Profiling The Fraudster

Profiling The Fraudster Author Simon Padgett
ISBN-10 9781118929766
Release 2014-12-19
Pages 272
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Detect and combat corporate fraud with new profiling techniques Profiling the Fraudster: Removing the Mask to Prevent and Detect Fraud takes a step-by-step approach beyond the Fraud Triangle to identify characteristics in potential fraudsters, employees and new hires that will sound alarm bells before they get their hands on your organization's assets. The typical organization loses a staggering 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. Traditional fraud investigations focus on the breakdown of internal controls but what happens when the human beings forming a key component of that chain of control are inherently dishonest? This book shows you how to recognize the characteristics and behavioral patterns of potential fraudsters who are entrusted with safeguarding corporate assets. The book includes: An in-depth look at fraud investigation techniques and how these can be enhanced by using the characteristics of fraudulent behavior, A detailed look at profiling potential perpetrators of fraud, A detailed breakdown of how to compile a fraud profile, A discussion of a wide range of organizational fraud, including abuse of power, embezzlement, computer fraud, expense abuse, and more, Tables, illustrations, and diagrams to enhance the narrative If you're a corporate fraud investigator, auditor, forensic accountant, law enforcement professional, or anyone challenged with safeguarding your organizations assets—Profiling the Fraudster shows you how to remove the mask and prevent and detect fraud.

Removing the Mask of Kindness

Removing the Mask of Kindness Author Les Barbanell
ISBN-10 9781461630470
Release 2006-10-16
Pages 212
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Character traits may be used as defenses, or, 'coping mechanisms' that may be developed by individuals in an exaggerated fashion in order to conceal psychological conflicts. When these mechanisms break down, previously repressed trauma erupts into consciousness. One such trait is selflessness. Les Barbanell examines the transformation of selflessness into the Caretaker Personality Disorder and how it is not always better to give than receive, that being good can go bad, and that the 'disease to please' can even be fatal.

Removing the Mask

Removing the Mask Author Paul D. Slocumb
ISBN-10 1929229003
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 378
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Removing the Mask has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Removing the Mask also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Removing the Mask book for free.

Relational Masks

Relational Masks Author Russell Willingham
ISBN-10 0830876715
Release 2009-09-20
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The Avoider. The Deflector. The Self-Blamer. The Aggressor. Recognize someone you know? Or yourself? We all know people who seem to get stuck in unhealthy patterns of relating to others. Sometimes we're puzzled by a loved one's evasiveness or surprised by a friend's defensive aggression. Occasionally we look in the mirror and see such troubling behaviors in ourselves. All of these are masks that we hide behind, and they prevent us from having authentic relationships with others. Counselor Russell Willingham identifies the relational masks that obstruct us from relating freely to other people and to God. Drawing on a wealth of practical experience and biblical insight, he diagnoses the destructive ways that we respond to others and shows how underlying false beliefs govern our thinking and actions. He also shows how each mask can be subverted from within and turned inside out to help us move toward healthy relationships. Each chapter includes tools and questions for discussion and application. Discover how to relate to others with the honesty and authenticity God intended--and find the relational freedom and satisfaction you ve been yearning for.

Textbook of Basic Nursing

Textbook of Basic Nursing Author Caroline Bunker Rosdahl
ISBN-10 0781765218
Release 2008
Pages 1741
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Now in its Ninth Edition, this comprehensive all-in-one textbook covers the basic LPN/LVN curriculum and all content areas of the NCLEX-PN®. Coverage includes anatomy and physiology, nursing process, growth and development, nursing skills, and pharmacology, as well as medical-surgical, maternal-neonatal, pediatric, and psychiatric-mental health nursing. The book is written in a student-friendly style and has an attractive full-color design, with numerous illustrations, tables, and boxes. Bound-in multimedia CD-ROMs include audio pronunciations, clinical simulations, videos, animations, and a simulated NCLEX-PN® exam. This edition's comprehensive ancillary package includes curriculum materials, PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, and a test generator of NCLEX-PN®-style questions.

