The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat Author Juliette de Baïracli Levy
ISBN-10 0571161154
Release 1991-03-25
Pages 345
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Suggests special meal plans for dogs and cats, explains how to use herbs to treat their common ailments, and argues that vaccinations have not been successful in preventing dog diseases

The Natural Remedy Book For Dogs And Cats

The Natural Remedy Book For Dogs And Cats Author Diane Stein
ISBN-10 8170218500
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 163
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A delightful and informative guide to the use of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, massage, herbs and homoeopathy to support your pet shealth and vitality.

Dr Pitcairn s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs Cats

Dr  Pitcairn s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs   Cats Author Richard H. Pitcairn
ISBN-10 0875962432
Release 1995-06-15
Pages 383
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Discusses the nutritional value of commercial pet foods and recommends drug-free treatments for common diseases

Heilkr uter aus dem Garten Gottes

Heilkr  uter aus dem Garten Gottes Author Maria Treben
ISBN-10 3850687503
Release 2006
Pages 239
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Heilkr uter aus dem Garten Gottes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Heilkr uter aus dem Garten Gottes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Heilkr uter aus dem Garten Gottes book for free.

Das Kr uterhandbuch f r Hund und Katze

Das Kr  uterhandbuch f  r Hund und Katze Author Juliette de Bai͏̈racli Levy
ISBN-10 3939522031
Release 2008
Pages 347
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Das Kr uterhandbuch f r Hund und Katze has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Kr uterhandbuch f r Hund und Katze also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Kr uterhandbuch f r Hund und Katze book for free.

Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats

Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats Author Diane Stein
ISBN-10 9780307783783
Release 2011-03-23
Pages 190
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This invaluable resource tells how to use nutrition, minerals, massage, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, flower essences, and psychic healing for optimal health. Meticulously researched. Fully illustrated. Comprehensive guide to holistic healing methods. Extensive resource directory. Effective ways to reduce veterinary costs. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Nat rlich gesunde Haustiere

Nat  rlich gesunde Haustiere Author Julie Massoni
ISBN-10 9781507191637
Release 2017-11-05
Pages 440
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Natürlich gesunde Haustiere ist eine Einführung in die Naturheilkunde für Hunde und Katzen und beinhaltet Informationen über natürliche Ernährung und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, um die Gesundheit Ihres Tieres zu verbessern. Ebenso enthalten sind Informationen zur Anwendung von Käräutern, Homöopathie und Blütenessenzen zur Unterstützung von Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. Es werden natürliche Alternativen zur Behandlung von Floh- und Wurmbefall, Alternativen zu Antibiotika und zu Schmerzmitteln vorgestellt und Informationen über die vegetarische Ernährung von Hunden vermittelt. Es handelt sich um ein Buch, das von einer qualifizierten Tierheilpraktikerin geschrieben wurde, die schon tausenden von Tieren mit einer Reihe akuter und chronischer Erkrankungen helfen konnte. Wenn Sie mehr über die Verwendung natürlicher Therapiemethoden und die Vermeidung vieler Gesundheitsprobleme erfahren möchten, dann ist dieses Buch eine großartige Wahl.

Natural Dog Food

Natural Dog Food Author Susanne Reinerth
ISBN-10 9783839159323
Release 2011-03-14
Pages 240
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Die Methode des Natural Dog Food basiert auf der natürlichen Ernährung des Hundes. Wölfe und Wildhunde ernähren sich schon immer ausschließlich nach den Regeln der Natur. Auch der Haushund stellt heute noch dieselben Ansprüche an sein Futter, wie seine wilden Ahnen. Sein Verdauungstrakt hat sich im Laufe der Domestikation, anders als sein Aussehen, nicht verändert. Somit zählt auch heute noch Fleisch als wichtigste Zutat in der Mahlzeit des Hundes. Ergänzt wird das Fleisch mit püriertem Gemüse, Obst, Kräutern und Zusatzfuttermitteln. Mit der Methode des Natural Dog Food lässt sich einfach und mit wertvollen Bestandteilen eine gesunde Ernährung mit individuellen Speiseplänen für den Hund zusammenstellen. Selbst bei Erkrankungen ist der Hund mit Natural Dog Food bestens versorgt, da auf gesundheitliche Probleme schnell und unkompliziert eingegangen werden kann. Natural Dog Food bietet dem interessierten Hundehalter die Möglichkeit, seinen Hund gesund, artgerecht und natürlich zu ernähren. Um eine gesunde Hundemahlzeit zuzubereiten, ist ein wenig Know-how notwendig, das in diesem Standardwerk der Rohfütterung vermittelt wird. Von A wie Arthrose bis Z wie Zeitmanagement werden all die Themen ausführlich behandelt, die mit der gesunden Ernährung des Hundes in Zusammenhang stehen.


