The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time Author Carlos Castaneda
ISBN-10 PSU:000033655130
Release 1998
Pages 290
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Castenada looks back on the time he spent as an apprentice to the descendants of the Shamans. The reader will find here a distillation of all his key thoughts and ideas.

Das Rad der Zeit

Das Rad der Zeit Author Carlos Castaneda
ISBN-10 3596145902
Release 2001
Pages 275
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Das Rad der Zeit has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Rad der Zeit also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Rad der Zeit book for free.

Wenn Du heulen willst geh raus

Wenn Du heulen willst  geh raus Author Kelly Cutrone
ISBN-10 9783942888608
Release 2011-05-02
Pages 224
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Wer mit Samthandschuhen angefasst werden will, sollte dieses Buch nicht lesen. Kelly Cutrone erzählt unverblümt über sich, welche Mittel und Wege aus der wohlbehüteten Vorstadtpflanze eine der toughesten und gefragtesten PR-Ikonen New Yorks machten. Mit 16 kam Kelly Cutrone das erste Mal nach New York, mittellos und ungeheuer naiv. Heute, mehr als 20 Jahre später, promotete sie bereits Michael Jackson, Valentino und Bulgari und zieht geschickt die Strippen in Mode- und Showbusiness. Dieses Parkett ist knallhart - und knallhart ist auch Kelly Cutrone. Ihr Resümee aus ihrem Leben auf der Überholspur in "Big Apple" zieht sie in diesem Buch: Kellys Appell geht an Frauen, sich nicht länger für ein "perfektes" Leben zu verbiegen, sondern das eigentliche Potenzial auszuleben und durchzustarten - wie diese Leitwölfin aus New York. eine Tugend.

The Power Path

The Power Path Author José Stevens
ISBN-10 1577318005
Release 2010-11-17
Pages 304
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According to José Stevens and Lena Stevens, business leaders and shamans share many important traits: the abilities to solve problems, to achieve goals, to see the big picture, and to forecast events. What their previous book, Secrets of Shamanism, did for the growth of the individual, The Power Path does for the growth of business managers and entrepreneurs. On the basis of years of study with shamans, the authors share a new way of thinking about the nature of power. By applying shamanic traditions of power to the workplace, readers learn how to improve work relationships, to understand employees' strengths and limitations, and to inspire effective teamwork — techniques aimed ultimately toward increasing business success.

The Universe Next Door Large Print 16pt

The Universe Next Door  Large Print 16pt Author James W. Sire
ISBN-10 9781459611146
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 560
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For more than thirty years, The Universe Next Door has set the standard for a clear, readable introduction to worldviews. In this new fifth edition James Sire offers additional student-friendly features to his concise, easily understood introductions to theism, deism, naturalism, Marxism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism, New Age philosophy and postmodernism. Included in this expanded format are a new chapter on Islam and informative sidebars throughout.The book continues to build on Sire's refined definition of worldviews from the fourth edition and includes other updates as well, keeping this standard text fresh and useful. In a world of ever-increasing diversity, The Universe Next Door offers a unique resource for understanding the variety of worldviews that compete with Christianity for the allegiance of minds and hearts. The Universe Next Door has been translated into over a dozen languages and has been used as a text at over one hundred colleges and universities in courses ranging from apologetics and world religions to history and English literature. Sire's Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept provides a useful companion volume for those desiring a more in-depth discussion of the nature of a worldview.

The Universe Next Door

The Universe Next Door Author James W. Sire
ISBN-10 9781442976474
Release 2009-11-11
Pages 444
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With over a quarter million copies in print in three editions, The Universe Next Door has established itself as the premier textbook on worldviews. In clear, readable prose, James W. Sire explains the basics of Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheistic monism, New Age philosophy and postmodernism. In an increasingly pluralistic academic environment, the ability to understand and evaluate various worldviews is vitally important.

