Growing Medical Marijuana

Growing Medical Marijuana Author Dave DeWitt
ISBN-10 9781607744290
Release 2013-02-19
Pages 180
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A beginner's guide to growing weed at home, featuring straightforward advice for designing indoor and outdoor cannabis gardens, choosing seed varieties, buying equipment, planting, pot harvesting, storage, stash security, troubleshooting, and more. This beginner’s guide to growing cannabis at home features straightforward advice for designing both indoor and outdoor marijuana gardens, from choosing and obtaining the most potent and prolific seed varieties to buying the right equipment and setting up your grow room. Steering clear of unnecessary scientific and technical jargon, Growing Medical Marijuana offers step-by-step instructions, 125 helpful photographs, and detailed illustrations to help you plant, harvest, and store your crop, whether you’re a novice pot gardener or an experienced grower who wants to go legit. Outlining the ins and outs of marijuana cultivation in the states in which it’s legal, this guide also presents easy-to-master approaches to fertilizing, pruning, controlling pests, maximizing flower production, cloning, producing your own seeds, and more. And once your stash is trimmed, cured, and ready to enjoy, nearly thirty recipes—along with dosage instructions—provide a delicious alternative to smoking your healing herb.

The Cannabis Grow Bible

The Cannabis Grow Bible Author Greg Green
ISBN-10 193786636X
Release 2017-08-08
Pages 720
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The most comprehensive guide to marijuana gardening ever written is back with all new information and updated advice for cannabis enthusiasts. Over 200 additional pages of all new information are included in this book, from all new lighting equipment and techniques, to highly advanced cannabinoid extraction techniques and detailed, step-by-step gardening guides for novice and professional growers alike. This book contains over 700 pages, with all new photos and step-by-step guides to every aspect of marijuana horticulture, plant breeding, and hash production. Featuring a handy quick start guide at the beginning to allow growers to get started right away, and hone their techniques as they read the later chapters in more detail. The biggest, most comprehensive, and straightforward guide to marijuana horticulture ever published.

Marijuana Buds for Less

Marijuana Buds for Less Author SeeMoreBuds
ISBN-10 9780932551559
Release 2007-10-28
Pages 96
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This handy, simple guide walks the novice — or budget-minded — gardener through the entire process of cultivating marijuana. Unlike most such books that feature costly high-tech equipment, this one emphasizes household fluorescent bulbs and other inexpensive, easily available supplies. Marijuana Buds for Less is organized around a boldly photographed day-to-day planner, with each page a day in the life of the garden. Growers have a visual reference of their plant's progress with instructions on watering, feeding, lighting, and caretaking.

Marijuana Let s Grow a Pound

Marijuana  Let s Grow a Pound Author SeeMoreBuds
ISBN-10 9781936807178
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 112
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Want to grow more marijuana than you can smoke? Let’s Grow a Pound is an easy to follow day-by-day guide that will help you grow a bigger harvest than you ever imagined possible. SeeMoreBuds, author of the hit Marijuana Buds For Less, has taken all the guesswork out of growing indoors and harvesting more than a pound of marijuana in under three months. Each of the 73 days it takes to get to a bountiful harvest is described and demonstrated with beautiful full-color photographs. The equipment needed, set up, and each stage of growing, care taking, hydrating, feeding and identifying and dealing with potential problems are all here. This book is a must-have for anyone even interested in growing the finest marijuana around without spending an arm and a leg. The methods demonstrated in the book are guaranteed to lead a grower to success, whether they are a complete novice or an experienced "greenthumb" looking for a better way to grow. Let's Grow A Pound is published and edited by world-famous marijuana cultivator Ed Rosenthal.

