Texas Bug Book

Texas Bug Book Author Howard Garrett
ISBN-10 0292709374
Release 2005-09-01
Pages 202
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The good, the bad, the ugly.

Texas Bug Book

Texas Bug Book Author Malcolm Beck
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106012520919
Release 1999-04-01
Pages 168
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Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide photographs and information about insects, mites, and spiders commonly found in Texas, discussing the appearance, biology and life cycle, habitat, feeding habits, economic importance, and natural and organic control of each bug.

Texas Gardening the Natural Way

Texas Gardening the Natural Way Author Howard Garrett
ISBN-10 029278886X
Release 2010-07-05
Pages 396
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Compost your old "complete" gardening guide. There's a new way of gardening in Texas that's healthier for people and the environment, more effective at growing vigorous plants and reducing pests, cheaper to maintain, and just more fun. It's Howard Garrett's "The Natural Way" organic gardening program, and it's all here in Texas Gardening the Natural Way. This book is the first complete, state-of-the-art organic gardening handbook for Texas. Using Howard Garrett's new mainstream gardening techniques, Texas Gardening the Natural Way presents a total gardening program: How to plan, plant, and maintain beautiful landscapes without using chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Gardening fundamentals: soils, landscape design, planting techniques, and maintenance practices. Includes more native and adaptable varieties of garden and landscape plants than any other guide on the market. Trees: 134 species of evergreens, berry- and fruit-bearing, flowering, yellow fall color, orange fall color, and red fall color. Shrubs and specialty plants: 85 species for sun, shade, spring flowering, summer flowering, and treeform shrubs. Ground covers and vines: 51 species for sun and shade. Annuals and perennials: 136 species for fall color, winter color, summer color in shade and sun, and spring color. Also seeding rates for wildflowers. Lawn grasses: 10 species for sun and shade, with additional information on 16 native grasses, seeding rates for 32 grasses, and suggested mowing heights. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables: 58 species, with a vegetable planting chart and information on organic pecan and fruit tree growing, fruit varieties for Texas, grape and pecan varieties, and gardening by the moon. Common green manure crops: 29 crops that help enrich the soil. Herbs: 66 species for culinary and medicinal uses. Bugs: 73 types of helpful and harmful bugs, with organic remedies for pests, lists of beneficial bugs and plants that attract them, a beneficial bug release schedule, and sources for beneficial bugs. Plant diseases: organic treatments for 55 common problems. Organic methods for repelling mice, rabbits, armadillos, beavers, cats, squirrels, and deer. Organic management practices: watering, fertilizing, controlling weeds, releasing beneficial insects, biological controls (including bats and purple martins), and recipes for Garrett Juice, fire ant control drench, vinegar herbicide, Sick Tree Treatment, and Tree Trunk Goop. Average first and last freeze dates for locations around the state. Organic fertilizers and soil amendments: 61 varieties, including full instructions for making compost. Organic pest control products: 30 varieties. Common house plants and poisonous plants. Instructions for climbing vegetable structures and bat houses. 833 gorgeous full-color photographs.

Insects of Texas a Practical Guide

Insects of Texas  a Practical Guide Author David Hugh Kattes
ISBN-10 9781603443487
Release 2009
Pages 225
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This practical, non-technical introduction to insect classification offers a well-illustrated, straight-forward primer in entomology. Whether you are part of a master naturalist program, are interested in environmentally friendly pest management, or simply enjoy knowing what to call that strange-looking bug on your back porch, "Insects of Texas" will be your first resource for insect classification and identification. This book will help you sort out many of the millions of insect species by learning the readily distinguishable field characteristics needed to identify groups most commonly seen in Texas. David H. Kattes provides short tutorials on morphology and metamorphosis and uses a simple color-coding scheme to present the five classes of arthropods and the orders, suborders, and families of insects most relevant to Texas observers. Photo keys, pronunciation guides, illustrated tables, abundant photographs, and highlighted accounts of physical and biological characteristics help introduce readers to the various tiny creatures that inhabit our world, steering them through arachnids, crustaceans, millipedes, centipedes, and hexapods. Within each account, Kattes comments on habits and other interesting information, reflecting his long experience in teaching and speaking to a variety of receptive audiences.

Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening

Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening Author Howard Garrett
ISBN-10 9781589794818
Release 1998-07-25
Pages 220
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This book shows you how to have healthy soil and recommends environmentally safe products and even some homemade remedies to control pests and diseases in your garden. It describes more than 100 food plants and gives specific information on the growth habits, culture, harvest, and storage of each.

Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas

Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas Author Pamela Walker
ISBN-10 9781603443418
Release 2009
Pages 184
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As more and more people seek locally grown food, independent family owned and operated agriculture has expanded, creating local networks for selling and buying produce, meat, and dairy products and reviving local agricultural economies throughout the United States. Pamela Walker and Linda Walsh portray eleven farming and ranch families who are part of this food revival in Texas.

Texas Snakes

Texas Snakes Author James R. Dixon
ISBN-10 9780292789418
Release 2010-06-28
Pages 384
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From the legendary, fear-inspiring western diamond-backed rattlesnake to the tiny, harmless plains blind snake, Texas has a greater diversity of snake species than any other state in the country. This fully illustrated field guide to Texas snakes, written by two of the state's most respected herpetologists, gives you the most current and complete information to identify and understand all 110 species and subspecies. Texas Snakes: A Field Guide has all the resources you need to identify snakes in the wild and in your yard: 110 full-color, close-up photos that show every snake, as well as 39 detailed line drawings 110 range maps Up-to-date species accounts that describe each snake's appearance, look-alikes, size, and habitat A checklist of all Texas snakes and a key to the species Reliable information on poisonous snakes and preventing and treating snakebites Concise guides to snake conservation, classification, and identification Drawn from the authors' monumental, definitive Texas Snakes: Identification, Distribution, and Natural History, this field guide is your must-have source for identifying any snake you see in Texas.

Butterfly Gardening for Texas

Butterfly Gardening for Texas Author Geyata Ajilvsgi
ISBN-10 9781603449571
Release 2013-04-19
Pages 360
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Texas hosts an unparalleled number of butterfly species, and whether one lives near the beaches of the Gulf Coast or in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos, all Texans can enjoy the color and tranquility that butterflies bring to any outdoor space. In Butterfly Gardening for Texas, author and expert Geyata Ajilvsgi shares a wealth of practical information about all kinds of butterflies and the many flowers and other plants they utilize in their miraculous life cycle: from hidden egg to munching caterpillar to cryptic chrysalis to nectar-sipping, winged adult. Written in an engaging, nontechnical style for anyone who wants to attract butterflies to the yard or garden, the book provides tips for making gardens caterpillar- and butterfly-friendly, in-depth profiles of more than fifty butterflies, descriptions of the food plants for a variety of both caterpillars and butterflies, and plant lists for easy selection and substitution, depending on where you live and what is available. For those who want specific advice on what to plant where, Ajilvsgi has designed useful, adaptable landscape plans and extensive planting options for each of seven state regions. Helpful appendices aid gardeners in taking photographs of the butterflies they attract, in locating sources for seeds and plants, and in finding organizations and other instructive publications for additional information about these beautiful and beneficial insects. As the popularity of butterfly gardening continues to increase, gardeners of all skill levels will find Butterfly Gardening for Texas an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration.

A Field Guide to Spiders Scorpions of Texas

A Field Guide to Spiders   Scorpions of Texas Author J. A. Jackman
ISBN-10 0891230483
Release 1999
Pages 202
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"Experiences are precious pigmentfor the masterwork of our future."~Deena EbbertSpeaker ~ Writer ~ PropellerDeena Ebbert is Propellergirl,traveling the globe, provoking momentum and sharing in conversations about living, learning, and loving what we do.It's natural, over time, to want to perfect our perspective, to "arrive". The beauty though, is in the ever-changing whorl of being. We live, we learn, we find ways to serve. We grow, we go, we engage in the world. We try, we fall or fly, we reset our sights.Life is an upward spiral.Propel.

Good Bug Bad Bug

Good Bug Bad Bug Author Jessica Walliser
ISBN-10 0981961592
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 94
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Identifies helpful and harmful insects found in the garden, and gives advice for effectively managing both types of insects organically.

