary Guide to Animal Breeds Author Beth Vanhorn
ISBN-10 9781119299721
Release 2017-07-17
Pages 120
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Veterinary Guide to Animal Breeds offers a comprehensive reference for accurately recognizing small animal, exotic, and large animal breeds, with color photographs to aid in identification and important information for delivering veterinary care. Provides a reliable, veterinary-based guide to accurately recognizing breeds Covers small, large, and exotic animal breeds Emphasizes information targeted at daily veterinary practice Presents full-color photographs for comparison and identification Includes access to a companion website offering teaching materials, including worksheets and teaching PowerPoints

Horse Breeds of North America

Horse Breeds of North America Author Judith Dutson
ISBN-10 9781612122106
Release 2012-10-26
Pages 208
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An amazing variety of horse breeds roam North America’s vast and geographically diverse landscape. This detailed portable handbook celebrates the unique qualities of 96 regional breeds, from the sleek muscles of racing thoroughbreds and the stoic power of draft horses to the easy gait of pleasure horses at your local farm. Fascinating facts about each horse breed’s size, talents, and suitability for various types of work are accompanied by full-color photographs in this fun and informative reference guide.

The Field Guide to Rabbits

The Field Guide to Rabbits Author Samantha Johnson
ISBN-10 0760331936
Release 2008-01-15
Pages 144
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The first-ever, full-color, pocket guidebook to rabbits, profiling all 47 breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association-- fur, color, shape, size, behavior, and care.

Rabbit Housing

Rabbit Housing Author Bob Bennett
ISBN-10 9781603428958
Release 2012-07-13
Pages 144
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Create a safe, sanitary, and efficient home for your rabbits. In this informative guide, Bob Bennett provides clear step-by-step instructions for building attractive all-wire hutches of all sizes, with additional tips for adding the necessary accessories like feeders, watering systems, nest boxes, and fencing. From the direction a hutch door should swing to proper ventilation and protection from predators, Bennett covers everything you need to know to create a housing structure that will help promote a healthy and productive rabbit-raising operation.

Rabbits For Dummies

Rabbits For Dummies Author Connie Isbell
ISBN-10 9780470496282
Release 2009-04-03
Pages 312
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Your hands-on guide to being a responsible rabbit owner Want to raise a happy, healthy bunny? This practical guide gives you everything you need to know to successfully adopt, nurture, live with, and love a rabbit. From choosing a rabbit and preparing its home to training, healthcare, and having fun with your bunny, you get a wealth of expert tips that will have your rabbit (and you) hopping with joy! Jump into bunny basics — decide whether a rabbit is the right pet for you, discover the different breeds, and find out the best places to adopt your bunny Take care of creature comforts — from housing and grooming to feeding and healthcare, provide the best care for your friend Practice bunny "psychology" — understand bunny body language and sounds, handle behavior issues, and train your bunny to do tricks and use the litter box Enjoy the wonderful world of rabbits — play games with your bunny, join clubs and organizations, show your rabbit, and make traveling with bunny easy Open the book and find: Informative photos and illustrations Detailed breed descriptions How to think like a rabbit Tips for handling bad bunny behavior The latest on organic cuisine and homegrown feeding options Games to play with your rabbit How to live with an indoor bunny (which is recommended!) Ten signs that require emergency action A bunch of bunny resources — from rescue groups to registries to Web sites

Slime 101

Slime 101 Author Natalie Wright
ISBN-10 9780486820910
Release 2017-06-14
Pages 48
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Easy instructions and helpful color photos show how to create slime that glitters, glows in the dark, bubbles, and more. All that's needed are ordinary household items like glue, food coloring, and liquid starch.

The Guinea Pig Handbook

The Guinea Pig Handbook Author Sharon Lynn Vanderlip
ISBN-10 0764122886
Release 2003
Pages 161
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BarronÂ's Pet Handbooks are written, designed, and illustrated in much the same attractive style as BarronÂ's best selling Complete Pet OwnerÂ's Manuals. However, Handbooks have a larger page-count and with it, more extensive and detailed coverage of each titleÂ's subject pet. This brand new handbook for guinea pig owners provides a wealth of information on the animalÂ's anatomy and life cycle, plus advice on caging, feeding, breeding, and health care.

Manual of Equine Dentistry

Manual of Equine Dentistry Author Tom Allen
ISBN-10 0615229077
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 256
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This is a detailed, step-by-step instructional text for performing basic equine dental procedures. An easy-to-follow progression from basic concepts to more advanced dental procedures and techniques are described. 378 photographs and line drawings illustrate important concepts for visual clarity. Routine dental health maintenance and preventive care are emphasized for managing your practice or business. Safety, assessment, extractions and special procedures are outlined and illustrated. Sources for instruments, purchasing and maintaining dental equipment make this a very good instructional guide.

Handbook of Essential Oils

Handbook of Essential Oils Author K. Husnu Can Baser
ISBN-10 9781466590472
Release 2015-10-27
Pages 1112
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The second edition of Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications provides a much-needed compilation of information related to the development, use, and marketing of essential oils. It focuses particularly on the chemistry, pharmacology, and biological activities of essential oils, with contributions from a worldwide group of expert authorities on their historical, biological, regulatory, and biotransformation aspects. Features in the Second Edition: New chapters on the natural variability of components that often occurs in essential oils and on the natural processes that cause adulteration of essential oils Revisions, updates, and expansions of previous chapters Splits a previous chapter on biological activities of essential oils into two separate chapters on biological activities and antioxidative properties The book covers a wide range of areas applicable to essential oils research, including sources, production, analysis, storage, transport, chemistry, aromatherapy, pharmacology, toxicology, metabolism, technology, biotransformation, application, utilization, and trade. It includes discussions of biological activity testing, results of antimicrobial and antioxidant tests, and penetration-enhancing activities useful in drug delivery. A continuation of its preceding edition that features enhanced and expanded information, the second edition of Handbook of Essential Oils provides you with a broad and authoritative knowledge base in the study and use of essential oils.