Psychic Journeys

Psychic Journeys Author Madonna Merced
ISBN-10 9780595448753
Release 2008-04
Pages 112
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Our world is full of wonder and the ability to see that which could be described as magical or supernatural has been buried deep inside most of us. Developing the ability to concentrate, focus and eliminate internal dialogue is essential for the individual who chooses to experience the world from a multi-dimensional perspective. There are experiences that are life changing and interacting with spirit guides, elementals and allies can be powerful. Learning methods to assist you in discovering your spirit guides, enhancing your senses and using lucid dreaming can be instrumental in moving forward along ones' spiritual path if pursued consistently. Join Madonna as she shares exercises that assist in the process interacting with the spiritual as well as her personal experiences. The road to enlightenment is long; however the rewards associated with this journey are indeed worth our efforts.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Shamanism

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Shamanism Author Gini Graham Scott
ISBN-10 9781440695780
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 336
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You're no idiot, of course. You know that shamans are also known as medicine men and women, who use the power of the mind and call on spiritual helpers to heal the afflicted. However, this ancient art has been put to more modern uses, including problem solving, empowerment, and personal mastery. But you don't have to trek through steamy Amazonian jungles or frigid Siberian tundra to become enlightened in the ways of shamanism! 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shamanism' will show exactly how to discover your own shamanic power and how that power will guide you in your everyday life! In this 'Complete Idiot's Guide', you get: -Shamanic history, from its origins in Paleolithic times to its spreading influence today. -Power animals, where to locate them and how they communicate with you. -How to take a shamanic, travelling through the Lower, Upper, and Middle Worlds, and exploring your past or future. -Shamanic healing techniques in use with modern medicine.

Awaken the Inner Shaman

Awaken the Inner Shaman Author José Luis Stevens
ISBN-10 9781622031702
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 200
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Within you is a greater, wiser self that is not bound by your fears, worries, or perceived limitations. Dr. José Luis Stevens calls this the Inner Shaman—the part of you that connects directly to the true source of the universe. "The shamans of every tradition know that the physical world we can see and touch is a mere shadow of the true spirit world," writes Dr. Stevens. With Awaken the Inner Shaman, he presents a direct and practical guide for opening our eyes to the greater wisdom and knowing within—and stepping into the power and responsibility we possess to shape and serve our world. In this rousing and provocative book, he invites readers to discover: What is the Inner Shaman? How an understanding of our deeper spiritual potential shows up in every mystical and scientific tradition. Seeing through the heart—why the heart offers us the most immediate path for accessing the Inner Shaman Illuminating the Inner Shaman through spirituality, quantum physics, medical science, and experiential knowing The Inner Shaman in action—how to stop living from the egoic mind and put your true essence in charge Eight tools to strengthen your connection to the Inner Shaman, and much more Humanity has become enthralled by the Siren’s song of technological progress, which has lured us away from the spiritual source that truly sustains us. In Awaken the Inner Shaman, Dr. José Stevens challenges us to reclaim our lost power to heal, see truly, and fulfill our purpose in life. As Dr. Stevens writes: "The Inner Shaman, suppressed and ignored for centuries, can be discovered in the most obvious place possible—within your own heart."

Exploring The Shamanic Gifts Of Power Spots And Sacred Places

Exploring The Shamanic Gifts Of Power Spots And Sacred Places Author José Luis Stevens LCSW Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781938458002
Release 2012-04-15
Pages 131
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This book about sacred sites and power places is designed to prepare you to visit both local spots and world renowned pilgrimage destinations. Here you will discover how to prepare and protect yourself, what offerings to bring, how to understand the nature of the place you are visiting, and how to clean up a site in a shamanic way. In addition, the hundreds of power places listed will inform you of where you might like to go on future trips. While there are other good books listing power places none go into the shamanic aspects as this one does.

