The Worst Interests of the Child

The Worst Interests of the Child Author Keith Harmon Snow
ISBN-10 0981611486
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 318
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"Keith Harmon Snow's meticulously documented investigation into sex-trafficking of children by American judges is not to be missed. This scandal is one of the most important censored stories in our country today. I might not believe what Mr. Snow has written if I had not independently investigated two dozen cases not discussed in his article, and found ample evidence of the precise dynamics he lays out for us here. Anyone who says they care about child welfare needs to learn what is happening in family courts and take action until it is stopped. Once you start reading this expose, you won't be able to put it down." -Lundy Bancroft Author of Why Does He Do That? History's largest-selling book on domestic violence"

Mothers on Trial

Mothers on Trial Author Phyllis Chesler
ISBN-10 9781569769096
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 512
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Updated and revised with seven new chapters, a new introduction, and a new resources section, this landmark book is invaluable for women facing a custody battle. It was the first to break the myth that mothers receive preferential treatment over fathers in custody disputes. Although mothers generally retain custody when fathers choose not to fight for it, fathers who seek custody often win--not because the mother is unfit or the father has been the primary caregiver but because, as Phyllis Chesler argues, women are held to a much higher standard of parenting. Incorporating findings from years of research, hundreds of interviews, and international surveys about child-custody arrangements, Chesler argues for new guidelines to resolve custody disputes and to prevent the continued oppression of mothers in custody situations. This book provides a philosophical and psychological perspective as well as practical advice from one of the country's leading matrimonial lawyers. Both an indictment of a discriminatory system and a call to action over motherhood under siege, "Mothers on Trial" is essential reading for anyone concerned either personally or professionally with custody rights and the well-being of the children involved.

Tug of War

Tug of War Author Harvey Brownstone
ISBN-10 9781554903467
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 200
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Explaining complex family law concepts and procedures in a jargon-free style, this resource includes detailed information on how family court works, offers easily understandable case examples, and describes alternatives to litigation that are designed to help prevent families with children from entering the legal system to resolve disputes. Exploring subjects that apply to all parties involved in resolving separation, divorce, and custody conflictsjudges, lawyers, mediators, parenting coaches, psychologists, family counselors, and social workersthis reference demystifies the role of lawyers and judges, debunks the myth that parents can represent themselves in court, and examines each parents responsibility to ensure that post-separation conflicts are resolved with minimal emotional stress to children.

Divorced from Justice

Divorced from Justice Author Karen Winner
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040731609
Release 1996
Pages 329
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An expose of the judicial system's abuse of women during divorce proceedings demonstrates how women are defrauded and manipulated by their own attorneys and discriminated against by judges