Removing the Mask

Removing the Mask Author Paul D. Slocumb
ISBN-10 1934583537
Release 2011
Pages 304
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Removing the Mask has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Removing the Mask also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Removing the Mask book for free.

Removing the Masks That Bind Us

Removing the Masks That Bind Us Author John Randolph Price
ISBN-10 1561706728
Release 2001
Pages 143
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The author of the bestselling "The Abundance Book" reveals how we create our own experiences by the masks we choose to wear: the Victim, Tyrant, Manipulator, Fanatic, Worrier, and Deceiver. With case histories and penetrating insight, Price identifies 12 masks and reveals steps we can take to remove them.

Personal Support Workers

Personal Support Workers Author Marilyn McGreer
ISBN-10 9781608311842
Release 2010-10-27
Pages 404
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Description to come

Behind the Mask of Religious Traditions

Behind the Mask of Religious Traditions Author Mark Briggs
ISBN-10 9780768424010
Release 2006
Pages 169
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So writes author Mark Briggs as he light-heartedly addresses serious "cow" issues in our lives. Behind the Mask of Religious Traditions exposes the ugliness of dead rituals and reveals the beauty of true, living worship. Removing the masks will: Expose the sacred cows in your life. Create a passion for true worship. Identify the Father as the Shepherd. Guide you through the Sacred Cow Prevention Process. As you destroy the religious cows in your life, you will find yourself grazing with the Shepherd in lush green pastures beside a refreshing flowing stream of living water. Book jacket.

Mastering Ext JS Second Edition

Mastering Ext JS   Second Edition Author Loiane Groner
ISBN-10 9781784399436
Release 2015-02-24
Pages 400
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If you are a developer who is familiar with Ext JS and want to augment your skills to create even better web applications, this is the book for you. Basic knowledge of JavaScript/HTML/CSS and any server-side language (PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, or Python) is required.

Daring Color

Daring Color Author Anne Abgott
ISBN-10 158180850X
Release 2007-07-06
Pages 128
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Readers learn the techniques of mixing and mingling color in the real-life context of a painting in a colorful manual that provides eight technique-driven mini-demos and sixteen painting demonstrations.

Removing Your Mask

Removing Your Mask Author Marion Moss
ISBN-10 0963134108
Release 1992-01-01
Pages 300
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Targeted to the New Age market, 12 Step recovery groups & the general public interested in internal growth & development. "A masterful presentation of the mask-wearing which all of us do in this culture, what kinds of masks we wear & why, the results of such masks, & how to remove them. A large portion of the book is an insightful explanation of the relationship between bullies & victims, how each plays their part & how to change the particular roles we play. The author shows a deep understanding of people & of life in general. Her writing is very clear, easily comprehended, humorous & compassionate. The book could actually be a treatise on how to heal your life!" "This book may replace years of therapy! Marion Moss gives us the inspiration to uncover the happiness that is just waiting to embrace us." Call or write for information to order, Orion Publishing Company, 603 West 13th #236, Austin, TX 78701, (512) 328-6375.

Healed Without Scars

Healed Without Scars Author David Evans
ISBN-10 9781603747943
Release 2003-08-01
Pages 272
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Have you been hurt by past disappointment, fear, rejection, abandonment, or failure? When pain from the past lingers in your life and causes emotional scars, you need to understand that God wants you to be fully healed. Healed Without Scars is filled with contemporary and biblical accounts of those who have emerged victorious from life's tests and trials. For years, author David Evans has helped people from all walks of life learn how to live in victory. Let him guide you to a joyful life of wholeness in Christ as you discover that you can be healed without scars!


Patterns Author A La Lansün
ISBN-10 0935861017
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 246
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Patterns has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Patterns also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Patterns book for free.