Arthur Author Mikael Lindnord
ISBN-10 9783841904867
Release 2016-10-06
Pages 240
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Inmitten des ecuadorianischen Dschungels trifft der schwedische Extremsportler Mikael mit seinem Team auf einen verwahrlosten Straßenhund – ausgemergelt und mit Wunden übersät: Arthur. Der Hund weicht ihm nicht mehr von der Seite und folgt ihm selbst durch knietiefen Matsch und im Kayak. Nach 650 km durch die Wildnis Ecuadors steht nicht mehr das Gewinnen des Rennens im Vordergrund sondern das neue Teammitglied heil nach Hause zu bringen. Für Leser des Bestsellers "Bob, der Streuner"

Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times Author
Release 1993-10
Pages 152
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To do what no other magazine does: Deliver simple, delicious food, plus expert health and lifestyle information, that's exclusively vegetarian but wrapped in a fresh, stylish mainstream package that's inviting to all. Because while vegetarians are a great, vital, passionate niche, their healthy way of eating and the earth-friendly values it inspires appeals to an increasingly large group of Americans. VT's goal: To embrace both.

Women Healers of the World

Women Healers of the World Author Holly Bellebuono
ISBN-10 9781632201942
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 304
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A celebration of the healing traditions that made yoga, acupuncture, and aromatherapy popular. The recent trend toward holistic living has heightened our national fascination with herbal remedies and less conventional therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, and ethnobotany. Now, this intimate and inspiring book opens up the world of herbal medicine to those interested in learning about the history of these techniques and approaches. Women Healers of the World shares with readers an extraordinary variety of healing plants from around the world that have inspired today’s “alternative” medicine, as well as the stories, challenges, and triumphs of remarkable women healers from past and present—all of whom promote the use of medicinal herbs. Through this book, herbalist and author Holly Bellebuono aims to educate readers about sixteen plant-based world healing traditions and thirty women who have practiced them. Bellebuono also explores the geography, history, and medical heritage of twenty countries where these traditions originated. With thorough knowledge of the uses and effects of these healing traditions, readers can then move on to featured recipes for herbal remedies they can make in their home kitchens. Following Bellebuono’s instructions, readers will produce remedies such as soothing lip balms, wound pastes, face masks, arthritis oils, relaxing bath salts, and revitalizing teas.

Natural Dog

Natural Dog Author
ISBN-10 9781593788476
Release 2011-04-26
Pages 128
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In Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog, pioneering veterinarian Deva Khalsa comes to the aid of dog owners by sharing her effective, integrative approach to natural health and healing for dogs. BONUS! 50 healthy and tasty recipes - including doggy birthday cakes!

Beyond Obedience

Beyond Obedience Author April Frost
ISBN-10 9780307554659
Release 2010-06-23
Pages 368
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Beyond Obedience is a revolutionary new training program for you and your dog from one of our country's foremost animal advocates and holistic practitioners. The idea that your canine companion is a fully emotional being and acutely sensitive to your changing feelings and moods is the foundation of April Frost's original and highly effective training program. One of the most difficult aspects of training your dog is communicating your intentions clearly. Beyond Obedience is the first book that works on the way you communicate with your dog, providing you with the necessary tools to truly understand how your dog's mind works and, therefore, how you can create an effective and mutually satisfying relationship. Drawing on her extensive experiences as an animal behaviorist, Frost teaches you that training your dog should not be a tedious chore limited to exerting physical and psychological control over an animal's drives, but instead an enriching and spiritually fulfilling experience--gratifying for both human and animal. Frost discusses such essential concepts as mutual respect, unconditional love, mental and emotional discipline, and your expectations and priorities. She shows you how the insights gained from working with your dog can have positive, far-ranging effects on many areas of your life. Beyond Obedience revolutionizes dog training by addressing the spiritual, physical, and psychological needs of dogs and people, teaching them to communicate effectively through powerful techniques, including visualization and energy work, and offering them valuable insight into the emotional bonds that enrich the lives of animals and their companions. Guidelines Dogs are born knowing how to bark, bite, dig, chew, chase, jump up on one another, eliminate when they need to, and snarl when they feel threatened. It is a challenge to get a dog to suppress or modify his instincts in order to make human existence more pleasant. If the dog reverts, you need to remember that these acts are not malicious; the dog is simply doing the best he can with information he has been given about living with and behaving in a socially acceptable way toward a totally different species. Dogs can learn whatever you can find a way to teach them, so long as it is within their physical capability to perform. Dogs, like humans, take the path of least resistance; they do only what works well and easily to satisfy their needs and desires. If it is a self-rewarding move, they will repeat and escalate the behavior, whether that behavior is in harmony or conflict with your wishes. Every dog has its own point of motivation, a trigger that will evoke a response and awaken its desire to respond to its human. From the Hardcover edition.