Cannabis Botany and Marijuana Horticulture

Cannabis Botany and Marijuana Horticulture Author Ross Miriello
ISBN-10 9781539714194
Release 2016-10-24
Pages 20
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Available on Amazon and Kindle! “Complete step-by-step guide to create your own New Clones.” This Cannabis Botany and Marijuana Horticulture grow book and its many Cloning Methods and Techniques are for all types of Cannabis Strains from Indica, Sativa, Afghan, Ruderalis and Hybrid breeds and seeds. Creating new clones from your previously selected female mother plants has never been easier. Knowing how to create a “PERFECT” new clone will result in a superior quality cannabis plant and a medical marijuana quality that only a master grower achieves. Cannabis Botany and Marijuana Horticulture - CLONING METHOD Table of Contents Cloning Method New Clones Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Rooting Transplantation Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Cloning Dome Cloning Box 4'' Vegetation Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier Available on Amazon and Kindle!

Marijuana Grower s Handbook

Marijuana Grower s Handbook Author Ed Rosenthal
ISBN-10 0932551254
Release 1998
Pages 261
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Legendary grower Ed Rosenthal shares his knowledge and experience on every portion of the marijuana plant's life cycle, giving advice from seed selection to harvesting. Inlcudes information on growth rate, lighting, CO2, temperature, nutrients, water and sexing plants. With a colour photo section, index, bibliography, tables and charts.

How To Grow Marijuana

How To Grow Marijuana Author Gary Carter
ISBN-10 9781537860404
Release 2017-08-25
Pages 47
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Have you ever wanted to know how to grow your own Marijuana? Do you want a no-nonsense book that will show you how to achieve your aim with step-by-step instructions? That book is here! The purpose of this book is to help beginners throughout each part of the process, beginning with the vegetative stage all the way through to the curing and final use. Inside, you will find a comprehensive guide which outlines: • The History of Marijuana • The effects, benefits, and dangers associated with it • The equipment you will need • Different types of plants • How to grow a plant indoors • Troubleshooting problems • And more… Growing Marijuana takes time, effort and an initial outlay of money. Making even one mistake during the process can mean a lot of effort for no return, and that’s where How to Grow Marijuana will save you that time and money. Learn about the different uses that ancient civilizations had for this versatile plant and how you can use it today. Grab your copy of How to Grow Marijuana today and save yourself a lot of trouble!

Marijuana Hydroponics

Marijuana Hydroponics Author Storm
ISBN-10 0914171070
Release 1993-02-18
Pages 120
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Marijuana growers are developing high-tech methods for getting high yield crops. Marijuana Hydroponics: High-Tech Water Culture is an excellent guide to growing without soil. This book has all the information needed to set up a system using nutrient solutions in controlled environments. Topics covered include: Lighting for growth and budding, Mineral nutrients, Nutrient Flow Technique (NFT), Water culture and other techniques, Atmosphere control, Temperature factors, Vegetative and reproductive growth, Rockwool as growing medium, Harvesting and curing hydroponic crops, Computer controlled growth chambers.

A Guide to Successfully Grow Marijuana

A Guide to Successfully Grow Marijuana Author J.D. Rockefeller
ISBN-10 9781518778551
Release 2015-10-25
Pages 26
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After all the arguments and conflicts, growing cannabis has finally become legal or regulated in most states. As a result, the market to effectively and efficiently grow marijuana has rejoiced. Following all local laws, these pieces of equipment to grow marijuana make it easier and simpler for any existing and would-be marijuana grower to successfully grow the plant. LED grow lights are one of the relatively new instruments to grow the plant, and they are gaining popularity today because they are easy to use and set up, energy efficient, and can be utilized for the entire life cycle of the cannabis plant. Beyond that, LED grow lights are cost-effective. With proper installation and maintenance, they can remain efficient for many years, reducing the need to spend time and cash on replacements. This book covers tips for growing cannabis, including LED grow lights. It aims to serve as a guide to both existing and would-be growers of the plant. At the end of the book, anyone is guaranteed to obtain the complete knowledge to growing one of the most controversial plants across the world.