Goodbye to Shame

Goodbye to Shame Author Tina Bears
ISBN-10 9781449763473
Release 2012-08
Pages 120
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Tina Bears was overwhelmed with panic when her husband coldly told her, “I have gotten away with everything, everything but murder.” In this dramatic story of escape from a planned murder/suicide, Tina bravely recounts her life of hiding her shame under a mask of lies as a dutiful wife in a suburban Christian community. Tina learned to remove her mask, and shares her difficult journey through the shame of an unstable broken childhood home, the shame of a teen pregnancy, and the shame from a ten year abusive marriage. Through her faith in Jesus Christ, God has removed Tina’s shame and allowed her to overcome a life filled with brokenness and abuse. She has gone from feeling like a worthless, second-class, shamed woman in the eyes of God, to an understanding of the fact that she is valued and loved by her Heavenly Father. “Because of the love of God in Jesus Christ, my shame is gone, and now I can recognize that same shame in others who are hurting because of abuse. There is truly a great connection between the hurting and the healed. God has called me to reach out to those who are still hurting from abuse and to let them know that they are not alone in their pain.” —Tina Bears

Beneath the Mask

Beneath the Mask Author Margaret McGaffey Fisk
ISBN-10 9781936507399
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 342
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A sweet Regency romance for all ages. Lady Daphne should dream of handsome lords coming to court, but she has little interest in her upcoming presentation. Her sister is slated to save the family coffers by marrying well, leaving Daphne to pursue other interests. The Earl of Scarborough has spoiled his younger daughter by retaining her dance instructor long past when she’s mastered all the formal dances. Little does he know this instructor has been teaching her dance only seen on the stage. His excitement in finding talent blinds him to the false dreams growing in her head of her own debut not in society’s ballrooms but in a theater. Baron Jasper Pendleton grew up in a house with divided parents who could barely suffer each other. His father’s passing left him in charge of decent, if neglected, properties, and he’s gained a reputation for how he brought them back to prosperity, but the prize for such standing is the interest of eager mothers and their daughters who, no matter how pretty, will become as waspish as his dear mother did in her husband’s presence. Love is something denied those of his bloodline, so he puts the securing of their family in his mother’s hands, his time better spent working or playing hard. When a masked dancer’s mystery and passion inflames his frozen heart, can Daphne and Jasper find love when convention sets them on opposing sides?

Mosby s Textbook for the Home Care Aide E Book

Mosby s Textbook for the Home Care Aide   E Book Author Joan M. Birchenall
ISBN-10 9780323292948
Release 2014-03-27
Pages 536
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Covering the essential content and procedures a home care aide needs to know, Mosby’s Textbook for the Home Care Aide, 3rd Edition prepares you for success in this rapidly growing field. A clear approach makes the book easy to use and understand, featuring hundreds of full-color photographs and drawings along with step-by-step procedures for skills performed by home care aides. Updated and expanded in this edition are chapters on meeting the client’s nutritional needs and on getting and keeping a job. Written by home care experts Joan Birchenall and Eileen Streight, this textbook prepares you for the many types of situations you may encounter as a home care aide. Hundreds of full-color photos and drawings depict key ideas and clearly demonstrate procedure steps. Procedures provide step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions on performing important skills and tasks. UNIQUE! A cast of caregivers, including a supervisor and four home care aides, are highlighted in scenarios that provide realistic examples of the types of situations you are likely to encounter in the home care environment. Guidelines for Observing, Recording, and Reporting (ORR) are highlighted throughout the text, emphasizing the home care aide’s responsibilities for observing and documenting the client’s condition and care. Key considerations and reminders are presented in color font to emphasize the importance of performing these actions. Objectives and Key Terms in each chapter focus your attention on essential information. Chapter summaries and study questions review the key points in each chapter. Updated/Expanded Meeting the Client’s Nutritional Needs chapter includes the new MyPlate food guide and new nutrition guidelines. Updated/Expanded Getting a Job and Keeping It chapter reflects the job prospects and challenges of today, including the realities of moving between states and differences in certification requirements. Updated equipment photos are included. Evolve companion website includes skills competency checklists and an audio glossary.