Secrets of the soil

Secrets of the soil Author Peter Tompkins
ISBN-10 WISC:89073219743
Release 1998-01
Pages 422
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Originally published: New York: Harper & Row, 1989.

Opera omnia

Opera omnia Author Galen
ISBN-10 OCLC:316943753
Release 1964
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Opera omnia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Opera omnia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Opera omnia book for free.

The Future of Human Experience

The Future of Human Experience Author J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus
ISBN-10 9781620551363
Release 2013-07-21
Pages 320
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Explores the future predictions of cutting-edge scientists, spiritual teachers, and other visionaries and how we can affect the future • Shares insights from the author’s discussions with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Raymond Moody, Larry Dossey, John Perkins, Michael Cremo, Gay Bradshaw, Ray Kurzweil, and many others • Examines what these visionary thinkers foresee for humanity based on current trends in medicine, science, agriculture, history, and other disciplines • Reveals how consciousness affects evolution and Earth’s future For almost three decades Zohara Hieronimus has interviewed spiritual teachers, cutting-edge scientists, ancient wisdom keepers, laboratory-tested psychics, and other visionaries on their predictions for the near and far future. While the methods they use are significantly diverse, the similarities in their forecasts are striking. And, as Hieronimus reveals, one common theme resonates through them all: the power of human consciousness. Sharing insights from her discussions with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Raymond Moody, Larry Dossey, John Perkins, Michael Cremo, Gay Bradshaw, Ray Kurzweil, and many others, Hieronimus explores what these visionary thinkers foresee for humanity based on current trends in medicine, science, agriculture, Earth history, robotics, and spirituality. She examines natural, extraterrestrial, and man-made events that dramatically altered humanity’s course in the past or might in the future, revealing a recurring cycle of catastrophic Earth changes and rebirths of civilization over billions of years. The author explains that, as part of the energetic expression of Divinity, we can influence the impact of Earth changes through our actions and intentions. She shows that the consciousness of humanity has the power to affect evolution, enact healing on personal and global levels, and alter even natural systems such as the weather. By studying predictions across a broad range of disciplines--from nano-technology to plant intelligence--from today’s great minds and from ancient spiritual traditions, Hieronimus shows that we can significantly improve the long-term welfare of the Earth by unfolding our nonlocal consciousness, adopting a reverent attitude toward all life, and realizing how we do things is as vital as what we do.

The Market Gardener

The Market Gardener Author Jean-Martin Fortier
ISBN-10 9780865717657
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 224
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Grow better not bigger with proven low-tech, human-scale, biointensive farming methods

Natural Pet Healing

Natural Pet Healing Author Von Braschler
ISBN-10 1931942072
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 143
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Natural Pet Healing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Pet Healing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Pet Healing book for free.

Forbidden History

Forbidden History Author J. Douglas Kenyon
ISBN-10 9781591439967
Release 2005-03-29
Pages 344
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Challenges the scientific theories on the establishment of civilization and technology • Contains 42 essays by 17 key thinkers in the fields of alternative science and history, including Christopher Dunn, Frank Joseph, Will Hart, Rand Flem-Ath, and Moira Timmes • Edited by Atlantis Rising publisher, J. Douglas Kenyon In Forbidden History writer and editor J. Douglas Kenyon has chosen 42 essays that have appeared in the bimonthly journal Atlantis Rising to provide readers with an overview of the core positions of key thinkers in the field of ancient mysteries and alternative history. The 17 contributors include among others, Rand Flem-Ath, Frank Joseph, Christopher Dunn, and Will Hart, all of whom challenge the scientific establishment to reexamine its underlying premises in understanding ancient civilizations and open up to the possibility of meaningful debate around alternative theories of humanity's true past. Each of the essays builds upon the work of the other contributors. Kenyon has carefully crafted his vision and selected writings in six areas: Darwinism Under Fire, Earth Changes--Sudden or Gradual, Civilization's Greater Antiquity, Ancestors from Space, Ancient High Tech, and The Search for Lost Origins. He explores the most current ideas in the Atlantis debate, the origins of the Pyramids, and many other controversial themes. The book serves as an excellent introduction to hitherto suppressed and alternative accounts of history as contributors raise questions about the origins of civilization and humanity, catastrophism, and ancient technology. The collection also includes several articles that introduce, compare, contrast, and complement the theories of other notable authors in these fields, such as Zecharia Sitchin, Paul LaViolette, John Michell, and John Anthony West.

Conceiving Healthy Babies

Conceiving Healthy Babies Author Dawn Combs
ISBN-10 9780865717800
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 288
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Find balance and enhance fertility with whole food and whole plants

Integral Ecology

Integral Ecology Author Sean Esbjörn-Hargens
ISBN-10 9781590304662
Release 2009
Pages 796
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Percy is incredibly accident-prone, and holds the dubious record of the most accidents. Percy has had a small rivalary with Harold, however, they are always willing to help each other when in trouble.