Plants of the Metroplex

Plants of the Metroplex Author Howard Garrett
ISBN-10 0292728158
Release 1998
Pages 96
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Contains advice on the proper selection, installation, and maintenance of landscape plants in Texas.

A Field Guide to Butterflies of Texas

A Field Guide to Butterflies of Texas Author Raymond W. Neck
ISBN-10 087719243X
Release 1996
Pages 323
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An illustrated reference guide to butterflies commonly found in Texas.

Weeds in South Texas and Northern Mexico

Weeds in South Texas and Northern Mexico Author J. H. Everitt
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173030560541
Release 2007
Pages 222
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"Identification guide to the 188 most common species of weedy plants in South Texas and Northern Mexico. Presents information to identify the plants, including a color photograph of each, as well as general comments about the habits of the plants, their u

Texas Amphibians

Texas Amphibians Author Bob L. Tipton
ISBN-10 9780292742925
Release 2012-08-08
Pages 330
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With a wide variety of habitats ranging from southeastern swamps to western deserts, Texas is home to numerous species of frogs, toads, and salamanders. Each area of Texas has a particular set of species that has evolved there over thousands of years. Indeed, most amphibians are not very mobile, and many live their entire lives within a few square meters. This makes them particularly vulnerable to environmental degradation and habitat destruction. Texas Amphibians is the only field guide focused exclusively on the state's frogs, toads, and salamanders. It presents brief, general accounts of the two orders and fifteen families. Then it identifies each of the seventy-two species in detail, including size, description, voice (if applicable), similar species, distribution (with maps), natural history, reproduction, subspecies (if applicable), and comments and conservation information. Color photographs illustrate the species. The book also includes a general introduction to amphibian natural history, conservation, observation and collection, maintenance in captivity, museum and preserved specimens, and scientific and common names, as well as scientific keys to Texas salamanders and frogs and a generic key to amphibian larvae. This wealth of information, compiled by a team of experts who collectively have over a century of experience in field herpetology, will increase our appreciation for amphibians and the vital role they play as an early indicator of threats to the quality of the environment that we all share.

I Garden Urban Style

I Garden   Urban Style Author Reggie Solomon
ISBN-10 9781440314001
Release 2010-12-06
Pages 160
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A Garden for Your Space & Your Style You can grow delicious, healthy vegetables and beautiful flowers in your urban setting. No yard? No problem, you have more options available than you think ™from containers and window boxes to raised beds and community plots. No time? No worries, there are plants and containers that accommodate even the busiest schedule. Inside you'll find: Ideas for growing plants in any available space—no matter how small or soil deficient Step-by-step instructions on growing plants from seed Suggestions for plants and containers that fit various styles and schedules, including: no-fuss hardy producers; stunning plantscapes; and plants that attract birds and butterflies Advice on composting, pest control, watering and fertilizing Strategies for maintaining your garden while you are away More than 20 recipes featuring fresh ingredients you can grow Resources to help you build a gardening community in your neighborhood or on the Internet Reggie Solomon and Michael Nolan of the popular website UrbanGardenCasual.com show you everything you need to know to grow a garden that fits your tight urban space and busy schedule. Shed your work clothes, grab your iPod and start enjoying your urban garden today. The Urban Garden Casual Philosophy is about reclaiming the peace, relaxation and satisfaction that comes from growing something yourself.

Trees of Texas Field Guide

Trees of Texas Field Guide Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 1591932157
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 374
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Trees are all around, but how much do you know about them? With this handy field guide, you can make tree identification simple, informative and productive. Learn about 180 Texas trees, organized in the book by leaf type and attachment. Fact-filled information contains the information you want to know, while full-page photos provide the visual detail needed for accurate identification. Trees are fascinating and wonderful, and this is the perfect introduction to them.

Howard Garrett s Texas Organic Gardening Book

Howard Garrett s Texas Organic Gardening Book Author Howard Garrett
ISBN-10 0884155056
Release 1995-03-01
Pages 248
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Shows you how to use our native plants, soil, and growing conditions to produce organically healthy gardens, lawns, and landscapes without harmful chemicals.