Stochastic Processes

Stochastic Processes Author Robert G. Gallager
ISBN-10 9781107435315
Release 2013-12-12
Pages 568
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This definitive textbook provides a solid introduction to discrete and continuous stochastic processes, tackling a complex field in a way that instils a deep understanding of the relevant mathematical principles, and develops an intuitive grasp of the way these principles can be applied to modelling real-world systems. It includes a careful review of elementary probability and detailed coverage of Poisson, Gaussian and Markov processes with richly varied queuing applications. The theory and applications of inference, hypothesis testing, estimation, random walks, large deviations, martingales and investments are developed. Written by one of the world's leading information theorists, evolving over twenty years of graduate classroom teaching and enriched by over 300 exercises, this is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to develop their understanding of stochastic processes.

Stationary Stochastic Processes

Stationary Stochastic Processes Author Georg Lindgren
ISBN-10 9781466557796
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 375
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Intended for a second course in stationary processes, Stationary Stochastic Processes: Theory and Applications presents the theory behind the field’s widely scattered applications in engineering and science. In addition, it reviews sample function properties and spectral representations for stationary processes and fields, including a portion on stationary point processes. Features Presents and illustrates the fundamental correlation and spectral methods for stochastic processes and random fields Explains how the basic theory is used in special applications like detection theory and signal processing, spatial statistics, and reliability Motivates mathematical theory from a statistical model-building viewpoint Introduces a selection of special topics, including extreme value theory, filter theory, long-range dependence, and point processes Provides more than 100 exercises with hints to solutions and selected full solutions This book covers key topics such as ergodicity, crossing problems, and extremes, and opens the doors to a selection of special topics, like extreme value theory, filter theory, long-range dependence, and point processes, and includes many exercises and examples to illustrate the theory. Precise in mathematical details without being pedantic, Stationary Stochastic Processes: Theory and Applications is for the student with some experience with stochastic processes and a desire for deeper understanding without getting bogged down in abstract mathematics.

Stochastic Processes

Stochastic Processes Author D. N. Shanbhag
ISBN-10 0444500138
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 1000
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This sequel to volume 19 of Handbook on Statistics on Stochastic Processes: Modelling and Simulation is concerned mainly with the theme of reviewing and, in some cases, unifying with new ideas the different lines of research and developments in stochastic processes of applied flavour. This volume consists of 23 chapters addressing various topics in stochastic processes. These include, among others, those on manufacturing systems, random graphs, reliability, epidemic modelling, self-similar processes, empirical processes, time series models, extreme value therapy, applications of Markov chains, modelling with Monte Carlo techniques, and stochastic processes in subjects such as engineering, telecommunications, biology, astronomy and chemistry. particular with modelling, simulation techniques and numerical methods concerned with stochastic processes. The scope of the project involving this volume as well as volume 19 is already clarified in the preface of volume 19. The present volume completes the aim of the project and should serve as an aid to students, teachers, researchers and practitioners interested in applied stochastic processes.

An Introduction to Continuous Time Stochastic Processes

An Introduction to Continuous Time Stochastic Processes Author Vincenzo Capasso
ISBN-10 9780817683467
Release 2012-07-27
Pages 434
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Expanding on the first edition of An Introduction to Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes, this concisely written book is a rigorous and self-contained introduction to the theory of continuous-time stochastic processes. A balance of theory and applications, the work features concrete examples of modeling real-world problems from biology, medicine, industrial applications, finance, and insurance using stochastic methods. No previous knowledge of stochastic processes is required.

A Basic Course in Measure and Probability

A Basic Course in Measure and Probability Author Ross Leadbetter
ISBN-10 9781139867498
Release 2014-01-30
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Originating from the authors' own graduate course at the University of North Carolina, this material has been thoroughly tried and tested over many years, making the book perfect for a two-term course or for self-study. It provides a concise introduction that covers all of the measure theory and probability most useful for statisticians, including Lebesgue integration, limit theorems in probability, martingales, and some theory of stochastic processes. Readers can test their understanding of the material through the 300 exercises provided. The book is especially useful for graduate students in statistics and related fields of application (biostatistics, econometrics, finance, meteorology, machine learning, and so on) who want to shore up their mathematical foundation. The authors establish common ground for students of varied interests which will serve as a firm 'take-off point' for them as they specialize in areas that exploit mathematical machinery.