The Quincy Solution

The Quincy Solution Author Barry Goldstein
ISBN-10 1934759864
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 296
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Would you like to share a $500 billion reward? It might sound too good to be true, but this is the benefit to society of adopting the Quincy Solution with its proven practices to dramatically reduce domestic violence crime. Barry Goldstein has spent his career working to prevent abuse so he knew how to synthesize history and research about practices that stop domestic violence with medical research about the enormous health impact from stress related to domestic violence and child abuse. Barry started by reviewing the successful practices in Quincy, San Diego, and Nashville. Domestic violence is not inevitable, and it is not surprising it can be prevented with a group of best practices. He updated the proven practices with new research, technology, and inclusion of the custody courts. The primary obstacle was inertia and money. Then the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) research established that children exposed to domestic violence, child abuse, and other traumas suffer more illnesses and injuries throughout their lives. We can reduce societal problems like cancer, heart disease, substance abuse, and crime--and dramatically improve our economy. This is the Quincy Solution. Domestic violence is not inevitable. The Quincy Solution is based on successful practices in Quincy, Nashville, and San Diego so we know it works. The $500 billion in annual savings from the Quincy Solution comes from prevention of illnesses and injuries, reduced crime, and victims reaching their economic potential. The Quincy Solution is more than an absence of abuse. Women and children will be safe in their homes and free to reach their potential. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Barry Goldstein has dedicated his career to stopping men's violence against women and preventing the mental, emotional and physical trauma it inflicts on their children. A passionate and sought-after speaker, Barry's the author of four other books on domestic violence. "I can't help but think of all the courageous women who died and all the anguished faces of the children they left behind -- who might have been saved by this book."~ Rita Smith, Former Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence "Barry Goldstein compiles shocking data showing how our legal system enables violence against women and children. Buy this book."~ Wendy Murphy, New England Law Boston, Author "And Justice For Some" "Domestic violence can be stopped. This book proves it."~ Andrew Willis, Survivor, Founder Stop Abuse Campaign "Barry Goldstein has eloquently captured the crisis that is domestic violence in America today, but his real gift is that of hope." ~ Sarah Buel, Survivor, Advocate, Law Professor and former Quincy Prosecutor "A must-read for advocates, police officers, lawyers, judges and anyone who cares about saving the lives of domestic violence victims." ~ Lt. Mark Wynn (ret), Nashville PD "A long-awaited, desperately-needed gift to battered women and their children. This plan could become the Holy Grail of custody litigation."~ Mo Therese Hannah, PhD, Chair of the Battered Mothers Custody Conference "Preventing domestic violence can interrupt the cycle of violence that harms children, families and communities. It's critical to use science to demonstrate what works, then move from science to practice."~ Linda C. Degutis, DrPH, MSN, Former Director, NationalCenter for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC "Shocked to learn the courts don't already make the health and safety of children priority one when deciding custody and visitation."~ Kelly Rutherford Actress Sales of this book support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Stop Abuse Campaign's implementation of the Quincy Model. -- Barry Goldstein

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds Author Elizabeth Marquardt
ISBN-10 9780307352705
Release 2006-09-26
Pages 288
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An astonishing one quarter of adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five have grown up in divorced families. Now, as this generation comes of age, Between Two Worlds will speak to them like no other book. Marquardt’s data is undeniably compelling, but at the heart of her book are stories—of reunions with one parent that were always partings from the other, of struggles to adapt to a parent’s moods, of the burden of having to figure out the important questions in life alone. Authoritative, beautifully written, and filled with brave, sad, unflinchingly honest voices, Between Two Worlds is a book of transforming power for the adult children of divorce, whose real experiences have for too long gone unrecognized. Based on a pioneering new study, Between Two Worlds is a book of transforming power for anyone who grew up with divorced parents.

The World s Worst Children

The World   s Worst Children Author David Walliams
ISBN-10 9780008198367
Release 2016-05-19
Pages 272
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From the world’s favourite author, David Walliams – ten cautionary tales and a delightfully dreadful cast of characters; all in glorious FULL COLOUR!

The Worst Hard Time

The Worst Hard Time Author Timothy Egan
ISBN-10 0547347774
Release 2006-09-01
Pages 352
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In a tour de force of historical reportage, Timothy Egan’s National Book Award–winning story rescues an iconic chapter of American history from the shadows. The dust storms that terrorized the High Plains in the darkest years of the Depression were like nothing ever seen before or since. Following a dozen families and their communities through the rise and fall of the region, Timothy Egan tells of their desperate attempts to carry on through blinding black dust blizzards, crop failure, and the death of loved ones. Brilliantly capturing the terrifying drama of catastrophe, he does equal justice to the human characters who become his heroes, “the stoic, long-suffering men and women whose lives he opens up with urgency and respect” (New York Times). In an era that promises ever-greater natural disasters, The Worst Hard Time is “arguably the best nonfiction book yet” (Austin Statesman Journal) on the greatest environmental disaster ever to be visited upon our land and a powerful reminder about the dangers of trifling with nature. This e-book includes a sample chapter of THE IMMORTAL IRISHMAN.

