Word Smart

Word Smart Author Adam Robinson
ISBN-10 0375762183
Release 2001
Pages 386
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A revised guide to building a better vocabulary features more than eight hundred words one needs in order to communicate effectively, be more persuasive, get more from reading, and impress people. Original. 65,000 first printing.

Word Smart 5th Edition

Word Smart  5th Edition Author Princeton Review
ISBN-10 9780307945037
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 400
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Let your vocabulary speak for itself. Knowing which words to use and how to use them is key to communicating accurately and effectively. That’s why more than one million people have used Word Smart to improve their vocabularies! This updated 5th edition defines and explains more than 1,400 need-to-know vocabulary words. To create this book, the Princeton Review analyzed newspapers from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, magazines from Time to Scientific American, and books from current bestsellers to classics. We also combed through the SAT and other standardized tests to determine which words are tested most frequently. We sifted out the words that most people know, and focused on words that most people misunderstand or misuse. This updated edition of Word Smart is linked for easy e-reader navigation, and gives you the most important words you need to know to get better grades, score higher on tests, and communicate more confidently at work. WORD SMART, 5th EDITION include more than 1,400 words covering: • Common usage errors • The most frequently tested words on standardized tests • Foreign phrases and abbreviations • Terms you need to know to understand finance, science, and the arts

More Word Smart

More Word Smart Author Princeton Review
ISBN-10 9780307945051
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 400
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Build a More Impressive Vocabulary. Did you know that: • The word "noisome" has nothing whatsoever to do with noise? • "Ordinance" and "ordnance" have two distinct meanings? • An "errant" fool is a fool who is lost, while an "arrant" fool is one whose foolishness is obvious? If any of these facts caught you by surprise, then you need More Word Smart. More than one million people improved their vocabulary with the original Word Smart, but an educated and powerful vocabulary doesn’t stop growing with one book! All of words featured in More Word Smart belong in an impressive vocabulary. Learning and using these words effectively can help you get better grades, score higher on tests, and communicate more confidently at work. MORE WORD SMART has been cross-linked for easy e-reader navigation & viewing, and includes: • A rigorous emphasis on correct pronunciation • Specialized chapters that highlight vocabulary from classic literature, law, and religion • A guide to frequently occurring usage errors in written English • Two chapters focusing on the words frequently found on the SAT and other standardized tests

Illustrated Word Smart

Illustrated Word Smart Author Tom Meltzer
ISBN-10 0375751890
Release 1999
Pages 352
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Provides definitions, pronunciation keys, and parts of speech to help memorize words with simple memory techniques

Smart Words

Smart Words Author Mim Harrison
ISBN-10 9781101051047
Release 2008-11-04
Pages 208
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How and where to use 500 of the words that make you sound more cultured, worldly, and downright smart. Whoever said sounding smart had to be painful? It's all in how you acquire the "ten-dollar words" of English. Smart Words makes fast and smooth learning of words such as prelapsarian, sedulous, sybaritic and draconian. How? By sticking to ultra-simple definitions, then offering a memorable--and often funny--description of when or why to use the word. A sample sentence shows you how. And the phonetics are a snap. Here's the description of sybaritic, defined as luxurious: "Make that luxurious with a capital S. The word got its start from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city known for being a tad over the top in the pamper-me department." Whether you're a word lover, a fan of quirky reference books, or simply in need of a vocabulary makeover, Smart Words will help you be smart(er) about the words you use and the way you use them. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Word Smart For The Toefl

Word Smart For The Toefl Author Vanessa Coggshall
ISBN-10 9780375429217
Release 2009
Pages 277
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This essential study guide highlights the English vocabulary that is specifically relevant for the TOEFL exam. Features definitions, illustrations, and example sentences.

Word Smart for the GRE

Word Smart for the GRE Author Anne Curtis
ISBN-10 0375765778
Release 2007-06-01
Pages 370
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A vocabulary-building guide for students preparing to take the new Graduate Record Examination (GRE) defines hundreds of words, most of which are not found in people's vocabularies, that frequently appear on the exams and furnishes end-of-chapter exercises and quizzes to help students reinforce learning. Original.