Stochastic Processes and Filtering Theory

Stochastic Processes and Filtering Theory Author Andrew H. Jazwinski
ISBN-10 9780486462745
Release 2007
Pages 376
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This unified treatment presents material previously available only in journals, and in terms accessible to engineering students. Although theory is emphasized, it discusses numerous practical applications as well. 1970 edition.

Engineering applications of stochastic processes

Engineering applications of stochastic processes Author Alexander Zayezdny
ISBN-10 UOM:39015012020809
Release 1989-04
Pages 509
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A concise, systematic treatment of probabilistic calculations of the sort used in electronic communication, radar, and automatic control. Appropriate as a text in stochastic processes, statistical communication methods, or automatic control. First section discusses random variables. Second section deals with random processes, and response of linear systems to random processes. Each theoretical topic is followed by a description of the associated computational procedures. Chapters contain problems, with solutions.

Stochastic Processes Inference Theory

Stochastic Processes   Inference Theory Author Malempati M. Rao
ISBN-10 9783319121727
Release 2014-11-14
Pages 669
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This is the revised and enlarged 2nd edition of the authors’ original text, which was intended to be a modest complement to Grenander's fundamental memoir on stochastic processes and related inference theory. The present volume gives a substantial account of regression analysis, both for stochastic processes and measures, and includes recent material on Ridge regression with some unexpected applications, for example in econometrics. The first three chapters can be used for a quarter or semester graduate course on inference on stochastic processes. The remaining chapters provide more advanced material on stochastic analysis suitable for graduate seminars and discussions, leading to dissertation or research work. In general, the book will be of interest to researchers in probability theory, mathematical statistics and electrical and information theory.

Stochastic Processes

Stochastic Processes Author Narahari Umanath Prabhu
ISBN-10 9789812706263
Release 2007
Pages 341
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Most introductory textbooks on stochastic processes which cover standard topics such as Poisson process, Brownian motion, renewal theory and random walks deal inadequately with their applications. Written in a simple and accessible manner, this book addresses that inadequacy and provides guidelines and tools to study the applications. The coverage includes research developments in Markov property, martingales, regenerative phenomena and Tauberian theorems, and covers measure theory at an elementary level.

Stochastic Processes with Applications to Finance

Stochastic Processes with Applications to Finance Author Masaaki Kijima
ISBN-10 1584882247
Release 2002-07-29
Pages 288
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In recent years, modeling financial uncertainty using stochastic processes has become increasingly important, but it is commonly perceived as requiring a deep mathematical background. Stochastic Processes with Applications to Finance shows that this is not necessarily so. It presents the theory of discrete stochastic processes and their applications in finance in an accessible treatment that strikes a balance between the abstract and the practical. Using an approach that views sophisticated stochastic calculus as based on a simple class of discrete processes-"random walks"-the author first provides an elementary introduction to the relevant areas of real analysis and probability. He then uses random walks to explain the change of measure formula, the reflection principle, and the Kolmogorov backward equation. The Black-Scholes formula is derived as a limit of binomial model, and applications to the pricing of derivative securities are presented. Another primary focus of the book is the pricing of corporate bonds and credit derivatives, which the author explains in terms of discrete default models. By presenting important results in discrete processes and showing how to transfer those results to their continuous counterparts, Stochastic Processes with Applications to Finance imparts an intuitive and practical understanding of the subject. This unique treatment is ideal both as a text for a graduate-level class and as a reference for researchers and practitioners in financial engineering, operations research, and mathematical and statistical finance.

An Introduction to Stochastic Processes

An Introduction to Stochastic Processes Author M. S. Bartlett
ISBN-10 0521215854
Release 1978
Pages 388
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Random sequences; Processes in continuous time; Miscellaneous statistical applications; Limiting stochastic operations; Stationary processes; Prediction and communication theory; The statistical analysis of stochastic processes; Correlation analysis of time-series.

Complex stochastic processes an introduction to theory and application

Complex stochastic processes  an introduction to theory and application Author Kenneth S. Miller
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4318681
Release 1974
Pages 238
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Complex stochastic processes an introduction to theory and application has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Complex stochastic processes an introduction to theory and application also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Complex stochastic processes an introduction to theory and application book for free.