The Secret Life Of Plants

The Secret Life Of Plants Author P Tompkins
ISBN-10 9788129104939
Pages 416
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Exploring the world of plant and its relation to mankind as revealed by the latest discoveries of scientists, The Secret Life of Plants includes remarkable information about plants as lie detectors and plants as ecological sentinels; it describes their ability to adapt to human wishes, their response to music, their curative power, and their ability to communicate with man.

Cows Save the Planet

Cows Save the Planet Author Judith Schwartz
ISBN-10 9781603584333
Release 2013-05-20
Pages 240
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In Cows Save the Planet, journalist Judith D. Schwartz looks at soil as a crucible for our many overlapping environmental, economic, and social crises. Schwartz reveals that for many of these problems—climate change, desertification, biodiversity loss, droughts, floods, wildfires, rural poverty, malnutrition, and obesity—there are positive, alternative scenarios to the degradation and devastation we face. In each case, our ability to turn these crises into opportunities depends on how we treat the soil. Drawing on the work of thinkers and doers, renegade scientists and institutional whistleblowers from around the world, Schwartz challenges much of the conventional thinking about global warming and other problems. For example, land can suffer from undergrazing as well as overgrazing, since certain landscapes, such as grasslands, require the disturbance from livestock to thrive. Regarding climate, when we focus on carbon dioxide, we neglect the central role of water in soil—"green water"—in temperature regulation. And much of the carbon dioxide that burdens the atmosphere is not the result of fuel emissions, but from agriculture; returning carbon to the soil not only reduces carbon dioxide levels but also enhances soil fertility. Cows Save the Planet is at once a primer on soil's pivotal role in our ecology and economy, a call to action, and an antidote to the despair that environmental news so often leaves us with.

Quantum Physics New Paradigm Or Musical Truth

Quantum Physics  New Paradigm Or Musical Truth Author Andi BOWE
ISBN-10 9780557042456
Release 2009-09-04
Pages 250
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Quantum physics as musical functionality. There was no Big Bang. There is only a uni-verse, a poem, and a song singing us all in a cosmic dance of chaotic synchronicity and miraculous chance.

Secrets to Great Soil

Secrets to Great Soil Author Elizabeth Stell
ISBN-10 1580170080
Release 1998-01
Pages 215
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Explains how to create and maintain fertile soil, including advice on choosing fertilizers, improving new sites, fine-tuning for specific plants, and using compost


Paramagnetism Author Philip S. Callahan
ISBN-10 WISC:89063171631
Release 1995
Pages 128
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Work is used in sustainable natural growing circles; also known as the theory of the chi of growing in China.

Agriculture Course

Agriculture Course Author Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10 9781855841482
Release 2004
Pages 175
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When Rudolf Steiner gave these lectures 80 years ago, industrial farming was on the rise and organic methods were being replaced in teh name of science, efficiency and technology. With the widespread alarm over the quality of food in recent years, and the growth of the organic movement and its mainstream acceptance, perceptions are changing. With these talks, Steiner created and launched biodynamic farming - a specific form of agriculture which has come to be regarded as premium organic.

The Secret of Life

The Secret of Life Author Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Dilling
ISBN-10 0939482088
Release 1988
Pages 261
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The Secret of Life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Secret of Life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Secret of Life book for free.

Primary Perception

Primary Perception Author Cleve Backster
ISBN-10 0966435435
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 168
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This is the only book by Cleve Backster himself, describing 36 years of research in biocommunication, observed electrical responses in plant life and other living organisms. All life forms have the capability of responding to one another, from plants and bacteria to foods and animal cells. Most amazing is his work with human leukocytes. These discoveries have opened up a new paradigm in science, ecology and healing.

Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible

Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible Author Benjamin Keach
Release 2014-09-26
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Originally titled "Tropologia: A Key to Open Scripture Metaphors," this priceless classic is organized as follows: The Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures Book 1. Philologia Sacra; or Their Proper Heads and Classes, With a Brief Explication of Each Part I Part II Of Types Of Parables Book 2. Metaphors, Allegories, Similes, Types, Etc., Respecting the Members of the Trinity God the Father, the First Person in the Trinity The Second Person in the Glorious Trinity The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity Book 3. Metaphors, Allegories, Similes, Types, Etc., That Relate to the Most Sacred Word of God Book 4. Metaphors, Allegories, Similies, Types, Etc., Respecting Grace and the Blessed Ordinances of the Gospel Grace Baptism The Lord’s Supper The Holy Angels of God The Soul and Spirit of Man The Church of God Men in General The Saints Wicked Men True Ministers of the Gospel False Teachers and Churches Sin and the Devil The Devil The Means of Grace Affliction The End of the World The and Death Life of Man The Resurrection and the Life to Come Hell Types of the Old Testament Explained