The Big Book Of Words You Should Know To Sound Smart

The Big Book Of Words You Should Know To Sound Smart Author Robert W Bly
ISBN-10 9781440591075
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 336
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The ultimate word book for aspiring intellectuals! The most compendious collection of words for aspiring scholars, this book helps you hold your own in intellectual discourse. Featuring 2,400 sophisticated, obscure, and obtuse terms, each page provides you with the definitions you need to know to lock academic horns with the clerisy. From antebellum and eleemosynary to impasto and putative, you will quickly master hundreds of erudite phrases that will improve your conversational elegance. Complete with definitions and sample sentences for each entry, The Big Book of Words You Should Know to Sound Smart will elevate your lexicon as you impress the susurration out of the perfervid hoi polloi.

SAT Power Math

SAT Power Math Author Princeton Review
ISBN-10 9780804125932
Release 2014-12-16
Pages 352
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THE PRINCETON REVIEW GETS RESULTS! Ace the SAT math sections with 10 need-to-know essential topics for acing the exam. This eBook edition is formatted for on-screen viewing with cross-linked questions, answers, and explanations. In our number-crunching world, basic math knowledge is a must—especially for acing tests like the SAT. For many people, though, math is confusing and often anxiety inducing. That’s why we’ve created SAT Power Math, which uses a simple, straightforward approach to break down and explain complicated math concepts and common problems. This book is your powerful tool for building essential math skills for the SAT, school, and beyond. Everything You Need to Help Achieve a High Math Score. • Comprehensive review of math topics like algebra, geometry, and statistics • Strategies for cracking the most common question types found on the SAT • A glossary of key math terms at the end of every chapter Practice Your Way to Perfection. • Practice drills for every math topic covered in the book • Detailed step-by-step answer explanations • Targeted strategies to help you score high on the math section of the SAT

Reading Smart 2nd Edition

Reading Smart  2nd Edition Author Princeton Review
ISBN-10 9781101882283
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 272
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SIMPLE STRATEGIES CAN MAKE YOU A BETTER READER. Being “good at reading” isn’t just about speed—it’s about being able to read through info, quickly sort out what’s important, and draw useful connections. That’s why we at The Princeton Review created Reading Smart, a book designed to help people who have a hard time keeping up with assignments, understanding novels, or even absorbing news articles. Reading Smart will give you the skills and strategies you need to read efficiently and build your confidence as both a reader and thinker. Within Reading Smart, you'll find: TECHNIQUES THAT ACTUALLY WORK. • Straightforward advice for boosting reading comprehension • Specific techniques and step-by-step approaches to all types of texts, from newspapers to novels to test passages • Tips for pacing yourself to get the most out of what you read • Comprehensive guidance on how to extract important information from passages, whether it’s big-picture concepts or key details PRACTICE YOUR WAY TO EXCELLENCE. • Reading comprehension drills and exercises in every chapter to help improve your scores on standardized and classroom tests • Sample passages to help you get comfortable with different kinds of texts • Bonus online drills to help reinforce the reading skills and strategies covered in the book

1100 Words You Need to Know

1100 Words You Need to Know Author Murray Bromberg
ISBN-10 9781438092058
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 408
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A proven Barron’s best-seller, the brand-new sixth edition of 1100 Words You Need to Know has been expanded and updated with more words lists and definitions; analogy exercises; and word in context exercises.All new words for students to learn are placed in the context of sentences that have been selected from well-known novels, plays, poems, newspaper editorials, and TV broadcasts. For optimal ease and enjoyment in learning, the authors recommend 15-minute sessions with this book. Over the years, thousands of students preparing for the SAT and ACT have relied on previous editions of 1100 Words You Need to Know as an ideal way to strengthen their word power. A new feature in the sixth edition is The Lighter Touch 100, a collection of 100 funny one-liners which use words from the book that you need to know.