Hierophantic Landscapes

Hierophantic Landscapes Author Richard Leviton
ISBN-10 9781462054152
Release 2011-09-26
Pages 700
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The Earth is poised to make a great disclosure. It’s a hierophant. But what’s a hierophant? A person who reveals the holy light. But it can also be a landscape or a planet. And what’s the holy light? It is the structure of reality and consciousness, a map of the heavenly realms, the engineering blueprint of Creation. Some people call this imminent disclosure the Apocalypse and run for cover. But that is mistaken. Apocalypse means the revelation of the divine revelation. It means the end of our picture of the world as we know it. The world itself will be fine, even better than fine. Splendid. Illumined. The Architect of reality lays down His cards, face up, and you see the whole deck. Here is the truth of yourself and the Earth. How will this disclosure work? What we call sacred sites and holy landscapes will start revealing themselves in full to us in all their geomantic and visionary richness. That’s the inner patterning of their design, their arrays of Light temples and subtle palaces primed for our visionary adventures and edification. The Earth needs us to have these adventures and visions because that’s how we keep the planet healthy. Hierophantic Landscapes visits five landscapes from Norway and England to California and Mexico, providing firsthand reports on the visions and adventures of a small band of geomancers as they seek to unravel the mysteries of the Earth. Maybe not such a small band, because along the way we encounter angels, landscape devas, Nature Spirits, and otherworldly mentors, and revel in vistas of the ancient past of the Earth when that revelation was as fresh as a sunrise, as it will soon be again.

Border Medicine

Border Medicine Author Brett Hendrickson
ISBN-10 9781479846320
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 256
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Drawing on historical archives, colonial-era medical texts and accounts, newspaper articles, memoirs and contemporary healing guidebooks as well as interviews with contemporary healers, the book demonstrates the notable and ongoing influence of Mexican Americans on cultural and religious practices in the U.S. Simultaneous.


Ethnography Author Harry F. Wolcott
ISBN-10 9780759120600
Release 2008-01-28
Pages 352
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One of anthropology's leading writers on ethnographic methods, Harry Wolcott discusses the fundamental nature of ethnographic studies. Tracing its development from its disciplinary origins in sociology and anthropology, he points out what is distinctive about ethnography and what it means to conduct research in the ethnographic tradition. In this engaging and thought-provoking book, Wolcott distinguishes ethnography as more than just a set of field methods and practices, separating it from many related qualitative research traditions as 'a way of seeing' through the lens of culture. For both beginning and experienced ethnographers in a wide range of disciplines, Wolcott's book will provide important ideas for improving research practice.

The Second Half of Life

The Second Half of Life Author Angeles Arrien
ISBN-10 9781458770721
Release 2010-04
Pages 232
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When you find the courage to change at midlife, Angeles Arrien teaches, ''a miracle happens.'' Your character is opened, deepened, strengthened, softened. You return to your soul's highest values. You are now prepared to create your legacy: an imprint of your dream for our world - a dream that can fully come true in The Second Half of Life. Working with images, poetry, metaphors, and other forms of symbolic language from diverse world cultures, Dr. Arrien introduces us to the Eight Gates of Initiation. By mastering their lessons and gifts, you harvest the meaning and purpose of your life and come into spiritual maturity. With The Second Half of Life, she takes you step-by-step through each gate to deepen your most valuable relationships, reclaim your untended creative talents, and shift your focus from ambition to meaning to grow into the exceptional elder you've always imagined you would one day become.

My Macguffin

My Macguffin Author Jayden Bliss
ISBN-10 9781452555287
Release 2012-09
Pages 500
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Advisor? Coach? Mentor? Support Professional? Therapist? Business owner? Spiritual beliefs? Business and spirituality are thought to be irreconcilable. In humorous, non-prescriptive style, the authors share the highs and lows of integrating the two. Touching, profound, raw, and raucous, My MacGuffin "enables the enablers" to lift the world of commerce to its highest ideal: an indispensable resource for improving your practice and your clientele. "In life you meet few special people with an undeniable sense of integrity, sharing, and generosity. I've just had such an experience, and I want to share how I feel, because these feelings create incredible memories. Thank you so much, Jayden, for your unconditional giving!" -Andrea Gutwirth, SoulTalk Foundation "Michael is a spiritual mentor for me, and when it comes to business coaching, he'll save you money and mistakes." -Simon Dixon, author, CEO, Bank to the Future Alfred Hitchcock termed a plot device as a "MacGuffin." A seemingly vital element-the hidden contents of a case, secret documents-unseen by the audience yet intrinsic to character motivation. It correlates with the quest to learn who we are, why we are here and where we're going. Jayden Bliss built a successful software company before founding a global networking organisation. He has since run property and financial services ventures, diversifying as an award-winning film-short producer. Michael Nunes Burgess has undertaken more than eight thousand client sessions in seventeen years in management consulting. Thousands of students have gained from his endorsed "social enterprise" and business programmes."