Durch die Augen Deines Hundes

Durch die Augen Deines Hundes    Author Ingrid Ibendorf
ISBN-10 9783842355590
Release 2011
Pages 156
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Durch die Augen Deines Hundes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Durch die Augen Deines Hundes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Durch die Augen Deines Hundes book for free.

Herbs for Pets

Herbs for Pets Author Mary L. Wulff
ISBN-10 9781935484769
Release 2011-04-19
Pages 325
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Herbs for Pets, by herbalists and holistic experts Gregory L. Tilford and Mary L. Wulff, is the bible for all pet owners looking to enhance their companion animals’ lives through natural therapies. Now in its second revised edition, Herbs for Pets is an indispensable resource, an exhaustive compendium of medicinal plants and natural remedies that hosts an illustrated tour through Western, ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs that grow in North America, including their holistic applications and contraindications, and alternative approaches to treating a wide range of ailments. Remedies in the book are applicable to dogs and cats, as well as birds, small mammals, and even farm animals. The book is organized into three chapters, the first is dedicated to the “Principles and Practices of Herbalism,” discussing the many facets of herbs, concerns about toxicity, basic herbal preparation, the ethical use of herbs, the connection between herbs and diet, and using herbs as dietary supplements. Chapter 2, titled “Materia Medica: An A-Z Guide to Herbs for Animals,” is an exhaustive 150-page section presenting color photographs and text about the appearance, habitat and range, cycle and bloom season, parts used, primary medicinal activities, strongest affinities, common uses, availability, propagation and harvest, alternatives and adjuncts, and cautions and comments for 65 different herbs (from Alfalfa to Yucca!). The common uses section is extensive for each herb, discussing the nutrient value, various qualities, and ways in which the herb is used for specific treatments. The third chapter of the book is titled “An Herbal Repertory for Animals: Ailments and Treatments” and details remedies for the following: anxiety, nervousness, and behavioral problems; arthritis and hip dysplasia; cancer; cardiovascular problems; digestive system problems; ear problems; elderly animal care; endocrine system and related problems; epilepsy, convulsions, and seizures; eye problems; first aid, immune system care; mouth and nose problems; parasite-related problems; pregnancy and lactation; skin problems; and urinary problems. The authors share over two dozen herbal remedies for various ailments, from asthma and pneumonia to constipation and eye cleaner. A glossary of over 200 terms is included, as are references and a comprehensive index. .

The Dog

The Dog Author Cynthia P. Smith
ISBN-10 0788120166
Release 1994-07-01
Pages 93
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Includes 478 citations covering the following descriptors: anesthesia, analgesia, pain, distress, tranquility, well-being, transport, kennels and behavior in dogs, puppies, canines. Each entry includes full bibliographic information: title, author, descriptors, and an extended abstract in some cases. All citations are from English-language sources. Subject and author indices.

The New Holistic Way for Dogs and Cats

The New Holistic Way for Dogs and Cats Author Paul McCutcheon
ISBN-10 9781587613609
Release 2009-11-17
Pages 272
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Stress. It's the single, universal cause of both wellness and illness. While this theory is widely supported in the human medical community, it's still controversial among veterinarians. Dr. Paul McCutcheon examines the all-important health-stress connection while drawing upon the latest scientific thinking and combining it with a comprehensive, preventive, and holistic philosophy of pet care. So if you're among the millions of caring, responsible pet owners who visits the vet more often than your own doctor but still wonders what more you can do for your dog or cat, The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats is the next best thing to a consultation with Dr. McCutcheon. If only he saw human patients in his practice, too! From the Trade Paperback edition.