Math Smart II

Math Smart II Author Marcia Lerner
ISBN-10 0679783830
Release 1997
Pages 246
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A review guide to higher math--including algebra, geometry, parabolas, exponents, roots, and trigonometry--for high school and college students contains more than 350 practice exercises with solutions worked out in detail and a glossary of math terms. Original.

Smart Card Handbook

Smart Card Handbook Author Wolfgang Rankl
ISBN-10 1119991889
Release 2010-11-04
Pages 1088
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The most comprehensive book on state-of-the-art smart card technology available Updated with new international standards and specifications, this essential fourth edition now covers all aspects of smart card in a completely revised structure. Its enlarged coverage now includes smart cards for passports and ID cards, health care cards, smart cards for public transport, and Java Card 3.0. New sub-chapters cover near field communication (NFC), single wire protocol (SWP), and multi megabyte smart cards (microcontroller with NAND-Flash). There are also extensive revisions to chapters on smart card production, the security of smart cards (including coverage of new attacks and protection methods), and contactless card data transmission (ISO/IEC 10536, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693). This edition also features: additional views to the future development of smart cards, such as USB, MMU, SWP, HCI, Flash memory and their usage; new internet technologies for smart cards; smart card web server, HTTP-Protocol, TCP/IP, SSL/TSL; integration of the new flash-based microcontrollers for smart cards (until now the usual ROM-based microcontrollers), and; a completely revised glossary with explanations of all important smart card subjects (600 glossary terms). Smart Card Handbook is firmly established as the definitive reference to every aspect of smart card technology, proving an invaluable resource for security systems development engineers. Professionals and microchip designers working in the smart card industry will continue to benefit from this essential guide. This book is also ideal for newcomers to the field. The Fraunhofer Smart Card Award was presented to the authors for the Smart Card Handbook, Third Edition in 2008.

Word Smart Junior

Word Smart Junior Author Hayley Heaton
ISBN-10 0375428712
Release 2008
Pages 361
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An introduction to 500 words students should know by the time they enter high school. Uses stories to present words in context and has quizzes for reinforcement.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild Author Jon Krakauer
ISBN-10 9780330469982
Release 2011-07-06
Pages 320
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Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild examines true story of Chris McCandless, a young man, who in 1992 walked deep into the Alaskan wilderness and whose SOS note and emaciated corpse were found four months later, internationally bestselling author Jon Krakauer explores the obsession which leads some people to explore the outer limits of self, leave civilization behind and seek enlightenment through solitude and contact with nature. A 2007 film adaptation of Into the Wild was directed by Sean Penn and starred Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart.

Word Workout

Word Workout Author Charles Harrington Elster
ISBN-10 9781250020895
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 512
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Word Workout is a practical book for building vocabulary—a graduated program featuring thousands of words that begins with those known by most college graduates and ascends to words known only by the most educated, intelligent, and well-read adults. This workout is a comprehensive program, chock-full of information about synonyms, antonyms, and word origins, and replete with advice on proper usage and pronunciation. There are also creative review quizzes at each step of the way to measure your progress and reinforce learning. Unlike other vocabulary books, Word Workout provides a complete learning experience with clear explanations and surefire methods to retain new knowledge. Far more than a cram session for a standardized test, this book is designed as a lifetime vocabulary builder, featuring words used by the top tier of literate Americans, laid out in ten accessible chapters designed for anyone who is looking for some serious verbal exercise. From "avowal" to "proselytize," from "demagogue" to "mendicant," Charles Harrington Elster has carefully picked the words you need to know, and given you an easy, fast, and fail-safe way to learn and remember them.

The Smart Aleck s Guide to American History

The Smart Aleck s Guide to American History Author Adam Selzer
ISBN-10 9780375895937
Release 2009-12-22
Pages 336
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Do you know America? No, I mean, do you REALLY know America? Would you recognize John Adams in a lineup? Can you identify any presidents between Lincoln and Roosevelt? Hmmm. I thought so. Well, you really need this book. Not only will it improve your sorry historical knowledge, it will crack you up, and give you material to throw your teachers off-balance for entire class periods. Identify their lies! Point out their half-truths! And possibly, just possibly, gain some extra credit for yourself. From the Trade Paperback edition.