The Emotionally Intelligent Team

The Emotionally Intelligent Team Author Marcia Hughes
ISBN-10 1118047400
Release 2011-01-06
Pages 224
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"Finally, a help team members and team leaders alike understand what it takes to function as a high performing team, how doing so can personally enrich your life, and why it's critical for organizations to function only in this way. The Emotionally Intelligent Team connects the dots between the task at hand, achieving and making a difference, and personal happiness. Imagine where humankind would be if every entity on the planet operated within a series of high performing teams. Marcia Hughes and James Terrell show us that it's possible!" —Suzanne Kirk, SVP, Branch Service Center, Bank of the West "We value teams at Medtronic so we know that this book will be a powerful tool in understanding and developing successful team behaviors!" —Michael Mihalczo, District Manager, Walter Cooper, District Manager, Medtronic CRDM "Marcia Hughes' and James Terrell's latest book, The Emotionally Intelligent Team, is a 'must read' for every school district, business and organization that wants to ensure high functioning and productive teams. Based on solid research, this easy-to-read book describes the seven social emotional skills necessary for effective teams, and includes practical strategies any team leader can use to develop and maintain an emotionally intelligent team. Marcia's and James' book has been of tremendous value to the work of the senior administrative team in our school district!" —Linda Fabi, Director of Education, Waterloo Region District School Board "Marcia and James provide a good lens for the way people view others in a team environment. This insight, when combined with measuring one’s own EQ through a test such as the Emotional Quotient inventory (EQ-i ®), provides a powerful lever for improving team performance." —Steven J. Stein, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of MHS, Co-author of the best seller The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success and author of Make Your Workplace Great: The 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization "Discovering ways to strengthen teams in an organization can lead to impressive improvement in morale, engagement, productivity, and results. The Emotionally Intelligent Team will help any team take practical steps toward greater collaboration and effectiveness." —Brian Twillman, EPA Training Officer & Organization Development Specialist, Lead Author EPA's Team Leader Resource Guide US EPA - Office of Executive Services, Office of the Administrator "The most important issue in our networked world is teamwork across levels and boundaries. This masterful work offers a completely new perspective, bringing the power of emotional and social intelligence through engaging insights, exercises and stories to high performance teamwork - creating the opportunity for potentially extraordinary results that are seamless, dynamic, and productive." —Eileen Rogers, Global Director, Leadership Excellence Programs, Deloitte In this compelling book, authors Marcia Hughes and James Terrell offer practical information and a guide for businesses that want to draw on the power of the emotional competencies of their teams. They reveal how individuals, team members, and leaders can take the steps to become more emotionally intelligent team (ESI) members and show how to put in place the practices and exercises that will help any team grow in emotional intelligence. The book outlines the seven emotional competencies of teams.

Embodying Spirit

Embodying Spirit Author George Breed
ISBN-10 9780595310876
Release 2004-03-01
Pages 144
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Warriors of spirit across the ages and across disciplines (martial arts, healing arts, creative arts, spiritual arts, political arts) embody certain qualities. In embodying (deeply practicing) these qualities, stress effects are reduced, increased energy results, awareness expands, confidence deepens, the mind grows quiet and more open to creative solutions, right relationship occurs, and the state known as flow becomes one's lifestyle. The embodying of these qualities is an essential next step in the transformation of human consciousness and in the survival of the human species. You are invited to include these qualities on your journey, to sit with them, entertain them, try them on for size, and perhaps find they become you.