The Hostage Child

The Hostage Child Author Leora N. Rosen
ISBN-10 0253116066
Release 1996-08-22
Pages 240
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"This cogently-argued book is a timely contribution to the general literature on child sexual abuse." -- British Journal of Social Work "[The authors] have gathered information on 206 cases and focus on five representative examples that illustrate what they see as an increasing anti-mother bias in the courts. These five cases of the failure to safeguard children are... effective... Whatever may have happened in the past, the authors make a well-researched, convincing... case that the pendulum has now swung the other way. Now many lawyers, child advocates, psychologists and judges accept a 'crazy mother' or 'vindictive ex-' syndrome, thus allowing real perpetrators to continue abuse with no supervision.... In these cases, judges acquiesce to a paternalistic myth of the American family and in so doing, ignore the reality of American children." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review) "A needed assessment of a terrible problem." -- Booklist "... provocative... " -- Library Journal "Recommended." -- Choice "Without anger, or hysteria, Rosen and Etlin document the interlocking, complex ways in which our antiquated system fails incested children and those who struggle to protect them. Just as important, they propose an innovative solution. This is 'must' reading for anyone interested in the problem of child sexual abuse." -- Elizabeth Morgan, M.D., Ph.D. It is comfortable to believe that incest and child sexual abuse need not concern us because we have institutions set up to deal with these problems. This book disallows that comfort and shows that the system has failed, and worse -- that it has generated a dangerous atmosphere of denial and cover-up. While Rosen and Etlin expose a system whose breakdown is shocking and fundamental, at the same time they present a proposal for relief for the children who are now trapped -- like hostages -- in this social war.

Melanie s Marvelous Measles

Melanie s Marvelous Measles Author Stephanie Messenger
ISBN-10 9781466938892
Release 2012-11
Pages 40
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Melanie s Marvelous Measles takes children on a journey to learn about the ineffectiveness of vaccinations and to know they don t have to be scared of childhood illnesses, like measles and chicken pox. There are many health messages for parents to expand on about keeping healthy. For an information pack on vaccinations to be sent out free in Australia, people can e-mail [email protected] and provide their postal address.

Children of Eden

Children of Eden Author Joey Graceffa
ISBN-10 9781501149900
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 288
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In a future defined by environmental devastation and the all-seeing EcoPanopticon, Rowan, an illegal second child, rebels against an impossible choice by escaping her home for a night of both friendship and tragedy.

Legally Kidnapped

Legally Kidnapped Author Carlos Morales
ISBN-10 1511607203
Release 2015-04-05
Pages 112
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In the second edition of the book, Child Protective Services Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator. Through keen insight, analysis, war stories, and interviews with attorneys & judges, Carlos Morales speaks truth to power in this shocking book. Unlike anything ever published, he breaks down exactly what families should do to protect themselves from this monolithic agency that has destroyed the lives of children & parents. Parents across the country have already used his legal recommendations and saved not only thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, but also protected the future of their family. It is imperative that people understand Child Protective Services in order to save their families, and this book accomplishes that in a gripping and thought provoking manner

Prosecuted But Not Silenced

Prosecuted But Not Silenced Author Maralee Mclean
ISBN-10 1620240637
Release 2013-01-15
Pages 396
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A powerful documentary about a mother and daughter's tragic involvement with the judicial system when there were allegations of child sexual abuse. This riveting book is a must read for all those working in the fields of domestic violence, child abuse, or child trauma so they can realize what does occur even today. It is important to ensure that all judges, attorneys, mental health professionals, medical personnel, child custody evaluators, and social workers are trained in the dynamics of such maltreatment so that there are no more situations like what happened to Maralee and her daughter.' Robert Geffner, Ph.D., ABPP, ABN Founding President, Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute Co-Chair, National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan Former President, Trauma Psychology Division, American Psychological Association 'Most sexually abused children are victimized in their own homes. The family court is the gatekeeper of their safety. May Ms. McLean's painful story energize its readers and spark a tsunami of accountability and scrutiny for those judges, custody evaluators, guardians ad litem, and lawyers whose misguided, and often misogynistic, nonsense jeopardizes generations of children and compounds their misery.' Richard Ducote, Esq. Pennsylvania and Louisiana Bars

Father and Child Reunion

Father and Child Reunion Author Warren Farrell
ISBN-10 1585420751
Release 2001
Pages 301
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Debunking common myths about fatherhood, the author of Why Men Are the Way They Are reveals the subtly corrosive effects of negative media, government, and the legal system on the role that fathers once enjoyed in society and with their children. 15,000 first printing.