The Great Book of Hemp

The Great Book of Hemp Author Rowan Robinson
ISBN-10 9781594779534
Release 1995-11-01
Pages 256
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Hemp, Cannabis sativa, has been called the world's most versatile plant. Materials made from hemp fiber have been discovered in tombs dating back to 7000 B.C. During the Middle Ages hemp was used to treat fevers, insomnia, and malaria. Columbus's ships had sails of hemp, and during colonial times it was universally grown because its strong fibers made superior ropes, sails, cloth, and paper. In fact, hemp was used for money in most of the Americas from 1631 until the early 1800s, and the original drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written on hemp paper. As a food, the oil from hemp seeds has the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and the lowest percentage of saturated fats. Britain and Canada have recently lifted bans on growing industrial hemp and today it is reappearing in the marketplace in an amazing array of products: from lip-salve, jeans, salad oil, and cheese to paper products, composite fiberboard, and biomass fuel. This illustrated, easy-to-read guide covers all aspects of hemp: • The history of its cultivation worldwide • Its role as a source of renewable energy and as an alternative for paper manufacturing and fossil fuels • Its versatility as a fiber • Its many nutritional and medicinal uses • Examines the physiological and psychological effects of marijuana use in recreation and therapy • A comprehensive resource section includes information on organizations involved in legalizing hemp, product suppliers, and an annotated bibliography.

The Secrets of the West Coast Masters

The Secrets of the West Coast Masters Author Dru West
ISBN-10 9780615446110
Release 2011-04-20
Pages 250
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OUNCES ARE FOR AMATEURS. LEARN HOW TO YIELD A POUND PER PLANT INDOORS. Throughout the mountains and valleys of the US West Coast resides a secret society of master growers who are organically producing marijuana of unbelievable yields and potency. While most growers are content with a yield of 2 ounces, these West Coast Masters consistently yield over 2 pounds per plant indoors, all while staying within the limits of their medical marijuana programs.In this book, Dru West uncovers the never-before-published secrets of the West Coast Masters. From setting up your grow room to drying and curing your medicine, Dru leaves no leaf unturned in showing you the ways of the Masters. IN THIS STEP-BY-STEP GROW GUIDE YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: - Design and set up your grow room for stealth and success- Build your own custom equipment clone machines, hydro systems, training rails and SCROGs- Choose your optimum growing medium and start your garden from seeds or clones - Master secret growing techniques transplanting, feeding, training, and pest control- Use simple math to turn your plants into monsters capable of yielding over a pound- Convert your oversized plants into highly potent medicine

The Beginner s Guide to Growing Marijuana

The Beginner s Guide to Growing Marijuana Author Lloyd Johnson
ISBN-10 9781440573309
Release 2013-12-03
Pages 224
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Advice for growing cannabis at home! Cannabis can be a tricky plant to cultivate, but The Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana makes it easy by guiding you through each stage of development to ensure that you always build a thriving garden. Inside, you'll find everything you need to know about growing and harvesting marijuana, from choosing the right herb strain to establishing the perfect soil conditions, light, and temperature for your plants. Featuring illustrations that depict the cannabis's anatomy, you'll also discover the differences among various types of plants, how to tell a male marijuana plant from a female, and what it looks like when it's ready to be harvested. Complete with quick "Money Smart" tips and "Keep It Simple" sections, this one-stop resource shows you how to get the most out of your money and time when you're nurturing your first crop. Filled with plenty of techniques for small-space and container gardening, The Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana will help you master the art of growing cannabis--no matter how small your space or budget!

Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation Author Mel Thomas
ISBN-10 193116083X
Release 2012
Pages 349
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One of the few grow books actually written by a commercial-scale grower, Cannabis Cultivation 3rd edition provides an insider's look at how the professionals do it; fully updated and all in glorious color. Previous edition's sales topped 50,000.

Marijuana Grow Basics

Marijuana Grow Basics Author Jorge Cervantes
ISBN-10 187882337X
Release 2009
Pages 239
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This practical, informative guide is packed with more than 700 full-color illustrations, photographs, and descriptive text that deal with more than 150 affordable marijuana growing setups.

Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana Author Luke Norris
ISBN-10 1542555183
Release 2017-01-15
Pages 120
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"Growing Marijuana - The Complete Guide To Growing Indoors & Outside" is for anyone who wants to know more about how to grow this incredible plant.There is a lot of mystery and myth surrounding cannabis, which this book explodes. You will learn everything you need to know about growing marijuana and producing a great crop, no matter how you grow it. You don't need to spend a fortune on hydroponic equipment, though it can help, but can easily grow large crops in the soil or containers.When you read this book, you get the best information and the most effective ways to grow high quality crops of marijuana. Whether you are a recreational or medicinal user, you will learn how to grow plants that have the effect you need.In "Growing Marijuana - The Complete Guide To Growing Indoors & Outside" you will discover: How Cannabis Works - understand the different types of cannabis and how it affects you Medicinal Uses - find out the many medicinal uses of cannabis and how it can help you Selecting A Strain - learn which of the many types of marijuana will give you the effect you need Germinating Seeds - discover the most effective ways to germinate your seeds to get healthy, strong plants Growing Methods - understand the pros and cons of the different growing methods including indoor, outdoor, container and hydroponic and how to get a good crop from all growing methods Harvesting, Curing and Storing - the important stuff ... How to cure your crop so it lasts and you get the best taste plus preserving your crop Male and Female Plants - learn why female plants are so vital, how to spot the male plants and how to get more female plants from your seeds Seeding Plants - find out how to make your plants seed and preserve them for next year Pests, Diseases and Problems - discover the problems you will face when growing marijuana, how to avoid them and what to do if you have problems Feeding For Maximum Growth - understand the feeding requirements for your plants and how to feed them for huge yields Cannabis Oil - get the truth about this oil, how it works and what it is used for Cannabis is being hailed as a miracle plant for its medicinal properties and is subject to a huge amount of medical research. This book guides you through the entire process of growing marijuana plants plus how to maximise your yield and it's potency so you get the best effect from it.There are many benefits to using marijuana with more and more people turning to this natural relaxant for stress, anxiety and pain relief.Enjoy learning how to grow your own cannabis as "Growing Marijuana - The Complete Guide To Growing Indoors & Outside" guides you through the entire process from start to finish. Everything from selecting seeds to planting, feeding, maximising your yield and more is included.Discover today how you can grow marijuana at home.

The Pot Book

The Pot Book Author Julie Holland
ISBN-10 9781594778988
Release 2010-09-23
Pages 576
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Leading experts on the science, history, politics, medicine, and potential of America’s most popular recreational drug • With contributions by Andrew Weil, Michael Pollan, Lester Grinspoon, Allen St. Pierre (NORML), Tommy Chong, and others • Covers marijuana’s physiological and psychological effects, its medicinal uses, the complex politics of cannabis law, pot and parenting, its role in creativity, business, and spirituality, and much more Exploring the role of cannabis in medicine, politics, history, and society, The Pot Book offers a compendium of the most up-to-date information and scientific research on marijuana from leading experts, including Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Allen St. Pierre (NORML), and Raphael Mechoulam. Also included are interviews with Michael Pollan, Andrew Weil, M.D., and Tommy Chong as well as a pot dealer and a farmer who grows for the U.S. Government. Encompassing the broad spectrum of marijuana knowledge from stoner customs to scientific research, this book investigates the top ten myths of marijuana; its physiological and psychological effects; its risks; why joints are better than water pipes and other harm-reduction tips for users; how humanity and cannabis have co-evolved for millennia; the brain’s cannabis-based neurochemistry; the complex politics of cannabis law; its potential medicinal uses for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and other illnesses; its role in creativity, business, and spirituality; and the complicated world of pot and parenting. As legalization becomes a reality, this book candidly offers necessary facts and authoritative opinions in a society full of marijuana myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes.

Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana Author Tommy McCarthy
ISBN-10 9781616080938
Release 2011-04
Pages 201
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Presents a guide to growing marijuana in small plots for medicinal or other personal purposes, covering such topics as selecting male vs. female plants, cloning, equipment for smoking the plant, and food recipes.