L vy Processes

L  vy Processes Author Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen
ISBN-10 081764167X
Release 2001-03-30
Pages 418
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A Lévy process is a continuous-time analogue of a random walk, and as such, is at the cradle of modern theories of stochastic processes. Martingales, Markov processes, and diffusions are extensions and generalizations of these processes. In the past, representatives of the Lévy class were considered most useful for applications to either Brownian motion or the Poisson process. Nowadays the need for modeling jumps, bursts, extremes and other irregular behavior of phenomena in nature and society has led to a renaissance of the theory of general Lévy processes. Researchers and practitioners in fields as diverse as physics, meteorology, statistics, insurance, and finance have rediscovered the simplicity of Lévy processes and their enormous flexibility in modeling tails, dependence and path behavior. This volume, with an excellent introductory preface, describes the state-of-the-art of this rapidly evolving subject with special emphasis on the non-Brownian world. Leading experts present surveys of recent developments, or focus on some most promising applications. Despite its special character, every topic is aimed at the non- specialist, keen on learning about the new exciting face of a rather aged class of processes. An extensive bibliography at the end of each article makes this an invaluable comprehensive reference text. For the researcher and graduate student, every article contains open problems and points out directions for futurearch. The accessible nature of the work makes this an ideal introductory text for graduate seminars in applied probability, stochastic processes, physics, finance, and telecommunications, and a unique guide to the world of Lévy processes.

Stochastic Processes

Stochastic Processes Author Richard F. Bass
ISBN-10 9781139501477
Release 2011-10-06
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This comprehensive guide to stochastic processes gives a complete overview of the theory and addresses the most important applications. Pitched at a level accessible to beginning graduate students and researchers from applied disciplines, it is both a course book and a rich resource for individual readers. Subjects covered include Brownian motion, stochastic calculus, stochastic differential equations, Markov processes, weak convergence of processes and semigroup theory. Applications include the Black–Scholes formula for the pricing of derivatives in financial mathematics, the Kalman–Bucy filter used in the US space program and also theoretical applications to partial differential equations and analysis. Short, readable chapters aim for clarity rather than full generality. More than 350 exercises are included to help readers put their new-found knowledge to the test and to prepare them for tackling the research literature.

Stochastic Processes with Applications

Stochastic Processes with Applications Author Rabi N. Bhattacharya
ISBN-10 9780898716894
Release 2009-08-27
Pages 184
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This book develops systematically and rigorously, yet in an expository and lively manner, the evolution of general random processes and their large time properties such as transience, recurrence, and convergence to steady states. The emphasis is on the most important classes of these processes from the viewpoint of theory as well as applications, namely, Markov processes. The book features very broad coverage of the most applicable aspects of stochastic processes, including sufficient material for self-contained courses on random walks in one and multiple dimensions; Markov chains in discrete and continuous times, including birth-death processes; Brownian motion and diffusions; stochastic optimization; and stochastic differential equations. This book is for graduate students in mathematics, statistics, science and engineering, and it may also be used as a reference by professionals in diverse fields whose work involves the application of probability.

Stochastic Processes in Science Engineering and Finance

Stochastic Processes in Science  Engineering and Finance Author Frank Beichelt
ISBN-10 142001045X
Release 2006-02-22
Pages 440
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This book presents a self-contained introduction to stochastic processes with emphasis on their applications in science, engineering, finance, computer science, and operations research. It provides theoretical foundations for modeling time-dependent random phenomena in these areas and illustrates their application by analyzing numerous practical examples. The treatment assumes few prerequisites, requiring only the standard mathematical maturity acquired by undergraduate applied science students. It includes an introductory chapter that summarizes the basic probability theory needed as background. Numerous exercises reinforce the concepts and techniques discussed and allow readers to assess their grasp of the subject. Solutions to most of the exercises are provided in an appendix. While focused primarily on practical aspects, the presentation includes some important proofs along with more challenging examples and exercises for those more theoretically inclined. Mastering the contents of this book prepares readers to apply stochastic modeling in their own fields and enables them to work more creatively with software designed for dealing with the data analysis aspects of stochastic processes.

Point Process Theory and Applications

Point Process Theory and Applications Author Martin Jacobsen
ISBN-10 9780817644635
Release 2006-07-27
Pages 328
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Mathematically rigorous exposition of the basic theory of marked point processes and piecewise deterministic stochastic processes Point processes are constructed from scratch with detailed proofs Includes applications with examples and exercises in survival analysis, branching processes, ruin probabilities, sports (soccer), finance and risk management, and queueing theory Accessible to a wider cross-disciplinary audience