Among the Impostors

Among the Impostors Author Margaret Peterson Haddix
ISBN-10 0689848080
Release 2001-12-21
Pages 176
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It was awful. All those eyes, all looking at him. It was straight out of Luke's worst nightmares. Panic rooted him to the spot, but every muscle in his body was screaming for him to run, to hide anywhere he could. For twelve years his entire life he'd had to hide. To be seen was death. "Don't!" he wanted to scream. "Don't look at me! Don't report me! Please!" But the muscles that controlled his mouth were as frozen as the rest of him. The tiny part of his mind that wasn't flooded with panic knew that that was good -- now that he had a fake I.D., the last thing he should do was act like a boy who's had to hide. But to act normal, he needed to move, to obey the man at the front and sit down. And he couldn't make his body do that, either. -- from Among the Impostors Luke Garner is terrified. Out of hiding for the first time in his life, he knows that any minute one of his new classmates at Hendricks School for Boys could discover his secret: that he's a third child passing as the recently deceased Lee Grant. And in a society where it's illegal for families to have more than two children, being a third child means certain death at the hands of the dreaded Population Police. His first experience outside the safety of his home is bewildering. There's not a single window anywhere in the school; Luke can't tell his classmates apart (even as they subject him to brutal hazing); and the teachers seem oblivious to it all. Desperate to fit in, Luke endures the confusion and teasing until he discovers an unlocked door to the outside, and a chance to understand what is really going on. But to take this chance -- to find out the secrets of Hendricks -- Luke will need to put aside his fears and discover a courage that a lifetime in hiding couldn't thwart. Once again, best-selling author Margaret Peterson Haddix delights her fans with this spine-tingling account of an all-too-possible future. Among the Impostors is a worthy companion to Among the Hidden and a heart-stopping thriller in its own right.


Tripwire Author Lee Child
ISBN-10 1440638934
Release 2007-05-29
Pages 592
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Jack Reacher hunts the hunter in the third novel in Lee Child’s New York Times bestselling series. Ex military policeman Jack Reacher is enjoying the lazy anonymity of Key West when a stranger shows up asking for him. He’s got a lot of questions. Reacher does too, especially after the guy turns up dead. The answers lead Reacher on a cold trail back to New York, to the tenuous confidence of an alluring woman, and the dangerous corners of his own past.

In Our Hands

In Our Hands Author Elizabeth Palley
ISBN-10 9781479860296
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 288
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A call for better child care policies, exploring the reasons why there has been so little headway on a problem that touches so many families. Working mothers are common in the United States. In over half of all two-parent families, both parents work, and women’s paychecks on average make up 35 percent of their families’ incomes. Most of these families yearn for available and affordable child care—but although most developed countries offer state-funded child care, it remains scarce in the United States. And even in prosperous times, child care is rarely a priority for U.S. policy makers. In In Our Hands: The Struggle for U.S. Child Care Policy, Elizabeth Palley and Corey S. Shdaimah explore the reasons behind the relative paucity of U.S. child care and child care support. They examine the history of child care advocacy and legislation in the United States, from the Child Care Development Act of the 1970s that was vetoed by Nixon through the Obama administration’s Child Care Development Block Grant. The book includes data from interviews with 23 prominent child care and early education advocates and researchers who have spent their careers seeking expansion of child care policy and funding and an examination of the legislative debates around key child care bills of the last half-century. Palley and Shdaimah analyze the special interest and niche groups that have formed around existing policy, arguing that such groups limit the possibility for debate around U.S. child care policy.