Ecology Author Ernest Callenbach
ISBN-10 0520942221
Release 2008-09-03
Pages 192
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Offering essential environmental wisdom for the twenty-first century, this lively, compact book explains more than sixty basic ecological concepts in an easy-to-use A-to-Z format. From Air and Biodiversity to Restoration and Zoos, Ecology: A Pocket Guide forms a dynamic web of ideas that can be entered at any point or read straight through. An accessible, informative guide to achieving ecoliteracy, it tells the story of the amazing interconnectivity of life on Earth and along the way provides the ecological understanding necessary for fighting environmental degradation. This new edition has been updated throughout and features five new essays on the topics of biotechnology, global warming, migration, smell, and tourism.

Angora Rabbits the Complete Owner s Guide Includes English French Giant Satin and German Breeds Care Breeding Wool Farming Lifespan Colors

Angora Rabbits  the Complete Owner s Guide  Includes English  French  Giant  Satin and German Breeds  Care  Breeding  Wool  Farming  Lifespan  Colors Author Ann L. Fletcher
ISBN-10 1909820075
Release 2013-10
Pages 158
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Everything you want to know about Angora Rabbits and more. A superb resource to answer all your questions, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about Angora Rabbits including English, French, Giant, Satin and German varieties. In a straightforward, no nonsense fashion, Ann L. Fletcher covers all aspects on how to care for your Angora - including handling, wool, grooming, fur, health, housing, breeding, raising, colors, lifespan, personality, temperament, diet, clubs, suitability as pets, the equipment you need and responsibilities as an owner. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style, based on years of experience of keeping rabbits including the Angora breed. The book is full of sound advice with wonderful color photos and answers to your questions - including some you didn't know you had!

The New Astrology

The New Astrology Author Suzanne White
ISBN-10 9781465940636
Release 2014-02-23
Pages 600
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THE NEW ASTROLOGY is INGENIOUS! And it is a best seller! Suzanne White's revolutionary work offers readers a SAVVY BLEND OF CHINESE AND WESTERN ASTROLOGY - A Unique Synthesis of the World's Two Great Astrological Systems. Astrology is many centuries old, it is only perhaps once in a generation that a thoroughly new, totally original way of looking at the zodiac is discovered. THE NEW ASTROLOGY is such a system. For those convinced that there is nothing new under the sun-or the stars-Suzanne White offers a startling and provocative thesis: There are not 12 but 144 signs of the zodiac, each distinct, each unique, each vital to everyone's quest for self-understanding. Suzanne White clearly (and amusingly) demonstrates that each of us is governed by two signs. Hence, a Capricorn/Tiger is likely to be quite different from a Capricorn /Cat, as is a Leo/Dog from a Leo/Dragon, and so on. This unique marriage of Western and Chinese Astrology gives detailed analyses of each of the 144 signs, including individualized sections of love, sex and romance, business, money, careers, home life and compatibility (or lack of it) with other signs. Already a best-seller in France, THE NEW ASTROLOGY is a massive undertaking and the result of more than a decade of research and study of the two systems. It's also lifelong reference book for defining the characters of everyone you know - or think you know.

SVG Essentials

SVG Essentials Author J. David Eisenberg
ISBN-10 9781491945339
Release 2014-10-22
Pages 366
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Annotation Scalable Vector Graphics - or SVG - is the XML-based graphics standard from the W3C that enables Web documents to be smaller, faster and more interactive. This book goes through the ins and outs of SVG, from the basics to more complicated features.

Holland Lop Rabbits

Holland Lop Rabbits Author Ann L. Fletcher
ISBN-10 1909820040
Release 2013-07
Pages 150
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Everything you want to know about Holland lop rabbits and more. Based on years of experience keeping rabbits, Ann Fletcher covers all aspects on how to care for your Holland lop bunny, including handling, health, housing, breeding, colours, lifespan, personality, treatment, diet, suitability as pets, the equipment you need and responsibilities as an owner.

Temple Grandin s Guide to Working with Farm Animals

Temple Grandin s Guide to Working with Farm Animals Author Temple Grandin
ISBN-10 9781612127453
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 192
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Award-winning author Temple Grandin is famous for her groundbreaking approach to decoding animal behavior. Now she extends her expert guidance to small-scale farming operations. Grandin’s fascinating explanations of how herd animals think — describing their senses, fears, instincts, and memories — and how to analyze their behavior, will help you handle your livestock more safely and effectively. You’ll learn to become a skilled observer of animal movement and behavior, and detailed illustrations will help you set up simple and efficient facilities for managing a small herd of 3 to 25 cattle or pigs, or 5 to 100 goats or sheep.

The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver Author Karen Patry
ISBN-10 9781612124667
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 328
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While rabbits are well-known for being cute and fuzzy creatures, they can also be very difficult to care for. Whether you’re an experienced rabbit farmer or building your first hutch for a pet bunny, The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver has answers to all of your most pressing questions. In a handy question-and-answer format Karen Patry expertly addresses every aspect of rabbit care, including housing, feeding, breeding, kindling, health, and behavior. This informative, easy-to-use guide has reliable, humane solutions that will keep your animals healthy and happy.